Pardew’s predicament!

Alan Pardew

Alan Pardew
Alan Pardew faces the media masses, alone....
I don’t know if anyone has noticed how quiet Alan Pardew has been these last few days? My hope is that it’s because he is frantically looking for the new left back and striker promised, but I’m more concerned that it is more through embarrassment that it looks unlikely we will have one in before the big derby clash on Saturday.

“We’re confident we’ll have some new players here by next weekend.I don’t want to talk about specific players, but I’m confident that by the time we play Sunderland I’ll have a left-back in place – and hopefully a striker.” The words of Alan Pardew after the match against Arsenal last weekend.

The Newcastle manager has already been embarrassed by having the rug seemingly pulled from beneath him after promising 100% that Andy Carroll would not be sold. Since then he has been far more careful with his wording, knowing perhaps now, like the fans, that Ashley’s promises mean nothing.

However, at Saturday’s press conference he once again felt confident enough to assure the fans signings will be made before the derby.

Pardew seems to have become the target of abuse from some fans whose impatience at not getting the striker and left back, so desperately needed since January last year, has come to the fore.

But, in my opinion, fans should be aware that Pardew probably has as much control over these issues, as fans do when it comes to seating sections, stadium renaming etc.

Some will say he is a “puppet”, a “yes man”, but what is his alternative – to walk like Keegan? Say he did, what decent manager in their right mind would take the job under the Ashley regime?

Let’s take a look at what he has managed to achieve under trying circumstances and a tight arse owner so far…

Yohan Cabaye – £4.5m (estimated wages 40k)
Demba Ba – Free (estimated wages 35k)
Sylvain Marveaux – Free (estimated wages 40k)
Mehdi Abied – Free (estimated wages 10k)
Gabriel Obertan £3.5m (estimated wages 25k)

Stephan Ireland – Loan ended (estimated wages 40k)
Sol Campbell – Free (estimated wages 25k)
Kevin Nolan – £4m (estimated wages 45k)
Jose Enrique – £5.5m (estimated wages 50k)
Xisco – Loan (estimated wages 35k)
Wayne Routledge £2.2m (estimated wages 15k)
Shefki Kuqi – Free (estimated wages 10k)

Other loans: Michael Richardson, James Tavernier, Kazenga Lua Lua, Phil Airey and Fraser Forster (estimated combined wages 10k).

Assuming big signing-on/agents fees let’s say the free transfers cost £10 million. That would mean £18 million spent with added wages of around £150,000 per week.

As for outgoings, about £11 million has been recouped, meaning that we have spent £7 million on signings this transfer window plus a saving of £220,000 a week in wages saved. Meaning overall we have chipped some £70k a week off the wagebill.

Now assuming Carroll was on around £30,000 a week, that’s £100,000 a week off the wage bill. With £28 million left from the £35 million Carroll fee. So in theory we should have £28 million and £100,000 a week in wages to splash
to get to where we were (expense wise) at the beginning of last season.

Fair enough some money was spent on upgrading the training ground, and hiring a tea lady, but a fair chunk of it should still be remaining. And we should have more than enough with £100,000 to offer decent wages to a new quality left back and striker.

Yet, we are still haggling over fees for players, by trying to play hardball and offering fees way below what clubs are asking.

There are still two days to go, but I feel yet again Alan Pardew is being made to look like an idiot and is being put under immense pressure by a completely incompetent board, when it comes to football matters.

Even if a player is brought in today or tomorrow, they will get no training time with the new squad and they would have to be thrown completely in the deep end, in what is the most important pressure fixture on the Toon calendar.

All we (the fans) can do is support him, because no doubt, if anybody knows the frustration the fans are going through, with regard to false promises, it is him.

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Thanks go to JJ for submitting this article. Well done fella.

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101 thoughts on “Pardew’s predicament!

  1. Ice… mate, cos they never do come off therefore only Pards looks daft when they don’t 😉


  2. I hate talking about this £35 “MILLION”!!!!! It makes my blood boil that he has,nt spent a penny plus we would of had a transfer budget for this season with gate money? the footy tops which there is 3 out this season The sky money the sale of players and wages slashed!!!!!!!! Stephan Ireland – Loan ended (estimated wages 40k)
    Sol Campbell – Free (estimated wages 25k)
    Kevin Nolan – £4m (estimated wages 45k)
    Jose Enrique – £5.5m (estimated wages 50k)
    Xisco – Loan (estimated wages 35k)
    Wayne Routledge £2.2m (estimated wages 15k)
    Shefki Kuqi – Free (estimated wages 10k)

    and the only time he spends money is when he has sold players i.e Kevin nolan 4.5 mil that covers Yohan Cabaye plus Routledge 2,2mil we buy Gabriel Obertan for 3mil??? jose enrique 6 million we buy no one think back when carroll went in jan we were promised the £35 MILLION on new players THE WORDS WERE IT WILL B JUDUSES LEGACY TO THE CLUB we get 3 free transfers which the ****ney pair say the cost OF FREE TRANSFERS WE NOT FREE BUT THE PRICE WAS staggering Which is an insult to the fans WE THE FANS KEEP GIVING THIS FAT DISGUSTING BASTARD CHANCE AFTER CHANCE AND HE LAUGHS IN OUR FACES FOR GOD SAKE HOW OUR EXPECTATIONS HAVE COME DOWN TO NOTHING BACK in june threw to july we the fans were so excited and full HOPE???? We were buying every player from the shaws of france However Every player we went in for worth any real money we havent bought??? How many players didnt want come BUT we still went after them FOR Months at time! KNOWING THERE WERE,NT COMING? “FATTYS PLAN ALL ALONG”!!! NOW We Are going for players and they want to come some we,ve missed some are still waiting ????? Charles N’Zogbia…… Shane long,,,,, Erik Pieters,…. Aly Cissokho,,, Modibo Maigas Neil taylor was jose enrique Replacement not back up thats why its taken so long to get pieters even though he,s cheaper or even at the same price as jose 6 MILLION how can argue with price and pieters wants less wages Does that Tell us something IT STINKS


  3. @Richie, Totally agree with you mate. The first couple of times Ashley sent him out to the press and screwed him over I understand, but at this point he should always throw some “most likely”s and “in all probability” and “should” on there, leave himself some wiggle room for the inevitable Ashley kick under the bus that’s coming


  4. I forgot to say i dont blame pardwho i think he knew it was going to be tight but never this tight especially when we are £$40 odd MILLION Better off he must of thought he would get something he seems a canny bloke how many times has he said something about players coming in then a day or a week later had go back on what he said they are taken the piss out of him he is skint and not on a lot of money he has gambling debts if not for that i think he would of walked he seems to b getting a bit lippy lately i thimk he is finally starting to show it being used every day like a Dirty Cloth


  5. @salanosteumpet

    Absolute rubbish !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ashley took us down a league not only to embarrass the fans but also to get a better points total. 😀 😆

    You nutter 😆


  6. I think the poll vote speaks for itself. The majority of fans see Pardew as getting screwed over, while a very vocal minority think that he’s in cahoots with the board in insulting and screwing over the fans and hurting the team.

    Now, why would the head coach want to make his job so much harder by not having any senior players for one position and that one top striker that he’s been talking about for 7 months now? It wouldn’t make sense.

    The man obviously wants these players in, but the idiots with the money are screwing around again.


  7. good points jimbo about Pardew getting a little more lippy toward the board in public and having to retract statements after they’ve told that they’re going to be kunts instead


  8. @jimbob

    Good first post. Don’t rate your second.

    Patsy Pardew is either very naive or in cahoots with Ashley.

    He’s accepted being the fallguy and is being a Patsy. His choice.

    If by some strange chance that he never knew what would happen then my god he must now.

    Sweep on the next time he talks the transfer targets that we are in for before he is made a tit of by the regime again.

    Tomorrow is my guess! 😆


  9. @AndrewT

    If you go along with your theory , surely he would have learnt his lesson by January 2011. ? 😕

    Howay fella, is he that stupid? 😕


  10. After every lie or transfer setback or player upset he comes out and protects the regime .

    He is getting paid handsomely and is quite happy to be in cahoots with the regime.

    Just wait til Tiote is sold for £15m and how Patsy defends the decision.


  11. @AndrewT

    Take a leaf out of Bobby Shintons book and be realistic.

    That’s not am insult just my position all along as I’ve read this regime from Day 1.


  12. Can’t wait until tomorrow when the focus will just be on football with the derby comin up. Always enjoy this blog.

    Gotta say, I hope we do start with that lineup/formation. Jonas on the left to take care of Raylor. Bossing the center of the pitch with the insanity of Barton and the mackem-slaying DNA of Shola attacking their goal. I’d say we have more than a chance of winning. Also really excited to see Obertan get a start. Should be good for him to be on the same side as fellow former ManU student in Simpson.


  13. Get Nicky Maynard in next week with Maiga.

    Ranger scoring goals for fun in the reserves. Why can’t he conform to the team discipline. We would have a real player on our hands


  14. I hear ya Toby. The kid obviously has loads of talent, but his greater desire to be thug gangsta is getting in the way of him having an incredible football career.


  15. Bobbs, i made it very clear to you that you needed to get some new gripes … the ones you keep coming out with are very much out of date .. didnt you do your homework like i told you to wee lad? we need you to be more creative rather than banging on about how we sell players with value, just like Man UTD / Arsenal etc etc and how Pardew is working closely with the chairman and towing the party line – just like Man UTD / Arsenal- if i didnt know better, the inference a stranger, who didnt know you are a wind up mackem, would take, is that you actually like MA + Pardew ….. good to know you have finally woken up and ustood the reasons for the decision being made.


  16. I’ve got a hunch (nothing more than that) that the whole Ashley thing is going to explode quite soon. Its like a pressure cooker that’s simmering, and the heat’s being turned up. The fans have had too many lies and false promises to put up with. Results on the pitch might well be the catalyst. Half decent team performances are the only thing that has kept a lid on it. Also, I don’t think Ashley’s got the patience to stick with it. Expecting some big news.


  17. The only big news that will come out in the next few weeks or so is that even Pardew will walk there’s only so much SH**E a manager can take, even Pardew.
    It will get to a point where he feels he can’t take the club any further, he’s not getting the people he wants in and there’s too many restrictions on what he can do being placed on him by THE GREAT FAT ONE and his little BITCH the lamb.
    If managers can’t manage and if he’s hearing no all the time to players he wants he’ll have no choice and personally I won’t blame even though I think he’s doing OK with what he’s got!!! then where do we go????


  18. Personally dumbfounded that in the time given we still have not covered the two positions that we have needed since Carroll left. I feel desperately sorry for Pardew as I believe he has absolutely no say.


  19. Also don’t believe we can do any better at getting a decent manager in to work under Ashley. Who would do it? So I will support Pardew through thick and thin because user this regime I really feel its a no win situation. 😡


  20. 🙄 I take it Stev you are one of these supporters who dont go now yet the pull of supporting the toon is to much for you and all
    You can do is try and put some rubbish out
    Don’t suppose you seen or heard man u advertising seats for there 1st homie game and look what they did last year
    Arsenal on tue was not full
    Alot is down to how much money you have
    And I have just paid for my tk up front for 3 yrs
    So let’s all get behind the team and support them


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