Tiote: “I can achieve what I want to here”

Tiote has no desire to leave
Cheik Tiote has moved to distance himself away from a move away from St James’ Park by declaring that he can achieve everything he wants to achieve here at Newcastle United.

Tiote has been the subject of intense transfer speculation for the last 18 months or so, yet the Ivory Coast international has always maintained that he is happy at NUFC and would like to stay. After all, he was happy enough to commit to a six year contract just over twelve months ago which does say something about his commitment.

However his performances will not have gone unnoticed, and we are well aware these days that money talks. It will have to be significant money though if Tiote does move one, thanks to that long term contract, which will then get reinvested into the team and be used to make the squad stronger and so on and so forth.

Ideally it’s not the way I want to do things – we should be looking to add to what we’ve got rather than replace and build again, but it is a rather handy backup plan should we have to use it, however it does look, at least for now, that Tiote has no desire to leave the Toon!

“I can achieve what I want to here,” he told the Daily Star. “I don’t know about all the speculation, but we have four games to play and I have to focus on them. After the season ends, we will see what happens.”

I’m not entirely sure on the last bit of that mind, but then again at least he isn’t building up false hope or anything like that, or saying he loves the club, or saying that he is living the dream like a certain former Newcastle United player used to say.

In a way it’s partly due to Andy Carroll that I now have no expectations from any player to stay at any club. Perhaps I was naive to believe Carroll’s spiel, what with him being a local lad and everything else, but as I said earlier, I guess money talks and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was any different for any of our players no matter how highly we revere them.

So will he stay or will he go?

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29 thoughts on “Tiote: “I can achieve what I want to here”

  1. lets all concentrate on nufc finishing in the champions league than speculating about what will happen in the summer. we have had an amazing season and i doubt any players will leave but if any do then we move on just like when carroll , nolan , enrique and barton moved as i personally thought we were doomed after they left … how wrong could i be !!


  2. He has no real reason to leave, and he’s said in the past he doesnt like the idea of large cities like London. Confident he’ll be here next season, Ba on the other hand, not so much.


  3. 3G / iPad probs, comments not publishing, then publishing all at once – all ower the place
    Kin trains and tunnels


  4. M – Agreed, and like I said wouldn’t be bothered by that as the club have shown they can replace players.


  5. im with witters on this one. it was music to ones ears until this bit..

    “After the season ends, we will see what happens.” 😕


  6. If we finish in the CL, then I would say he won’t go.
    If not then it open season on allover players. :@
    Funnily enuff I can see Ba staying, regardless.
    But that’s just me on my fluffy candy floss clouds again.


  7. If you are earning 35-50K a week and someone offers you 70-100k a week plus a signing on fee … there aren’t many people on the planet going to turn it down.

    It’s such a massive opportunity to earn big cash.

    We can only hope our players don’t get unsettled by plauge of articles the journalists will invent during the transfer window.

    If the clubs do come in for our top players they’ll be forced to pay very big money. Which has to be good.
    I can see the club wanting to raise another 30-40M to finance another cycle of buying.


  8. Nufc will not willingly sell Tiote.

    He will only go if he is unsettled by another club offering him massive wages that Ashley will , correctly , refuse to match.

    Nufc did not want to sell Carroll but he wanted the £50k per week pay rise Liverpool were offering him.

    Should Tiote want to go for the money I hope Ashley does as well , and starts the bidding at £40m.


  9. The script seems to be written for Chelsea to win CL cup.
    Soddin typical of wor luck, for us to finish 4th, for nowt 😈
    The press would have a great time with that one. Bastids


  10. If we keep on winning we’ll finish third and then it won’t matter.

    If we do miss out on the CL because of Chelsea winning the competition then we’ll be in the Europa League and hopefully we’ll win that. We might get to beat Chelsea in the final. Karma.


  11. yep Toonsy – as uve mentioned before, Diame on a free would be a more than acceptable replacement and a shrewd business move (as much as I love our Ivorian enforcer – and i really do, he’s mint).

    This would also create funds to be invested elsewhere (as we’ve seen in the club accounts, Ashley surprisingly isn’t taking money oot the club to pay off his loan)


  12. aye money talks to both jabba and players but thats life as the gunners found out when they lost two good players even m/u lost that **** head that went to real/m for silly money and both clubs are nearly always in the CL so what does that tell you,money thats what,not many big al left now ime afraid,so grin and bear it lads 🙁


  13. Think we all know the score with the club , if someone bids over the valuation of our player the bid will be accpeted. Now that might change if we get champions league but we wait and se on that one. I cant see Chelsea winning Champions league final , but in saying that I diodnt see them going past Barca so if we finish 4th its going to be a tense few days til its decided.

    Or we can just finish 3rd and hae nothing to worry about 😎


  14. If you make out you’re happy you can negotiate higher wages from the bidding club. Oldest trick in the book 😉


  15. I like Tiote won’t worry too much till the end of the season, when we know where we are.
    As for his comments the last bit doesn’t really sit with the rest so could be just a matter of not saying the right words.
    I am not to worried this time because we can offer the players some form of Euro footie, so the only reason for players to leave is more money, which in a way you cant blame a player for taking the chance of double your money, except in Ba’s case if PSG come in for him.


  16. Yeah we’ve got to keep some perspective on this. Even if we don’t win again this season and ONLY finish 6th, it will still be a great season.
    And we still will have some form of Euro football to look forwards to.
    Who would have thought that at the start of the season.
    I don’t even think the players were expecting that.
    Happy Days 😀


  17. Man City have been watching him every game he’s played since xmas and Marwood from City has been hosted in the Directors Box, read into that what you want!

    Good on Tiote getting the first strike saying he doesn’t want to leave and I honestly believe the fella wants to stay long term and become an adopted Geordie.


  18. Amazong that people think the Tiote’s and Cabaye’s of this world just fall off trees and therefore any player can be sold as we’d just go in the back garden and pick a couple of replacements who are just as good. Crazy!

    Even if we did replace players we sell with players as good, where’s the improvement? We’d just stand still at best.

    We need to add to this squad and improve, not just replace and stay still.


  19. Frequent reader, rare poster here.

    Strange that his qoutes now are getting an mention on here, but the quotes 5 days earlier (which are purely positive) doesn’t get an mention;

    He told the Evening Chronicle: “I’m a Newcastle player – my future is at Newcastle.


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