Jonas, Barton and Colo safe, for now.

No bids for Colo, Jonas or Barton.
There have been no bids received for Toon trio Fabricio Coloccini, Jonas Gutierrez and Joey Barton, according to both local and national press.

Thankfully it would appear that speculation linking the three of them with moves away from the club is just that at the moment – speculation. I’d suggest we all cross our fingers and hope that it stays that way aswell, because it’s perfectly clear, well to me anyway, that every player has a price at Newcastle these days. That’s not a bad thing in truth, but a line needs to be drawn somewhere.

With Kevin Nolan now kissing the badge at West Ham and Jose Enrique still holding out on his new contract and looking likely to leave you can sense that there is a kind of changing of the guard going on at Newcastle. Out with the old and in with the new, that kind of thing.

If we were to lose Enrique along with Nolan it would be hard to come to terms with. Not just for us fans, but for the players aswell as two key men would have left the club in a short space of time. It would be salvageable though, providing we don’t lose more key players.

This is why it’s important to keep the likes of Jonas Gutierrez, Joey Barton and Fabricio Coloccini at the club, especially in the forthcoming season. There is a sense that we may lose our way a bit and lack a bit of leadership, but I think that if we can maintain a nucleus of senior players such as these three then we’ll be fine.

Much has been made of Kevin Nolan’s departure and the affect that will have on our team spirit, but it’s worth pointing out that by suggesting that would also hint that the rest of the team followed Nolan around blindly and wouldn’t know what to do without him. It was a TEAM effort last season, and it will have to be the same this time around.

Jonas, Joey and Colo know the score. All three of them have been around for a while now and all of them know what makes the fans tick and how to conduct themselves during a game of football. Their experience will be invaluable as new players arrive at the club and settle into the area, especially Colo who at first struggled with life on Tyneside.

However just because there have been no bids currently it doesn’t mean that a bid won’t arrive shortly!

Pre-season training for Newcastle gets underway a week on Monday and I’m sure it won’t be too different to what other clubs are doing. In fact there are probably teams that are already back in pre-season training who will be looking and assessing various aspects of their squads and will be looking to strengthen in certain areas.

Perhaps they’ll test the water with a bid for one of these guys? After all, as I said earlier, it looks as though everyone has a price and if that is matched then it’s business done. Hopefully not though, and hopefully no bids will come in for them.

They are safe, for now…..

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67 thoughts on “Jonas, Barton and Colo safe, for now.

  1. Morning Toonsy. Hope we keep all three, however i think Barton will sit it out and refuse to go, Colo will stay unless fatman gets a big offer from somewhere and an offer will be accepted for Jonas. Agree we need to keep the nucleus of the team or this could implode spectacularily


  2. That’s good news if true. Also on the flip slide it means we are getting towards the ore season and then towards the season itself. I hope we don’t do a usual and flog off in last hour of window. I would like to think that we will draw a line and say that come a certain time….players must stay regardless of any offers, as it does not give us enough time to prepare for life without them.


  3. Hi Craig, if you mean my comment re Jonas, no i don’t think so. I just think if they get an offer they will accept it.


  4. Collocini will be the only one of the 4 left at the start of the season, Lazio have been after Jonas for ages and he has expressed hi desire to play in Italy, Barton and Jose will be gone at the beginning of the window as they wont sign improved contracts and there is no way they will leave on a free in a years time.


  5. Evening Toonsy, selling Colo would open up the flood gates. Fan fav, loves everything Newcastle, getting better each season. Would show everyone has a price and that the badge means nothing, even to the owner.


  6. I can’t see any club putting bids in this early otherwise the Toon will just keep rejecting them and create a bidding war.
    That is the trouble with the transfer window. It’s open for 3 months or so but the vast majority of deals are done on the final weekend.

    This is done solely to put pressure on the selling club by putting in a bid at the last minute to test their resolve.
    It prevents a long running bidding war and that is what is happening at the Toon.

    Jose may leave prior to the Footy season commencing as Liverpool have done the deal already. But Barton
    and possibly others will leave on the final weekend of the window.


  7. Agree wit bobby but think there’s also pressure on the buying club i.e pay what we want or you do without hence Judas’s price shooting up.


  8. I think out of the three, Colo is the only one who will be a sure thing to be in the starting 11 next season. However I think it would be foolish to sell any of them, even fools know, you need solid foundations before you build, and these players are the experienced foundations that will get us through the tougher parts of the season.

    Though I expect the Taylor signing to be completed some time soon, I think we’ll be working on a couple of outgoings before we see more come in. Unfortunatley, I think enrique will be one.


  9. …..I might add, not sure about his last paragraph, but the rest I’ll go along with 😉 😆


  10. Players will have to be sold, you’re allowed a 25 man squad we were only a man or 2 shy of that last season so to enable new players to come in then obviously some have to go. Ideally these should be the “fringe” players, we need to keep the likes of Colo, Jonas, Joey(Jose will go imo) because new players will not all get off to a flier(if any do), what happens if we chuck all these new “flair” players straight into the first team and it doesn’t click and we don’t win for 7 or 8 games? what do we do if all of the players mentioned above are gone?…..struggle would be the most obvious answer. We know those players can perform, we need to keep them! 😕


  11. Asa far I can see, none of our players are safe. If we can make money they will be gone. It’s as simple as that really.


  12. Maybe Guthrie and dare I say Shola will be gone as they are both into their final year of their contracts.


  13. The press speculates that they are leaving…. the press speculates that they aren’t leaving…. who knows what to believe 😕

    Toonsy, did you get my messages left through contact ??


  14. @ Bobby – 8, I reckon the club has learned it’s lesson with the Carroll sale! I think they will give Jose an ultimatum regarding his contract so that they can find time to get a replacement if needs be.. That said, I think it will be late into the transfer window… I hoping not too late though…


  15. @Richie

    Make your mind up with me. You’ve got one leg on the train and one leg on the platform . 😆


  16. BSn9 – what proof do you have that Jose to Liverpoo is a done deal???
    NONE. 👿
    Do you swallow everyword Thompson says as gospel like?
    Thought you were more level headed than this.
    Why are you spouting rumours as facts, when they clearly aren’t?


  17. Lets not kid ourselves, the club have shown their hand when it comes to the higher earners of the squad. If we get an offer that they think is good, they’ll be gone.

    There’ll be an awful lot of outgoings this summer as well as incomings, whether we’re a stronger team after this we dont know.

    There’ll be more problems ahead with supporters I think as personally I think we’ll see a net spend of circa 10m and that wont be enough to appease some, especially as it will mean some of our best players having left.


  18. @Aussie

    I still can’t believe you can’t see the obvious.

    Jose is going to Liverpool and the Toon know it. They maybe trying to get his replacement before he leaves but don’t expect all his transfer fee to be respent.

    I’m sure Liverpool want it done and dusted by the start of pre season so I would expect him to go within a week or so.

    Before I leave it, ask yourself, why would he stay when he’s openly criticised the club for breaking promises. His good pals Carroll and Nolan are gone. Barton is no longer wanted and is likely to leave. Phil Thompson leaked that he was going to Liverpool. Liverpool are on the up and we are standing still at best. ?

    The Toon know the answer and just surprised you don’t ? 😯


  19. Would like to add, if its a done deal, then he would be gone by now surely? He would want to be settled before pre season starts wouldn’t you think?
    Also it would give NUFC time to find his replacement as early as possible before prices go silly.
    It may be a done deal, as Pardwho has said it isn’t, but I’m not convinced he is going to L’poo.


  20. Bobby – Pardew has openly stated that an approved offer has be given to Jose. I know Pardew has had the rug pulled from under him in the past but I believe he is telling the truth. Why offer him a contract if you know he is going?? (Your response will be – I guess they have to do that so the fans can see that the club tried to keep him) Seems like a lot of effort to placate the fans, MA has never been bothered with that kind of BS before.
    Now you could be right Bobby, but on the other hand you can be wrong. I expect a written apology if Jose stays 😆


  21. @stu

    I don’t think there will be many utterances should be only spend £10m circa., PROVIDING we perform better.

    I personally don’t see how we can replace what we had with Carroll, Nolan, Barton, Jose and possibly others by spending so little. 😯


  22. For a deal to liverpoo to happen, then they will have had to meet the fat mans valuation of Jose. ie well above the real value of a good LB.
    There may be a deal in principle, but I dont think they have reached the sum required, yet
    Also, I think Dogleash may have had 2nd thoughts about paying over the top again. But this may be wishful thinking as he has a history of it 😆


  23. I have stated all along I will show my arse in Fenwicks window if he stays.

    I’ve made that promise on numerous occasions and I’ve never had to undo my snakebelt once.

    (snakebelt for you younger ones was a cheap elasticated belt with 2 metal S shaped end which linked together like 2 snakes entwined). Ask Magpie6699.


  24. @BB
    you seem to forget Jose holds the aces not the Toon. If they don’t agree a fee with Liverpool then Jose stays and goes for nothing next season. 🙄

    You then end up with a disgruntled player and nothing at the end of it.

    Howay fella, you just woke up? 😆


  25. If we are looking into a Fenwicks window, how would we know which dummy is you Bobby 😆 😆 😆


  26. so if we cant agree a fee and he still wont sign a new contract, what happens then?
    How often does something like that happen?


  27. Ye Bobby

    And with Nolan, Barton, Enrique gone, even if we spent big on players of superior quality, it would take them at least half a season to gel, if not longer…

    I use Barca as an example, but the main reason they dominate world football is that the core team have been playing together for around 10th years.

    Our year in the championship allowed our players to gel under less pressure…
    These new players will be individuals under big pressure to immediately come good because our core will be gone.

    In conclusion, no matter who we sign. Unless we keep the likes of Barton and Colo and even Jonas we will be a weaker team…

    People get excited by signings but continuity and stabilty with Passion are more important factors and we just don’t have that under MA’s regime.


  28. JJ- agree with that, and every time we change a manager we have to start again. ffs
    It would be nice to keep a amanager for 5 years or more,
    That has got to be the key to continuity an stability, just look at Everton.
    Maybe this is ashley’s new plan, but after pardwho? has made his mark, this close season, it looks like we will be starting from scratch all over again.
    If this is the case then I wouldn’t expect to be pushing for top 10 just yet 👿


  29. Everybody will stay and we’ll sign 50 000 000 quid on players. Truth. Obvious. Can’t see how you can’t see it.


  30. @Aussie Mag

    You say;
    If we are looking in Fenwicks window how will we know which dummy is you?

    Simple Aussie, I won’t be there, but the one staring back at you in the window reflection will be the only dummy there. 😆


  31. @BB
    You say;

    so if we cant agree a fee and he still wont sign a new contract, what happens then?
    How often does something like that happen?

    It rarely happens because the selling club usually lose their bottle. They do not want to be left with a disgruntled player and lose out on a transfer fee.


  32. @JJ
    Jump on board fella.

    Man utd are a prime example of what you say. They year on year build on what they have. They don’t go out and buy and sell half a dozen players. It’s one or two additions and maybe one or two sales. They keep the same core of players for years.


  33. @BB
    You say;
    maybe it’s Ashleys new plan to keep the same manager for many years.

    Well that’s certainly a big change from his old plan then. 6 managers in 5 years. 😆 Sonething like that anyway, I’ve lost count. 😯


  34. Apparently izaguirre is wanted by man u according to Ssn … That rules us out of the move then!!


  35. Exactly Bobby.

    I still dont think Jose to Liverpoo is a done deal mind. But time will tell 😕

    Please note, that I dont think he will be staying either. 😆


  36. When NUFC were relegated we kept a strong core of players and blitzed the Championship. When we were promoted we kept a core of players and added a couple and we did better than most expected.

    Do you see a pattern there?

    So far only one person of note has gone, and even he was given the chance to stay.


  37. @tattyheed

    I still don’t think we have any intention of signing a another forward. If Pards sees Ben Arfa as a player who sits behind the main striker, I’m convinced he will stick with Ba, Ben Arfa, Shola and Best. He may be thinking of selling Best as theyve said he can go for £4m and if so he plum for Erdinc. That won’t happen unless Best is sold first though.


  38. you can defo see the team spirit watching that clipp dan ,shame we might not have it next season 🙁


  39. @batts

    I’m sure Carr signed the 5 yr deal last month. I’m sure Toonsy did a thread on it.


  40. Jay..Aye, seen that, has to be wrong. He’s saving Fatboy far to much money for him to let his contract run down, I know I’d read that he was being offered a 5 yr deal but other than that not sure. Like I say though there’s no way Ash would let his cash machine go.


  41. As much as I want all 3 to stay, I’ll be utterly gobsmacked if Barton stays (excuse the pun).

    I’m sure fatty sees him as a trouble-maker I.E. too outspoken, not afraid to tell the fans what’s going on via tw@tter. It’s fatty’s club, and he won’t have anyone rubbing sh1t into his pie – just ask anyone from the L7 singing section. Limit the dirt dished out towards him on match days, and make sure all his ’employees’ tow the line.

    I just hope he doesn’t disrupt the balance and stability of what we’ve got too much, and for ****’s sake, make sure he gets replacements in before cutting any tape on outgoings.

    Vote Fatty, for a new improved, cleaner NUFC.



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