A quick and relatively brief injury update…

Nee-Narr Nee-Narr......
I’ve read a few comments asking about injuries to certain NUFC players and how they may impact on our trip to Stoke in a couple of weeks time.

So with that in mind I thought I would give everyone a bit of a brief update regarding the injury front at Newcastle.

Jose Enrique will be assessed later on today after he was forced to withdraw against Everton due to a ‘slight strain’ in his leg. Alan Pardew has indicated that this could either be an injury to Jose’s hamstring or an injury to his abductor muscle. Depending on the severity of the situation, Jose could be out for anywhere between two weeks and two months, although a little digging around on the internet has revealed that the average recovery for an abductor strain is two to three weeks. Incidentally, I also learned that rest, ice, compression and elevation (R.I.C.E for all you first-aid maniacs out there) is the best initial treatment, so there you go!

Jonas Gutierrez will also undergo tests today to determine the severity of his leg injury so we’ll hear more about that later I’m sure. Personally I hope Jonas isn’t out for too long. He may get criticised for his lack of end product, but I think he is still vitally important to the team, and that the importance of him won’t be noticed until he is missed.

No news on Nile Ranger’s mystery injury that kept him out of the game against Everton, although I’d take a stab at it being not too serious. The cynic in me would suggest that it could be something to do with lateness or some such. Too much coincidence for me, as in an injury that was never mentioned, combined with Alan Pardew being critical of his training ground attitude leads me towards that conclusion. Maybe I’m just being paranoid?

It’s better news with regard to Joey Barton and Stephen Ireland as both are expected to be fit for the trip to Stoke although whether they are fit enough to start remains to be seen. One thing is for sure, and that is that Alan Pardew will be treating the pair with kid gloves so as not to risk them aggravating their injury.

Shola Ameobi is obviously back in action for us, but his fitness will be at a much higher level for Stoke, unless he falls over something or traps his foot in a door or does something else clumsy in the meantime.

So there you go. That just about covers all of our injuries with regard to the Stoke game. If there is any more news I will of course keep you up to speed on it.

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42 thoughts on “A quick and relatively brief injury update…

  1. think a few fans have a injury problems too,yhinking we could finish 6th was never on for me,the way things are going i see 14th to 17th is the best we will get imo πŸ™


  2. could do with both Ireland and Barton against Stoke like, need these sorts of players playing if we’re going to pull away from the bottom pile.

    We need ot buck up our ideas like, are we going to get a better oportunity to get safe then Bolton and Everton at home?

    No preasure in those games, there is now, be interested with the response.


  3. If we don’t have high hopes of beating Wolves, Brum and WBA at home can we really see us beating Man Utd, Stoke away, Chelsea away or Liverpool?


  4. Stuart – Wouldn’t it be just us to beat Man Utd and Liverpool and lose the rest though or something daft like that?


  5. on their day, any team can get a result against any team in the Premiership, this season has shown that, with us included. Guess we have to hope when we play it’s one of those days.

    We’ll stay up, but it’s just pissing annoying that we’ve had fantastic oportunities to get points on the board and we’ve buckled.

    Makems away, Spurs home still haunt me…


  6. We need to do higher intensity fitness training and less football training I think. The weather up there mixed with the way our team plays is not a good mix for challenges, etc. in training.

    Do they stretch properly? It’s always injuries associated with poor preparation.


  7. Icedog

    IMHO the strikers arent good enough, The goalkeepers are fine, The defence is solid more often than not and the midfield is quality when there all fit but the strikers arent up to it.

    A real top flight strike pairing would have put Bolton away within 20 minutes and the same with the mackem and spurs draws, They miss far too many chances and they are caught offside all the time…


  8. TATTYHEED,players are not speaking in a group way as they did a while ago ie jose,joey ect is it to do with contracts dont know could be affecting other players,pardew is talking diff too,its just a few things that is not ringing right to me


  9. CC i think you are spot on m8,some fans will say best has 6 from 9 must be worth x now,ranger is this is that,bull**** they are not P.L. strikers,back up yes and benny is not a out and out striker we need two strikers with some quality or we are going to have same season next year imo


  10. Be happy anywhere above 17th- same as start of season. Think all this talk of Europe was more than highly optimistic. Think Europe is achievable in a couple of years if we invest.


  11. Haven’t been able to get on here much as have been rushed off my feet lately. Just wanted to say a few quick things with regards to Saturday’s game.

    – Great tactics by Moyes to move Arteta away from Tiote, which subsequently saw the Spaniard play a blinder.

    – Steven Taylor is a shoicking RB and makes us all appreciate Danny Simpson.

    – Injuries are really stretching us now and Everton capitalised.

    – Leon Best is getting better and better with his positioning and movement.

    All in all, a disappointing defeat, but an understandable one. Everton are one of those teams that can be awful one day and great the next. We unfortunately got the latter.

    Onwards and upwards. Stoke are in poor form and we owe them one. Hopefully Barton, Enrique and Ireland will all be fit.


  12. funkyjesus – agree on the training. They should all do at least 4 hours of ashtanga yoga a week; it’s what kept Speedy playing as long as he did, and made him one of the most consistent starters even in his mid-30s.


  13. Ice – I really hope you’re wrong, but I know what you’re saying. Things have changed in a big way since Jan 31st and may stay very unstable until July when we all get to see if the club will, this time, be true to its word. They could have really screwed the pooch this season, but I’m still hopeful for some successful, early transfer activity to demonstrate intent and keep the squad together.


  14. There is a risk that the squad won’t even make it to the end of the season, though – and we saw what that leads to a couple of years back. 😯

    Can’t see that happening, personally – I think there’s still that underlying spirit in the dressing room, even if that faith doesn’t extend to what’s going on upstairs.

    The biggest risk the club has now is that a lot of top players will already be getting calls from their agents with ‘interest’ from other clubs, putting the escape routes in place to take advantage of their uncertainties. It’s in the agent’s interest to move the player regardless of whether it’s a good move, so no doubt much poison and leaking of rumours will happen for the next few months.


  15. Toonsy – first creative meeting with the artist on Wednesday. Having to fork out four figures from savings just to test the idea 😯 but quite excited about it all. Good support from lots of people, but it’s all very mountain-bike at the moment.

    No reason we couldn’t look into footie-related ideas, though…


  16. WHUMPIE aye mate,thats what worrys me (true to word) this is ashley when has he been that,dont need to go into ex,you know them as i do


  17. Whumpie
    Posted March 7, 2011 at 12:46 PM

    Enrique has had a few dodgy performances recently too. He’s still been our best player but his concentration hasn’t been the best. Does he have other things on his mind? Like a 150% salary increase…


  18. Having Barton back in the team could be the difference in getting beat or winning, am I right in saying without Barton this season we havn’t won a game?

    I rekon Ireland will start on the bench then come on for the final 20 minutes or so.


  19. Wow,

    This blog war thing is becoming like a soap Opera, only a good one!
    I spend about an hour reading the other thread!!! When does series two start??? πŸ˜†

    Toonsy, I could have told you Worky was a douche from day one!


  20. Ice@16

    I like Rangers all round play and Best has chipped in with a few recently and both will be decent back up.

    Loverman did a canny job for us last season but IMO aint good enough and we should get rid, Shola will probs finish his career here but he is always ****in injured.

    Whatever Pardwho has to spend in the summer has to go on quality strikers, Gervinho, Lavezzi and Wickham for me but he’ll never have that much to play with like… πŸ™ πŸ˜₯


  21. toonsy
    Posted March 7, 2011 at 12:55 PM
    What? To Β£125,000 a week?

    How do you know what his current salary is?


  22. Well done to England on the cricket by the way…

    Our bunch of chokers deserved to lose that one for playing like a bunch of #%Q#…!

    It was a great weekend for me:

    Newcastle United – loss
    Bulls Rugby (Super 15) – loss
    South Africa cricket – loss

    At least this weekend can’t be any worse sports wise! πŸ™„


  23. CC says:
    “Loverman did a canny job for us last season but IMO aint good enough and we should get rid, Shola will probs finish his career here but he is always ****in injured.”

    Ye, CC and unfortunately Shola will always be ****ing sh!t!

    Best is really impressing but shouldn’t be our best striker, and Ranger should remain a sub for this season and then go on loan next season.


  24. Stuart – I don’t, not 100% anyway, but when most of the rumours about Jose’s salary would suggest that he is on around Β£50,000 a week I’d tend to believe them a bit more.


  25. I was thinking about the players I definately wouldn’t want to lose next season.

    The core of our team: Harper, Coloccini, Tiote, Barton, Nolan, and then Ben Arfa and Enrique are players we just can’t afford to lose.

    All the others are replaceable IMO. ❓

    Which means, for a powerful starting 11, we need at least a striker, a right back, a right mid, and another central defender.


  26. Only one way to tell Toonsy,

    I realised after many “debates” with Worky, that his way of accepting guilt, and there apologising is silence.

    When his smart mouth runs out of things to accuse you of because you’ve beat his arrogance into a corner, and he has nothing to back up accussations and no more clever d!ck snarky comments – he has basically accepted defeat.

    He does this because he realises any further comments on his part, would only make him look an even bigger @rsehole.

    If he hasn’t gone silent on you. You lost round one! πŸ˜‰


  27. Hi Ice, doing fine thanks and yourself? Hope you’re fully recovered now. Don’t be letting Batty or Rich be talking you into any dodgey dealings with the scooter – you know what happened last time .. it cost you..
    Any hows I think you’re right about stuff not being quite right at Barrack Road. Can’t put your finger on it but there’s been too many issues lately that the players don’t seem quite so together. Maybe just the impact of injuries, the hoohaa when Judas left and how Captain Nightclub responded, talk of Jose going, Joey not signing contract when he said he would, Ranger acting the daft lad, Pardew spouting off, who knows it may be talking it’s toll a bit. Hate this two week breaks. After each one this season we’ve lost the next game (I think, although someone will put me right i’m sure)


  28. If Enrique, Jonas and Barton aren’t fit I think we could pretty much rule out getting anything from stoke. If Enrique is out, i’d be tempted to play Jonas at left back and Fergie at left wing…I think jonas could do a relatively decent job there actually. Has to be Shola on for loven, shola had some good runs and showed some skill, got a few shots off. Loven was quiet again…i guess he could go on the left wing?


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