Ober and out!

Obertan out for a month
Gabriel Obertan has been ruled out of the game against Everton this weekend as he suffers from a toe infection.

Alan Pardew has described the loss of Obertan as a “real blow” and it looks as though the 22-year-old Frenchman could be out for between three and four weeks.

Obertan has played a rather large part in our unbeaten start to the season in my view. There seems to be this trait amongst NUFC fans whereby some are unable to see the effect a player has unless they show something tangible, like a goal or an assist. Whilst Obertan has had his poor moments and has attracted criticism from some fans, it mustn’t be ignored that he has also had good moments and that just his presence is altering our game and making the opposition think twice.

Think back to last season when we had Joey Barton on the right. Don’t panic, I’m not going to bitch about him, but I think it was fairly clear to the vast majority of fans that he used to go missing from that right hand side of the pitch and had a tendency to tuck inside. In fairness the middle of the pitch is his natural position, so that is kind of understandable.

However it did leave our right flank susceptible to opposition attacks as it allowed them pretty much a free run at Danny Simpson. It also took away a threat on the break as Barton would be somewhere in the middle of the park and would need to get back out on the wing before play could be stretched.

With Obertan we have the opposite of that. He stretches the pitch by staying out wide, he tracks back, most of the time, and has pace to burn which offers us a threat going forward, especially on the counter-attack like we saw at Stoke. Looking at it from that perspective I can see why Alan Pardew is a bit gutted to have lost the former Manchester United man to injury.

“Gabby has an infection in his toe. It looks like he could miss three or four weeks – a big disappointment,” Pardew told the Chronicle during his pre-match presser.

He then went on to talk about Obertan’s start to life at NUFC, and revealed how impressed he has been with the Frenchman:

“Gabby is a really good player for Newcastle to have and I think he’s done fabulous for us so far and his presence has been part of an unbeaten start to the season. I am really, really happy with him.”

“On occasions you want to see him open his legs a bit more. But he has to get that fine line between when to attack and when to keep the ball.”

“Gabby is so quick sometimes it’s easy to expect him to be perfect in everything he does. He is still learning because he’d only played 14 or 15 games when he came to us from Manchester United.”

However Obertan’s absence shouldn’t be a major problem for Newcastle as when one Frenchman drops another can fit in.

The easy option would be to give Sylvain Marveaux his long-awaited chance. The former Rennes man has impressed whenever he has played whether it be in the reserves, League Cup, or brief appearances in the league. He could easily play on the right in place of Obertan, and from what I’ve seen he could make that spot his own at the expense of his compatriot.

Another option would be to play Hatem Ben Arfa on the wing although you’d have to think that is a virtual no-go given Pardew’s claims that he can’t really play there as he doesn’t enjoy it. Whatever the case, we have options to cover the loss of Obertan.

It’s been a while since I could say that!

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93 thoughts on “Ober and out!

  1. Good analysis of his play toonsy. Can’t see HBA playing there either. Would like to see marveaux but if tiote is fit he may see it as a way to keep Guthrie in the team as he has played quite well and he can’t use the ‘don’t change a winning team’ to keep some players in the team and not others


  2. Big Loss wouldnt be surprised if we start conceding a few more goals now. Marv dosnt cut it defensively for me, decent going forward though.

    Would like to see Gosling get a run out there but that could unbalance the team.

    The Everton game just got alot harder imo 😥


  3. I’ve been happy with Oba since he arrived.
    Yes, clearly he can be frustrating but he hogs the touchline and gives us width.

    I know people want to see Marveaux be given a chance but it’s the backroom staff who watch these players in training day in day out and know their strength and weaknesses and Oba won’t have been first choice without showing the necessary qualities.

    Good look though Marv.

    Just one quick question before I head to work. I need to get this off my chest as it’s been playing on my mind for a while, having read a magazine article.

    I sit down whenever I urinate. The magazine states very few men do this which really surprised me.

    Am I really in the minority? 😯 😯

    Off to work but will catch up on your views later.

    Laters Gaters!

    Toon ! Toon!


  4. Agree, I think we will be a lot more vulnerable down the right side without Gabby.
    Another option would be to play Santon at right mid but I think if we are ever going to play Marv, now is the time.


  5. Gives a chance to Marvauex who I think is a better player and will be well suited to playing at home where the emphasis is to attack.

    Think we may miss Obertan against the likes of Man Utd, and Man City as he does a lot of unoticed work helping out Simpson.


  6. We could always play Jonas on the right 😯

    Hard to move a player who has been instrumental for us, but needs must. Jonas can play on the right but I don’t know if Marv can?


  7. Still waiting for marv, HBA and cabaye to play 90mph football as HBAs agent said


  8. Ober bought my love with that assist for Ba against Stoke. As toonsy said most toon fans only appreciate tangible contributions 😀

    Troy, I do sometimes but never at work 😯


  9. At least we have options and dont have to raid the under 17’s like previous seasons.

    Personally I see Marveaux as a way forward

    He’s impressed me


  10. What ever side Royston Drenthe is on i would want Jonas on that side. Cant think of Everton’s other winger, is it that we russian guy Billy something he is abit hit and miss.

    @Toonsy think he can but not sure how many times he has played there but that would mean to winger cutting inside would crowd the centre out. Play Jonas right and Ben Arfa left sorted 😀


  11. Think Marv got 2 goals in a reserve game while playing out on the right , could be wrong tho!


  12. Just out of interest – is anybody else wondering where has he had his toe to get it infected?


  13. As Jonas always crosses with his right peg and is a winger anyway, why not play him up the right and Marveau up the left as he is naturally left footed. Simples !!!!!!


  14. this may sound wrong but maybe its a good thing that ober will be out for a little while it could bive marveuax a chance and i think he could be the key to blowing everton away and would not put it past him being the match winner on saturday afternoon


  15. i also like obertan but think marveau is good enough for us to not miss him

    play santon and then guti and marv can swith sides


  16. Dave – Would love to be optimistic but I have a really bad feeling about this game.

    On the flipside I’ve had that feeling a few times this season with nothing to worry about in the end so….. 😆


  17. i had a bad feeling about stoke and wolves feeling really possitive about this one the fireworks are starting at st james on sat…. wonder what odds ill get and ba for another hatrick ha


  18. Toe infection?! Bloody hell I’ve heard it all now. Maybe he’s been playing barefoot footsie under the table with Stephen Gerrard and his ankle infection. Although it’s probably an in-growing toenail or something, which given its grossness nobody would really like to disclose, nevermind to the world.

    Swap Spidey over to the right and bring Marveaux in, obvious choice for me. See what Ryan Taylor is really made of.

    (Troy, are you a sitter or straddler? It makes all the difference)


  19. Toonsy – This does have the hallmarks of ‘after the lord mayors show’. We are all going expecting us to win and some are automatically assuming we’re heading for 2nd place. Everton are a good side and I think we’ll be in for a bloody tough game. This could be our hardest game of the season due to the circumstance etc…


  20. …or of course, swap Spidey AND Ryan Taylor over to the right, lob Santon in at left back and play Marveaux LW. ❓


  21. Stuart79
    November 3, 2011 at 12:02

    This could be our hardest game of the season due to the circumstance etc…



  22. If Jonas changes sides, Simpson will start looking CLASS…

    Hopefully Marv is told to get in a defensive shift too. He is good going forward though.


  23. Im also worreid about Sat , read interviews from Pardew and Raylor both taking about the Man City and Man Utd games , you have to take each game as they come and us looking past the Everton game is dangerous, they are a good team,


  24. Liam – I’m not fussed about the early kick off, never have been. it means I can start drinking earlier and we can go 2nd for a couple of hours if we win 😉


  25. toonsy says:
    November 3, 2011 at 12:05
    Stu – Like our first real test?

    This is different to the other ‘tests’ in my opinion. Everyone including the national media are starting to take us serious now – wouldn’t it be like us to fall flat on our face after a great win on Monday?


  26. Rodzilla has a good point I think. Jonas and RT to the right hand side and Santon and Marveaux on the left.
    I would think this would work but would Thete be the argument of disrupting the defense?


  27. Nobby its crazy even thinking after 11 games into the season we could be 2nd…. 2nd??!!

    We deserve to keep these moments my word they dont come often


  28. Well, I know some fans dont rate Obertan: however Im of the opinion that he was improving, steadily. And AP is correct, he will be missed.

    An enforced change (rather than tactical) means we have to choose carefully, to keep the team balance and shape

    I hope hes back in soon.!


  29. For me it doesn’t make sense to swap the defence. When you’ve got that kind consistency don’t mess with it. The best in the league so far!

    I’d bring in Marveaux for a straight swap.


  30. Totally agree Marko, Marveau is the no 3 winger, just bring him on the right, keep everything else unchanged except the fine tuning of the tactics.


  31. What about sticking Santon on the right!?

    Oba was looking pretty good, especially against Stoke… shame…


  32. @Toonsy – thanks. I’ll keep my fingers crossed then (although Guthrie is doing well).

    I’m inclined to agree with others on here that it would be best to play Marveaux on the right and leave all else unchanged. Switching Guti to the right and breaking up his partnership with Taylor, just to accommodate Marveaux on the left, seems foolish; especially when Marveaux does have some experience on the right.

    And to those calling for a change to this defence to bring Santon in – not a chance. You don’t break up a defence when they look as solid as they did against Stoke (and all season).


  33. this season is starting to have the same feeling as sir bobbys 1st full season in charge ,they kept expecting us to fail


  34. As for Gabby I think we should just stick Marv there with no other changes.
    Exactly- no need to reinvent the wheel here


  35. Hmm I tend to agree about putting Marv on the right, BUT, they have Baines and Drenthe on their left. Can Marv put in a shift like Jonas can against what looks to be their greatest attacking combo?


  36. Hope Marveaux gets his chance – I’ve been impressed with him when he has come on as a sub. Hopefully the lads won’t be complacent – Everton played really well against Man U – tough game

    FAIreland FAI
    You heard it here first-Leon Best has been called up to the Irish squad to face Estonia next week #IrlEst
    5 minutes ago
    Now on SSN


  37. Anyone know why Football Manager reckons Demba Ba is a left winger too 😕

    RE: Jonas + Obertoon. Shame we are having to fix something that isn’t broken (if you get what I mean) Jonas has been outstanding and I would be in two minds as to change anything at all with his position.
    Yet I agree that Drenthe and Baines are their best attacking outlet and Jonas has been solid defensively so it’s a tough call


  38. congrats to besty then…

    Hear what you’re saying there toonsy. The thing about Marv is that he seems to be more attack minded than defensive-minded. I wouldn’t really have issue with flipping Jonas and Marv, but not sure I like breaking up Raylor and Jonas


  39. MDS, Cool, a bit like you then. 😉

    …aye it makes a good avatar as well like. Saw Radioheed at Glastonbury in ’97 and 2003. Possibly the best live band I’ve ever seen. The Bends and OK Computer, classic albums.


  40. You’d think RTE would learn how to spell “squad” before using the word in a headline 😆


  41. Rich – Isn’t Drenthe back? I thought he only got a one match ban and I swear I read Seamus Coleman welcoming him back somewhere 😕

    Sitting opposite some fitty on the train and I can see moose knuckle 😯


  42. Was Drenthe’s sending off in the Carling Cup 2 yellows? NUFC.com have reported he has returned to the squad after serving his ban against Man Utd…


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