Tiote taunts Chelsea pair Drogba and Kalou

Tiote gunning for fourth!
Cheik Tiote has been ribbing his Ivory Coast team-mates at Chelsea by insisting that Newcastle will finish above the Stamford Bridge outfit this season.

Tiote has revealed that he has been discussing club fortunes with Didier Drogba and Solomon Kalou and believes that Newcastle have what it takes to pinch an unlikely 4th place providing the team carry on what they’ve been doing all season.

Personally I hate little taunts like this as they always come back and bite you on the backside, and as fans we’ll feel the backlash from it, but the important thing to realise is that it’s just banter between three international colleagues. Just because they play for different teams there is nothing wrong with having a bit of banter!

Tiote said: “We discussed it. I told Salomon we’ll finish fourth, and Chelsea will finish seventh and he said ‘ok then, we’ll see’.”

He continued: “I suppose it shows the confidence I have in our team that I said it to him. If we keep working hard, everything’s possible and we can go for fourth. I think we’ve got a good chance.”

“We’re a point behind Chelsea and Arsenal and we have everyone back in the squad, Demba’s back and if we keep playing like we can I think we can stay in the top four.”

“This team isn’t just about two or three players, it’s about the whole squad. It doesn’t matter if one or two of those are missing, it’s down to the team to come through that.”

Tiote is likely to go straight back into the team against Wolves today after returning from African Cup of Nations duty, with Alan Pardew describing 25-year-old as one of his “iconic” players in midweek. It seems was though the respect works both ways though and that Tiote has a high opinion of Pardew.

“I like it because he’s a strong guy and a tough guy so, for me, that’s a good thing,” said Tiote when asked about his relationship with Alan Pardew.

“This is an exciting time for Newcastle and I want to show the fans that I’m back. If the team continues playing the way it has been, we have a great chance this season,” he concluded.

So high aims for Tiote then? Personally I’ll wait and see. I don’t expect us to finish fourth but I’ve long said that whilst we’re up there we may aswell give it a try and see what we can do.

It looks like Tiote is feeling like that also!

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42 thoughts on “Tiote taunts Chelsea pair Drogba and Kalou

  1. Sell tiote our mike never no not mike not for all the money in the world , never i wont believe it not our mike 😉
    Love the confidence of Tiote long may it last , my thoughts for today 2 nill win. 😉


  2. Love tiote but i would rather keep the big talk under wraps, Leave it to the mackems with their wembley wet dreams, We all know that chelsea and arsenal are in decline and the carling cup final has derailed the remainder of the season for sides better than dogleashes rabble (who arent getting enough credit apparantly 🙄 )

    Lets get 6 points on the board from these next two matches, Try to regain the early season momentum and see where it takes us…


  3. Feel a bit sorry for Guthrie to be honest. I think he will be dropped today for Cabaye and Tiote. This could leave him to think that it doesn’t matter what he does he’s not going to play much. Isn’t he out of contract in the summer too?


  4. Witters – that’s exactly what I’m worried about. Apparently he’s been really pumped up in training this week, and with players like Karl Henry around I think things are going to get a bit feisty out there this afternoon.


  5. 😉 😉 wonder what Ashles thinks of Tiote’s comments?? 😉 😉 if we do finish 4th, will Mike splash the cash to strenthen? 😥 or sell the likes of Tiote, Cabye to raise funds?? 😥 😥 , on a brighter note, i can see 3 easy points today, but next week, will be a diferent matter!! 😐 still thou, 3 points should be in the bag, by next sunday tea time 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆


  6. Ba Ba Ba, oh Demba Ba,
    Ba Ba Ba, oh Demba Ba
    Ooooooooooh Demba Baaaaaaaaaaa
    Rockin n rollin,
    Rockin n reeling
    Demba Ba Ba Ba
    Demba Ba . 😛


  7. Thats my song which I will be singing solo today whist the row behind do the backing sound of , ooooooooooooh Demba baaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Ooooh yes 😆


  8. Aye, to be fair I leek it whycabayeman, but you will never get the harmonies I get with my rockin n roll number.

    If I can get all the Gallowgate to sing the first Sba Ba bit,
    The ooooooooh Demba basaaaaaaaaaa bit sung entirely by the East Stand and the rockin and a reelin bit by the leazes,
    It’s gonna sound immense when the Milburn stand finish the last two lines. 😆


  9. Bloody hell man lads. One of our players shows a bit of confidence or has a possitve attitude and it’s only a matter of time before he’s sold?! 😡

    What’s the matter with you people, yes it’s alittle ****y but to be honest, having lost the final of the ACoN I was a bit worried about his state of mind. To hear him talking like this though is brilliant and will only have a positive effect on the other lads.
    I’m a realist and understand that there is a strong chance we won’t make 4th spot, but to see Tiote publicly come out with this shows the confidence of the players and proves that they are up for the scrap of the run in.

    To keep bringing Carroll up all the time is living in the past a bit for me. The fact is we didn’t actively look to sell Carroll and Carroll didn’t force a move, in fact, from what was written we rejected 2 big money offered before accepting a mega money offer.
    Newcastle have never actively looked to sell their best players, but if a huge money offer comes in then like Man Utd – £80m Ronaldo, Liverpool – £50m Torres or Arsenal – £25m Fabregas, there is a possibility players could leave.
    But our first thoughts should be that the players with determination will be gone next season. Everytime Tiote has been linked with a move he has quickly came out and dismissed it saying he was happy in Newcastle and loved playing for us. What probably happened is that he sat round with Drogba and Kalou and discussed him joining them at Chelski next season … only, they won’t be there!!!
    This should give fans hope and encouragement that Pardew and the players are focused and driven, yet some people can still turn this into a negative?! 🙄


  10. 2nd comment and the “summer sales” crap starts already.

    Enjoy the remainder of the season you negative bunch of clowns!


  11. Im sure Tiote will be well up for the game today I just hope he doesn’t take out his anger of not winning the ACON on the Wolves squad .
    TAE ta for the link on the last blog I answered you, but I still can’t workout why you put it up there or what point your trying to make ❓ cause the main thing I got from it was that Fergie doesn’t stand for players pissing about, and doesn’t matter who you are or how good you are he will get shot of you if you mess him about.


  12. I love the fact that Tiote can say that as he obviously does believe this squad is capable of achieving 4th if we all fight.

    He has the same never say die mentality as me Nana and Granda really.
    I remember me Granda sitting me on his knee when I was ermmm 4 I think and he would tell me about when he was in the trenches and how confident he was about his soldier pals beside him.

    One night, everything was quiet in both trenches and all of a sudden he hears a German voice shout ” vee vil vipe you out in ze mornin”… me Granda jumped up and shouted ” not a chance matey, I have full confidence in my men (he was an Admiral) and I know they will beat you all in a fight”

    The German shouted back ” vee vill see herr mine hosen” and me Granda shouted “EH”

    Anyway , the reason why me Granda was an Admiral was because he was in charge of a big navy destroyer that parked up alongside the trenches and he and his ship mates decided to help out in the trenches when they realised that it wasn’t actually a good place to park a ship.

    The very next day, all hell broke loose and the English and Germans attacked each other with me Granda leading the charge and we beat the Germans and killed everyone of them, apart from the big mouth who said the Germans would win.

    Me Granda took him as a prisoner and said to him” ahh your not so clever now are you, you big blonde lump of **** cheese” and the German said “EH”

    Me Granda then took his jacket off and said to the German, ” zee howay zen, azzl av yeh oot now” so they had a big fight and me Granda beat the German up so badly that the German had to be rushed to the freeman hospital for a heart transplant as my Granda had cut his heart out and flung it in a ditch and no one could find it.

    Luckily for the German, he managed to get a donor heart from another German that had just been shot earlier and one of me Granda’s men had the good fortune to freeze the heart of that soldier which turned out to be a perfect match.

    The German still comes to see me Granda to this day to reminisce about the good old days as he called them.

    Anyway, the moral of the story is, trust those who fight with you and if you have confidence in them, you and them can achieve 4th place if you happen to be a Newcastle player. 😀


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