Weather update: It’s raining contracts in Newcastle!

Tiote and Pardew shake hands on new deal. The majority of Newcastle fans have been left stunned by the announcement from the club that Ivory Coast midfielder Cheik Tiote has signed a new deal at the club.

To compound that shock, it was then announced that John Carver had also signed a new long term deal as assistant manager at the club. Two bits of fantastic news, both unexpected, to ease us into the weekend match against Bolton.

Tiote’s deal will run until the summer of 2017 and is rumoured to be worth in the region of £50,000 a week. It’s hard to knock that really as Cheik has been one of the outstanding performers of the season so far and has earned every penny of his pay rise.

Tiote spoke to the offcial club website and revealed how happy he is to have penned a new deal.

“I am very happy today to have signed this new deal with Newcastle United. The experience of playing in the Premier League has been better than I ever hoped it could be. This is a great club and the fans have been brilliant – I have never known support like it.”

Alan Pardew then chipped in with his thoughts on the matter.

“Cheik has been immense for us this season and is exactly the type of player I want in my squad. He is fantastic on the pitch and in the changing room and is vital for everything we want to achieve.”

“Cheik offers us strength and presence in midfield and has proved himself to be one of the best in his position in the Premier League. He’s adapted brilliantly to the English game and I’m delighted he’s signed a new deal with us today.”

The good news keeps coming as well as it was revealed soon after the Tiote announcement that John Carver had signed a new five-and-a-half year deal with the club to ensure the management combination of Pardew/Carver will continue in the longer term.

Carver was only signed on a short-term deal in a sort of try before you buy kind of arrangement. It was the sensible move to be honest as neither party knew each other or knew if they would be able to work together. It would appear now that there are no concerns on that particular front.

“It was right for the manager to give me a short-term deal at the time, because I didn’t know him and a lot of the players had changed too,” said Carver. “But it’s been a great month or so, and when he gave me the long-term deal I was delighted.”

“I’ve been around the world over the last few years and need to settle down now, and where better than my home town club.”

Pardew then added: “John returned here in January on a short-term contract to allow us to work together and get to know each other.”

“It has been without doubt a huge success. I’ve really enjoyed working with John and I am delighted he has signed a new deal to make this a long-term partnership.”

It’s brilliant news, but let’s be perfectly honest, a contract doesn’t mean all that much these days. I don’t want to **** on anyone’s chips, but didn’t Andy Carroll have a five year deal before he decided that he wanted out?

What this does mean though is that if Tiote ever does want out then any potential suitor will have to pay top dollar to Newcastle for his services. I’m delighted that he has signed, and Carver as well of course, but by no means does it guarantee that we have the service of either of them for the duration of their respective contracts.

Still, that can wait for another day.

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72 thoughts on “Weather update: It’s raining contracts in Newcastle!

  1. Ice … top video … the commentators are as funny as the action in the clip …

    However … it’s only a matter of time before we some half wit in the premiership gives it a try 😀


  2. Watch Ashley sober up about 2pm and think, Christ that was a good night, things got a bit out of hand this morning though….


  3. a great player and a great person, send money home to his family every week and is probably earning the most he ever has in his career, and it is well deserved!!


  4. batty
    Posted February 25, 2011 at 1:35 PM
    rich kna there puttin him straight onto the salad counter

    Is that because there’s no danger of him eating the stock in that department?


  5. Great news, and as you say toonsy if someone wants him they will have to pay big money. Personally I would be looking at putting £25m on his head. That should ward off anyone.

    Would like Enrique to follow suit now, but I get the impression he already know’s where he’s going in the summer.

    Barton was waiting to see what happened at the club before committing and that’s fair enough – Maybe this mighjt prompt him now.


  6. Rich – I’m starting off on two gold stars mate. The 19 year old store manager says that nobody has ever started off that high. He said it took him three day to get his two stars. It takes the rest of them anything up to five days 🙂


  7. Ice – 😆

    Seriously though, I really wouldn’t even know how to include that in my CV. Would it go under job skills or other interests? 😆


  8. goes under hobbys or pastimes mate,then again with you haveing a certificate for it,put it under skills,its a winner 😆


  9. BATTY off footy glad your lads oot of that army **** m8,following on about malta,my mate in forces just rang me to say there are 4 warships now in malta harbour as libya want there want there jets back,if they try,brits,france ect are going into libya,might be some **** comeing m8


  10. Toonsy…for some reason the comments are numbered when I access via my facebook app but not if I access via Internet (via my phone)…

    It’s not a huge deal…but thought you might like to know…


  11. Trojan 69

    Why do you think that? Tiote still had 4 years to run on his current deal so if the plan was to sell him why give him an improved contract now and waste £25k a week. 😕

    Whoever comes in for him in the summer would still have to pay the same fee if he was on his previous 4 year deal.

    This is a real sign of intent by the club IMO along with giving Carver a new 5 and a half year deal.


  12. 3hourswasted:

    Exactly right about Tiote. He was already signed long term so paying him more money and extending by 2.5 years doesn’t effect his sell on fee or attractiveness to other clubs. It was definately a signal of itent for Ashley.

    I’m still very confident Joey wil re-sign. Hopeful at best on enrique but at least we will not have to worry about Tiote this summer.


  13. @ 40 this is fat boys latest con trick – after flogging AC in jan he’s trying to get the fans back onside so they’ll sign up for the 10 year season ticket renewal (due shortly) & when he’s got everyone’s money he’ll shaft the poor [email protected] again – he does this coz he knows we just keep coming back for more & more..

    the fat [email protected] has got more strokes than tiger woods – it’s a fact!


  14. That’s fair enough Roy, but where your philosophy falls down is that you assume that people have to pay for the ten years up front. This is not the case and they only pay for one season at a time.


  15. The problem is that if you give Tiote a 50k contract after a few months, you have to give that to jose and barton.

    Do the club see their potential value as much as Tiote (the new Essien) ?

    No they don’t. 12 million would be Jose’s value if we are lucky and 8 million for Joey (if we are lucky).

    If we dont offer them equal to or more than Tiote, they aint likely to sign and I just can’t see us doing that, otherwise they’d have already signed. I reckon Joeys ‘reduced wage’ offer was probably below 50k.


  16. toonsy like i say fatty knows we keep going back for more – so once the season ticket money is taken he knows he can shaft away til his hearts content – then when it’s time for our money again he’ll show another gesture like todays knowing all the fans will back for more.

    he does this all the time – it’s his way of operating.


  17. how come everyone knows toons players wages,or are they the rags guessy games?dam sure i anit seen it from nufc offcial site,or anyone from club,i stand to be corrected if ime wrong like 😐


  18. Barton is the key for me,

    Not sure how popular i am going to be for my next statement but i dont think IF we lose Jose it will be that big of a deal.

    Before I get slated ( n i know i will ) I think Jose is the best left back in england and is one of our best players n I love him as a player but…

    He is a left back. A left back to me is more of a cog within in the machine of a team. I dont think its esstintial to have one of our best players to be a left back if ya get me.

    But i do think he will stay and I would want him to stay just saying not end of the world if he left


  19. ice
    I just base my facts on pure fabrication and nonesensical guesswork, I crack out some numbers on my abacus and that’s how I manage to work out the toon players wages.


  20. toonsy – you coming up the north east the morra M8 ?

    i take it your up for the blyth v heed q/final then.

    HEED ARMY!!!!


  21. MORENO,it was in no way a dig at you by any means,sorry if you took it that way,just when you brought it up,like many have i just commented in general mate


  22. Cropper – I would have gone there if Newcastle weren’t playing. Like watching all the local teams really, but I’ve got to go for the heed over Blyth 😛


  23. toonsy
    Posted February 25, 2011 at 3:58 PM
    That’s fair enough Roy, but where your philosophy falls down is that you assume that people have to pay for the ten years up front. This is not the case and they only pay for one season at a time.

    It could stick in some people’s craw that their actually committing to one year. Well up until today anyway.


  24. ice, didnt take offence mate, was just having a laugh!

    Even though I was being serious in what I said, I really do just fabricate the numbers and presume I am close to the mark!!



  25. Johno Toon
    Posted February 25, 2011 at 4:15 PM

    You don’t notice how important the small cogs are until it’s gone, mate. The whole machine’s dynamics will be totally different and may not work as efficiently.


  26. i know wat your saying stuart n 1st choice would be for him to stay. All im saying is it wouldnt be the end of the world if he wants to leave. I think he will stay n wants to stay


  27. Johno,

    I get where you are coming from but I reckon that good left backs are a rare entity and if you have one, keep hold of him! Who the hell would we replace him with? To get anyone even half as good you would have to pay similar to what you would get for selling him. I really can’t think of a realistic replacement for him and the fact it would disrupt Colo and Jonas could be fatal for the contingent of spanish speaking players in the team


  28. I don’t see what the fuss is about with Jose’s contract anyway. Wasn’t it always the case that he was going to wait until safe anyway? So what’s changed?


  29. TOONSY maybe a certain rat-bag outfit had a word in someones lug-ole,as happens from time to time,if fact all the bloody time 🙄


  30. toonsy
    Posted February 25, 2011 at 4:59 PM
    I don’t see what the fuss is about with Jose’s contract anyway. Wasn’t it always the case that he was going to wait until safe anyway? So what’s changed?

    Come on, toonsy, you know that Enrique’s has been making noises about leaving. He’s fell into the time age trap of talking to his home countries media and didn’t think (for some reason) that his comments would get back to here. Good old lost in translation!

    I actually think he probably already knows where he will be going in the summer and how much he will be getting.


  31. as i said moreno i knew it wouldnt be a popular comment 🙂 its great having the shearer of left backs but the ameobis of left backs would do just as good job if he leaves. Dont think he will.


  32. Stuart – That kind of wasn’t the question was it?

    I simply asked what has changed with regard to his contract to warrant all off this speculation?

    The answer. Nothing.


  33. That 5 and a half year contract that Mike Ashley bought at W.H.Smiths has been getting some lowdy again….wehey !!! Tiote and Carver, great news imo..

    However, I know I’ve blathered on about it before, but could someone please explain why everybody who gets a contract extension gets 5 and a half years….bizarre…

    I’m sure there’s a cunning plan attached somewhere… 😯


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