Another day, another transfer link…..

Moussa Sow - Another transfer link victim.
It was bound to happen, and as sure as night follows day, it has happened.

Newcastle United are being linked with players on a daily basis at the minute, although the unfortunate thing is that the vast majority, if not all, of these links will be rubbish. However there is a semi-purpose in me covering the bases and looking at each bit of gossip as it arrives, and it isn’t just to get hits as quite frankly the blog isn’t set up for that and remains a relative secret amongst the blogging fraternity. My reasoning is that I would like to count just how many different players we end up being linked with over the next few months.

Step forward Moussa Sow who has today become the latest player that Newcastle are apparently watching. Now it’s from the Daily Mail, but whilst you are all baulking and scoffing and getting ready to tell me how full of crap that particular paper is, please bear in mind that the Daily Mail is statistically the most accurate paper for transfer stories. Yes, I was also shocked.

Anyway, it is claimed that Sow is interesting both Sunderland and Newcastle, and we know that the club have scouts in France so this is probably where it has come from. The 25-year-old is the top scorer in the French league at the moment having scored 17 goals in 26 games so far this season and is currently valued at around Β£7 million.

Now I tend to discount most of the rumours that I read in the press, so I’m going to chalk this one off as yet more wild speculation. There does seem to be an overwhelming French theme developing with regard to inbound transfer links though, so could a bit of Gallic flair, in some form or other, actually be on the cards after all?

Possibly, but whether or not it is this particular player remains to be seen. He seems to have had a good season, but looking at the stats it would appear that this has been his only good season to date. He was signed by Lille last summer on a free transfer after scoring only 18 goals in 102 appearances for his previous two clubs. That doesn’t fill me with confidence to be honest.

What do you reckon?

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45 thoughts on “Another day, another transfer link…..

  1. With a name like Sow, let’s hope he isn’t a pig of a player. Ho ho ho.

    All joking aside, yes that was a joke, I don’t believe any of these stories anymore. It’s far too early to speculate who is coming in during the summer. We also don’t know what league we will be in yet. 😯


  2. A mate of mine has set up a smart phone application that allows you to vote for the NUFC for the rest of the season.

    You get a 20% discount voucher when they vote and they are entered into a prize draw for full hospitality, meet players etc at last game of the season. They can vote on iPhone or android during home or away games…

    I have supplied a link below that provides some additional details:

    Toonsy hope you don’t mind me plugging a mate but it is toon related…


  3. Heard a rumor from a wolves fan over weekend we made a bid for kevin doyle on deadline day n told to come back in the summer with 6million.

    Wouldnt say its true but you never know.


  4. we seem to be linked with quite a few French league players at the moment, which is good in my opinion. Some of the best players (Drogba, Henry) came from French Ligue 1


  5. Β£6m for Doyle would be a steal. If true, let’s hope some kind of pre-signing agreement was put in place as we will have loads of competition for the lad.

    Moreno, and some poor ones – Guivarc’h. Remember him?


  6. thing for me is these french players seem reet moody gits,and change there minds every other day,would have another ginola like πŸ˜€


  7. Aye ice, totally agree with that, most of the british players are reet moddy gits nowadays though πŸ™„

    I just reckon that if you buy from the Premier League, La Liga or Serie A you pay massively inflated prices. The French league has some great players, particularly from African descent (Drogba, Ben Arfa) who you can get at real market value.

    Look at Tiote, if he hadn’t been in the dutch league and was in Spain or Italy he probably would have cost a fortune…..he even won the bloody title the season before!


  8. RICHIE you need a bigger battery mate,the one your cranking now only does aboot two comments and dies,mind divint owr de it πŸ˜€


  9. MORENO,i hope pardew takes a tip or two off tiote he has hinted in the past about a couple,not a bad judge if there owt like him,and as you say hes played in the right company


  10. Moreno – isn’t the league they play in a reflection of how good they are though? It’s why good scouts can unearth hidden gems that cost pennies. They find them playing in the Hungarian 1st Division.

    What I’m trying to say is that the Italian, German, Spanish and English top flight are the best leagues in the world and therefore attract the best players in the world as they have the best teams to play for.
    The rest of the leagues are mainly bit players where future stars start off. The established players play in one of those leagues, so cost £££. The unknowns play elsewhere and cost less.


  11. Micky, agree with you mate, 100%.

    There are occasions though (using Tiote as an example) where a team like FC Twente wins the league, he is an integral part of that and we get him for nowt. To beat teams like PSV, Ajax, Feyenoord etc over the course of a season is pretty good going and I wouldn’t compare that to the hungarian league.

    On the opposite end of the scale, there are some bloody awful players play in The Premier League and other top european leagues as well who I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole.

    Not saying there is a tried and tested proven method for signing great players at minimal cost, just reckon the French and Dutch leagues are a sensible place to be looking with past success.


  12. The Daily Mail gets more transfers correct due to the fact it puts out the most rumours, they’ve linked us to everyone under the sun so chances are they’ll be right on one of them at least


  13. 4411 – Actually it’s incorrect. The Daily Record is the most accurate, but The Daily Mail is the most accurate ‘English’ paper πŸ™‚


  14. “Going for a dog walk. Might get some inspiration”

    Thats how Stan Collymore gets his inspiration… πŸ˜‰


  15. 4411 – Good and bad in that though. It’s shyte not having a game to look forward to, but on the other it is helping us get players back fit again.


  16. Toonsy – you mention in the article about the Mail being the most accurate (or, being honest, least inaccurate) paper. I’d love to see the stats, especially if they give the actual proportion of stories that prove right. I wonder if any publication gets above 10% accuracy?

    Doubt it… πŸ™„


  17. Whumpie – Funnily enough, I was trying to hunt it out but couldn’t find it again πŸ˜•

    I think it was something like 25% for the top one?


  18. I just looked at our recent results. We’ve won ONE game in 9, two in 10. Not good!

    Interestingly, our last 10 games with Carroll playing returned just 11 points compared to the 14 points from the 10 games since.

    How the hell did we get to 9th with returns like that?? What an odd season!


  19. Sounds a bit optimistic to me – one in four? I suppose it could be if you count ‘predictions’ less than 24 hours before a player signs. This far out from a window, I doubt if any are hitting 1%…


  20. TOONSY thats mint mate going off now to study everyone,might take a while lol πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  21. Jay Jay: shouldn’t they pay US compensation for having to visit “England’s 2nd city”?

    I hope we thump ’em. Again. Imagine getting a double-figure haul from one team in one season… 😈


  22. Jay Jay, I went to Villa away when we went down, didn’t cost too much from what I remember. Can’t believe there charging that!


  23. Can’t stand these long breaks – even if we are suffering with injuries at the moment.

    At least there’s rugby this weekend…. who’s up next?
    Ah. Scotland. On their turf. That’ll be a battle… Braveheart my arse; we’ll tear ’em a new one. πŸ™‚


  24. Andrew: “I went to Villa away when we went down, didn’t cost too much from what I remember”

    Try telling Ashley that.. 😈


  25. I live in this ****hole city and work just down the road from villa park, that a joke, man city was only Β£35, bunch of turds.


  26. £41 quid for Villa is shocking like 😯

    Probably rules me out of going to that to be honest.


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