6th place is Newcastle’s to lose, but don’t rule out 5th just yet!

Pardew can take us into Europe, maybe.
To me the answer to the question posed in the title is, to put it bluntly, no.

Getting 5th place is beyond us for me as I think Chelsea have more quality than us and that will show in the final few weeks of the season. However we are faced with with the possibility of getting it, which is an achievement in itself.

I’ve spoke about perception before, especially when it came to the perception that the Mackems are doing well and may catch us up while the perception of us is that we were, or are, stuttering. Whatever caused that, whether it be media massaging or something else, the fact is that the perception was wrong and we’ve done better than them over any amount of games you wish to look back upon. Doesn’t feel like it though does it?

As it happens, they have tailed off in recent weeks and it now looks unlikely that they will catch us. The same can be said of Everton who need to do exactly the same as Sunderland to catch us and overhaul us. Liverpool are still touch and go in terms of catching us. The gap is five points which isn’t a great deal, but if we can beat them at St James’ Park at the start of next month it will help us.

Then we have Chelsea above us, only two points above us no less. They have quality in depth compared to us, and a much shorter injury list to contend with, but however unlikely it is actually still possible that we could finish above them and pip them to 5th place.

As I said though, it’s unlikely, or I think it is anyway personally. My money is on 6th or at the very worst 7th, which is still a fantastic achievement lets not forget. However, league position will feel hollow if there is no European spot for us at the end of it.

The ironic thing, despite my feelings that we are pretty much nailed on for a 6th or 7th placed finish, is that we could yet miss out on Europe through results in the FA Cup. Don’t get me wrong, all the ingredients are there for the final to be played between two teams that have already qualified for Europe, but there is still a lurking presence of a team or two that haven’t yet qualified and are unlikely to do so through league position.

And wouldn’t that just be a kick in the teeth after what, in the main, has been a very good season?

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17 thoughts on “6th place is Newcastle’s to lose, but don’t rule out 5th just yet!

  1. Agree unlikely but if we can find a bit of form in the final push, who knows. Chelsea have Spurs next, they must also play Arsenal and Liverpool away and have 2 West London derbies to contend with too, not to mention a game v the mighty NUFC which could well determine who finishes where…they’ve had that extra quality all season and haven’t managed to get away, stranger things have happened.KTF 😉


  2. One thing you have missed in this article in my opinion is the possibility of Spurs slipping.We have seen first hand the effect of an unsetlled environment.I think as the season draws to a close we may see the “Redknnap for England” talk send them on a downer.You only have to loose a few.


  3. Lately all I have been hearing is how poor we have been and how much better all the other teams are that play against us.But still we are above most of those said teams on the points table. So it says to me that all the teams that play well against us must play like **** against most of the other teams. 😕
    Maybe that is being a little to simplistic about how we are traveling but all teams are judged over a season, not over a few games. As we have seen, any team can beat another on any given day. You only have to off the boil by 10% and you will get beaten. So can we take 5th place, maybe; can we secure 6th, I reckon we can. Only 3 of the top 6 are playing with any real confidence at the moment. Arse – Manure & Man****ty. So with a good run anything could happen…


  4. next couple of games will prob decide if we finish 6th or 7th – 8th would actually be a good season although would feel disappointing after riding in the top 6 all season


  5. It goes to show the importance of a good cup run.
    Anything can happen at the latter stages, but you’ve got to be in it to win it.
    5t would be a dream come true, and I hope Pardew has the Lads fired up for it. But I too feel it is a step too far this season.


  6. Toonsy good read, imo if we started to kick on and play well then there is a good chance of getting 5th spot, but can we do it ? I just cant see us changing at this stage as I think we have just been chugging along like a car with a flat tyre.


  7. Results of last 5 games from the teams that are around us.

    Spurs – DLLLW – 4 points
    Chelsea – LWLWL – 6 points
    Liverpool – LWLLL – 3points

    Newcastle – WLDDL – 5 points

    So there is every chance we can achieve 5th place if those around us keep going the way there are currently 😀


  8. Lee Smith @ 2
    A few weeks ago I would have said your mad, but I do believe that there last league win was against us, they are already on a big slide, lose at Stamford Bridge and they are back in the mix with us and Chelsea, provided we can beat West Brom, the Baggies have the 4th worst home record in the league, so we do have a good chance, we could get 5th but 6th or 7th is more likely, so come the FA Cup, lets hope the final is between Liverpool and any London side


  9. I think we have to set a target of say 64 points. That’s going unbeaten with 4 wins home to stoke Bolton & Liverpool, and away at Wigan. And 5 draws. Then what does everybody else have to do to equal that.

    Arsenal only need 3 wins and they have home games against Villa Wigan & Norwich. No probs for them

    Spurs need 10 pts. They have home fixtures against Swansea, Norwich, Blackburn & Fulham. So no probs there either.

    Chelsea need 15 points. Home wins against wigan/ QPR, Blackburn, & Away at Fulham & Villa. Chelsea of old would be no probs. But I think they would still expect to get 15 points especially as I expect them to take 1 off us.

    Liverpool need 22 points thats 7 wins from 9 games. Not going to happen.

    So 6th with a battle for 5th that we are not favourites. Battle of stamford bridge.


  10. Most teams have run out of steam with the exception of Man U who are in danger of embarrassingly finishing with nothing to show for the multi millions spent on their team, personally i think the African Nations cup took the juice out of our players and they have yet to regain their blistering pre tournament form.
    The media are obsessed wit the 5 teams above us and Liverpool below us, which is perfect in a way, we are under the radar with the pressure off, its up to Pardew now to get the maximum from the players in the last 9 games and cap an amazing season off.
    Surely we wont capitulate v WBA like we did last game of last season, 3 points there and who knows where the momentum will take us.


  11. I don’t think we will finish 8th now, the teams below liverpool don’t have it in them. The next few will give us an indication of the battle with liverpool a poor result at Baggies and then a defeat at home and I think they are away from us, regardless of their poor form. Two good results and they could struggle to catch us, especially with the run of games we have before the last 3. Pardew has said the target was 10th or above and 8th or above next season so we are a season ahead of target.


  12. Sun 25 16:00 A WBA PREM draw
    Sun 01 13:30 H Liverpool win
    Fri 06 16:30 A Swansea City lose
    Mon 09 15:00 H Bolton win
    Sat 14 15:00 A Chelsea lose
    Sat 21 15:00 H Stoke City draw
    Sat 28 15:00 A Wigan Athletic win
    Sun 06 14:00 H Manchester City lose
    Sun 13 15:00 A Everton lose

    thats 11 points from our next nine i think!!

    we will finish between 55-60 points defo


  13. I don’t think we will go unbeaten but I would like to think we could win one of the Liverpool/Chelsea games. Especially with them being in other competitions and the lads being up for it.


  14. Sun 25 16:00 A WBA PREM draw
    Sun 01 13:30 H Liverpool win
    Fri 06 16:30 A Swansea City draw
    Mon 09 15:00 H Bolton win
    Sat 14 15:00 A Chelsea draw
    Sat 21 15:00 H Stoke City win
    Sat 28 15:00 A Wigan Athletic lose
    Sun 06 14:00 H Manchester City lose
    Sun 13 15:00 A Everton draw

    13 points

    We will get beaten by Harry Houdini Wigan Athletic as they get 9 points from the last 3 games!


  15. The embarrassing moment when we fail to qualify for europa and the mackems inside europa. 👿 😥

    So we should/Must get to 5th spot. In fact a win against WBA and spurs winning chelsea would get use there. And that before we meet chelsea,we should put a strong hold at 5th position.


  16. The team has all the incentive it needs. They must realise that should the Scum make the cup final they would secure a European slot win or lose leaving us with nowt for finishing 6th .So an all out effort to obtain 5th has to be a must or hope for two london clubs at final but then you are back relying on other parties to help us . 👿


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