The future is bright, says Pardew.

Pardew lauds 'bright future' at NUFC.
Alan Pardew insists that the future is bright at NUFC as the race to sign players and tie down existing ones begins.

But with careful scouting supplied by Graham Carr, Pardew himself, John Carver and the rest of the backroom staff the current manager believes that the club can attract the players that will make those that are wondering whether or not they can achieve their goals at St James’ Park realise that they can be part of a successful future at Newcastle United.

It would appear that scouting will feature heavily, and rightly so, as the club looks to recruit champagne players, like Cheik Tiote and Hatem Ben Arfa, on beer money. It’s great if it can be achieved, but it’s a risk all the same. Pardew told Sky Sports:

“That’s not easy, not for the sort of fee we paid. There are players like Cheik out there, but they are a lot more money than we paid for Cheik. It’s difficult, but it’s something that Graham Carr, myself and my scouting team are all on top of.”

“Getting players over the line, whether they are players you have at the club already or new players, is one of the most difficult parts of the game, convincing players that the future here is bright, which I think it is,” he added.

So we’re looking for value for money then? Diamonds in the rough basically. It’s about what I expected to be honest. I didn’t expect us to start splashing cash here, there and everywhere now we are a bit flush with the Carroll cash, and to be honest I would be a bit annoyed if we did just blow a load on one player as we need numbers with quality through the door more than one major signing.

As Pardew mentioned above, selling the club to players is something that is vitally important. It’s something Kevin Keegan was very good at, and I actually think Pardew will be rather good at it aswell. I mean he does like to talk doesn’t he? Hopefully he can talk a few players into joining us instead of a team in the Champions League for example. It sounds outlandish, but it’s part of Pardew’s plan apparently. He continued:

“We have got a good foundation to go forward now, so attracting players shouldn’t be a problem and hopefully the financial side of it, we can find.”

“We are competing against Champions League teams and foreign teams – it’s always difficult. They are not going to be done quickly, but hopefully they will be done.”

These are all just words of course, but hopefully Pardew and the rest of the backroom staff can pull something out the bag. Our need for strengthening the squad is there for all to see so it will be nice if these words can be put into action. If not, Pardew will end up with yet more egg on his face.

Hopefully it doesn’t come to that, for all our sakes!

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53 thoughts on “The future is bright, says Pardew.

  1. Sorry off-topic awhile…. 😳

    as they walked in holding hands,

    she turned her head back to glance and smile.

    anybody got that shot?

    thats a million $$$ shot …. 😳


  2. No doubt some will focus on the following:

    β€œThey are not going to be done quickly, but hopefully they will be done.”


  3. β€œWe are competing against Champions League teams ”

    So I guess we’re not going in for fringe players then… πŸ˜‰


  4. there is no reason not to be hopeful about the future. Have a strange feeling that pardew might be the unlikely manager to take us forward now that we are on a financial sound footing.


  5. Agree Alan. Look at the impact Tiote and HBA had on the squad (unfortunately for a short time in HBA’s case). If we can bring in 2-3 players that can have a similar impact we will be in great shape. Throw in Ferigie, Tavernier, Kadar, Airey, Vuckic and I am excited for next year- even if we lose Enrique.


  6. If we end up losing Enrique I dare say the money will be made available. Well it bloody should anyway lol


  7. If we are loosing Enrique we should try and get double figures for him, like Β£12M or summat. I am actually resigned to loosing him sadly. Just hope we can get in a player like that M’Bengue, seems like a great tackler. Anyway just not sell Enrique to cesspool and we will be alright. Think Enrique could do great at Bayern linking up with Ribery n all. All the best to him if he moves.


  8. I just hope if Jose leaves it is for a foreign club – don’t want him playing against us next season.


  9. APP evening mate πŸ˜‰
    Andrew I think Jose will have a better chance of getting in the Spain team if he goes to a foreign club, so if he has to go it would be better for him and for us πŸ˜‰


  10. Toonsy πŸ˜‰ you cheeky c@nt πŸ˜† the one he is away to has a seaside view and a big field to play footie in so he is happy as a pig in ****


  11. Dave πŸ˜†

    As opposed to the one he came from with has a view of waltzer and the bumper cars right? πŸ˜†


  12. I am gasping for a beer like, picking someone up at the train station at 10pm so have to wait till after that πŸ‘Ώ

    On topic: Imagine a triple announcement for resigns 😯 I would be ower the moon.


  13. Moreno it wont do you any harm having to wait πŸ˜€ it will make it even more worthwhile πŸ˜‰
    Toonsy the waltzer and the bumper cars are away πŸ˜†


  14. Enrique is gone- let’s hope the club holds out for 15M. If we get would 50M in the kitty I would care if 15M went towards the club’s loans


  15. Ah well, we all thought he was away anyway. Prefer him going there to Liverpool. Anywhere but Liverpool. Good luck to the lad, at least he hasn’t strung us along, bull****ted us and committed his future like some players would.


  16. Just got 4 crates from Tesco for £25 quid. Magners, Cobra, Strongbow and Tennants. I am on one this weekend, first time in years 😈


  17. Moreno a bit of mixing going on πŸ˜†
    As for Jose its still not a done deal just more speculation, so lets not sign him off just yet πŸ˜‰


  18. Dave, start off on the ‘Premium’ snakebite, cobra and magners. Once hammered, tennants and strongbow as you wont know the difference anyway 😯

    Toonsy, dunno mate, change your password straight away though and watch out for phishing πŸ˜‰


  19. MORNENO,not a drop has past my lips for two days πŸ™

    ganning to nephews 40th bash sat neet hes oot the army,just saveing me-sel πŸ˜€


  20. Ice…my old drinking buddy is on the train now heading up from the Toon. I will be wrecked after half a pint….


  21. toonsy, I didn’t know anything about it until I got an e-mail off lovefilm saying they held my details and not sony so divvn’t blame them basically.

    I rang my mate who is computer geek no.1 and he told me the PSN wasn’t encrypted, got hacked and 77 million user details had been procured. Sony are trying to play it down but it’s a massive security breach. they managed to get people’s long card numbers but can’t do owt with the 3 digit and expiry dates, so they have randomizers trying to crack details and are using phishing e-mails to try trick people into giving the rest. Some database to sell for marketing purposes too…..


  22. Slarth – Happy days πŸ™„

    Good job I’m not paying for it πŸ™„

    Still, i gives em a few extra days to empty my bank account πŸ™„


  23. Moreno – I got the “we think your details have been compromised” direct from Sony πŸ˜•

    If they can get money off the credit card I use for that they are more than just hackers πŸ˜†


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