The build up begins!

Guthrie in from the cold?
The countdown to the crunch clash with Wolves next Saturday has begun as Newcastle look to get the three points needed to keep any thoughts of relegation at bay.

It’s been an awful time for NUFC fans to be honest, and I dare say that feeling extends to fans of other clubs who have only seen their team play two Premier League matches in the month of March. Fixture list congestion indeed!

However, despite the fact that the gap in fixtures has been less than ideal for fans of the club, especially those who aren’t really interested in international football such as myself, it has at least afforded the players some time to rest up and recover from any knocks that they may have been carrying. So with just under a week to go until the fight for survival continues, how are we looking? Is there any early team news?

Well, yes there is. Straight from my ‘not worth an article on their own’ pile, Danny Guthrie is on standby to come in as a replacement for the suspended Cheik Tiote whilst Shane Ferguson is being ‘considered’ for his first Premier League start should Jose Enrique, who is currently rated as ‘doubtful’ for the visit of Wolves, not be fit enough to feature.

There is some early team news for the away side as well. Not being one to wish an injury on any player but, I couldn’t help but smile when I heard of the news that Wolves’ top scorer, Kevin Doyle, had limped out of the Republic of Ireland international with medial knee ligament damage at the weekend. Apparently it has pretty much put an end to his season, which is good news for the run in.

I really rate Doyle if I’m being honest. Granted he is not overly prolific, but he does bring an awful lot to the team and will work defending from the front for the full ninety minutes. Him being out is undoubtedly a bonus, but it doesn’t mean that Wolves are suddenly impotent in attack as they still have Sylan Ebanks-Blake who caused us the damage when we travelled to Moronileux earlier on in the season.

As I said earlier, it’s only early team news so it’s liable to change throughout the week. No doubt the wires of communication will be opened up again this week and we start to hear more bits and bobs about what is going on at the club which we will of course endeavour to keep you up to date with here at NUFC Blog.

Me? I’m just glad we’ve got a game at the end of the week!

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43 thoughts on “The build up begins!

  1. @Toonsy
    I’m not surprised you were never off it. If you subtract your posts it would have been a sleepy Sunday.
    It’s like the owner of a sweet shop buying all his ket and putting on 20stone and saying it’s a busy little sweet shop this.


  2. Nice try Bobby, but I’m going by visits by unique individuals and not comments on posts or anything like that πŸ˜›


  3. Looks like it could be just me and thee the day Toonsy.
    Good job you lifted my ban! πŸ™‚


  4. πŸ˜†

    We’ll be alreet man. The smack rats like DJG are still coming down at the minute but they’ll be on in a bit πŸ˜‰


  5. @Toonsy
    Starstruck is having trouble with his PC at the mo cos he’s just moved house (mushrooms).
    The little gonk is up for gannin oot for the WBA game if I can undo his elastic as he’s hanging off my interior mirror in my car.
    Have you ever seen him? Woo hoo hoo hoo.
    Its unfair cos he can’t reply but it makes it even funnier. 😈


  6. πŸ˜†

    I’ll be there mate, pending shifts at work. It’s a Sunday so I should be alright. Would be nice to put names to faces.

    Is he really short or summit? Like a hobbit? πŸ˜‰



    This ish way better than youtube scouting. 😎

    Maybe Carr can use this website to enhance his scouting. πŸ™„ πŸ˜†

    Just to bring this here on new thread. πŸ˜†



  8. @Toonsy
    A hobbit is a good way to describe him but gans on as if he’s gulliver. Full of opinions which are ridiculous.
    This is great when he can’t defend himself!!!! He’ll be fizzin chips!
    Woo hoo hoo hoo
    By the way, just been scanning workys blog (can’t type cos he banned me cos he thought I was half a dozen other people which I’m not. You know I only have 2 pseudonyms). He unlike you, he didnt have the courtesy to reply to my email.
    I know he’s a plonker but what’s all the issues going on over there at the mo?


  9. BS – It’s all crap to be honest. Crap that I’ve had enough with not to be honest mate so I won’t go into it. Suffice to say that I’ve drawn a line under it so as long as they don’t keep prodding me it will be done and dusted with now.


  10. Hi Andrew. I agree, it’s been crap as a fan and **** for a blogger but thankfully we’re getting back to matches now πŸ™‚


  11. we will lose this game and it will gan doon too the last game of the season we will be 1 point ahead of westbrom and will need a draw too stay up πŸ˜‰ west brom will score in the 85th minute and in the last miute we will have a corner harper will come up and score a belting header too keep us up πŸ™‚


  12. We cant worry about Wolves, its how we play thats important and we have to get the forwards sorted out as the current two are as much good as a chocolate fireguard.
    Best must start for me with Nolan playing off him as he is wasted in midfield.


  13. @Nora
    Aye. I was banned until I did a tester on his site this morning and I’m back in!
    I was wrongly accused anyway of being half a dozen people I wasn’t. I’m only bsn9 and troy.
    You oot for a pint at the WBA game. Dying to meet you to see if you’re as ugly as I imagine. πŸ˜‰


  14. ‘as they still have Sylan Ebanks-Blake who caused us the damage when we travelled to Moronileux earlier on in the season.’

    Am I correct in thinking they have that scottish striker aswell, or is he injured again?


  15. Batty @ 25 – To be fair, it was only just the busiest day, but it’s an upward trend which will hopefully continue πŸ™‚


  16. Steven Fletcher seems to be missing these days. Not read anything about an injury but he wasn’t even in the Scotland squad either.

    They paid Β£7.5m for him too, odd way to act.


  17. Marnin’ all. I’m actually a bit more optimistic about the Wolves game than I was. We’ve got some good players to put on the pitch, and for some reason I think AP may just get the engine running again by then.

    Guthrie can do a good job for us in place of Tiote – a very different job, but good. He’s not as good a tackler as Tiote but much quicker at spotting a run and getting a pass off. He did well for us last time; he’ll do the same again.

    If Jose’s able to play (big ‘if’ I know) then Fergie gives us some much-needed options on the wing. Perhaps Jonas on the RW? Or Joey out there and Ireland in the middle?

    We have options; I just hope AP’s taken his choices early and got whatever system in and practiced. Last time they looked like he’d worked it all out on a post-it during his pre-match talk.


  18. Just tried on my skinny jeans, Ugg boots, crop top and snood! Lookin gurd if I say so myself.
    Win on Saturday we are safe. Lose and we are gannin doon. Draw and we are neither up nor doon.
    Jean E Iss


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