Ryan Taylor – From zero to hero

I’ll hold my hands up to being a bit hard on Ryan Taylor in the past. In my view he just wasn’t good enough, but to his credit he is proving me wrong.

To be fair he started proving me wrong last season and showed that he is capable of contributing to our first team, not only with assists but also with goals and some sound defensive displays to boot.

Of course it was his equaliser nearly two weeks ago that gave us a draw in the Europa League qualifier with Atromitos with him unleashing another unstoppable freekick into the Greek net giving us a helping hand through to the group stages of the competition. I get the feeling he would have got plenty more chances to do much the same kind of thing throughout the course of the season what with all the extra games we’ll (hopefully) be playing but unfortunately for Ryan it’s not to be.

An injury to his Achilles means that now the versatile player is out for a non-specific timeframe which thus far has only been described as “months” by Alan Pardew giving myself some time to reflect on my changing opinion of Ryan Taylor.

Whilst are quick to heap praise on the likes of Hatem Ben Arfa, Yohan Cabaye, Cheik Tiote, Tim Krul and the two Demba’s, for me it’s players like Ryan Taylor who have played the larger part on our semi-success over the last two seasons. A versatile player who will try his hand at any role given, Taylor is one of a number of player who have come in and done well when called upon, yet haven’t moaned once when they’ve been overlooked.

In a way the success of players like Taylor, and even James Perch, has made our squad look deeper than it actually is. They are dependable back up to the first team and it’s only now, now we are going to be missing him for quite some time, that it becomes apparent.

I never quite thought I would see the day where I start to worry about an injury to Taylor, but that day is now. Losing him is like losing three extra backup players and I only hope our lack of signing reinforcements over the summer won’t come back to bite us on the behind thanks to an unfortunate yet unavoidable injury to one our most versatile members of the squad.

The rest of the squad said all they had to say prior to the match on Sunday when they revealed their “over the wall” tribute t-shirts to the former Tranmere and Wigan man. Not only is he held in high regard these days by myself, but it also seems he is held in high regard by his peers who saw fit to honour him like that in the face of such bad news.

Here’s to a speedy and hassle free recovery for Ryan Taylor!

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132 thoughts on “Ryan Taylor – From zero to hero

  1. Kim – I don’t think you’re ever too old to discover death metal and colourful language to be honest 😈 😛


  2. Kim, is she moving in above my Mam? 😯 😆

    Shamrock, never give up on the bears, mate. I’ve seen the future, and it’s bear shaped. 😉


  3. Ice, I’m a silverback mesel mate. It annoys me for a couple of weeks a year, maybe that. If I ever emigrate somewhere hot I’ll leave the fleece behind. 😆


  4. …ahh sorry Kim, I misread that to read “…the retired teacher lady downstairs IS partial to death metal and colourful language”. 😳


  5. HOWZAT!!

    …sorry, been trying to slap a fly in my front room for the last 2 hours and just managed a successful fly palm sandwich. One of those annoying little ****ers that don’t seem to have any wings; just small black blobs that meander into your face then **** off into the ether as soon as you focus on them.

    Rodzilla 1 Small black blob 0 😎


  6. Rod ,I had one of them a few weeks back ,My cat knocked loads of ornaments of the mantle in her pursuit of it 😆 Very entertaining to watch ,cats are funny as hell when in attack mode.


  7. ROD thats one thing that done my heed in when in aussie,eating with heed under a table-cloth when at bbq oot there everything biting and stinging you to nick your grubb 👿 👿


  8. Kim, you should really try to gradually ween your daughter off Rammstein and onto a subtler, more progressive Mastodon or Motorpsycho.


  9. I hate spiders but I do see their worth as they eat fly which I loath even more. In the summer having to cover prepared food even if you turn your back for a second incase a fly lands on it ,yuk ,Feckers what’s the point of a fly. 😕


  10. Ice, “eating with heed under a tablecloth” 😆 😆 …funny image.

    I’ve had a few unwanted guests at the ‘dinner table’ mesel whilst eating al fresco. The humble headtorch, although a fantastic invention for cooking in the dark, does have its drawbacks when it comes to eating.

    Makes a ****ing floodlit runway straight onto the spoon for moths and mosquitoes. 😆

    …crunch crunch. Good protein nonetheless. 😎


  11. Kim@90 I was **** scared of spiders as a kid, but as I grew up to realise they killed the most annoying ****ers on the planet (flies), I grew to love them. 😎
    Long live the Spide!


  12. …and Kim yeah, on the “what’s the point of a fly”, I’ve often wondered that myself. They do have their uses though, as they eat ****. 😆

    #Let’s all laugh at flies. 😆

    (but still hate them)


  13. Rodz
    Aye your not wrong there 😉
    It’s not xiscos fault we gave him 50kpw but don’t rate him and so he doesn’t get played with us, I’ll blame Dennis wise though I don’t really remember it very well. I just remember us signing Xisco and me being happy to have another striker on FIFA following which I sold him every year after that for 5m which you definately wouldn’t get for him now.


  14. Andy, Xisco was one of the many dirty deals made by Dennis the poison dwarf. Totally in it for his own self preservation. Nacho Gonzales was another. Backhanders galore. You scratch my back and we’ll scratch yours, unfortunately for NUFC the ‘yours’ bit referred exclusively to the slitty-eyed zip-mouth gnarly hobbit.

    I feel sorry for Xisco though. That little ****ney **** tarnished his name with his own ****ty footprint. I wanted Xisco to play when we bought him. We didn’t have much else with regards to firepower. We couldn’t score for toffee at the time but persisted with Shola week in week out; with a Spanish U21 not getting any game time. The whole thing stank. All kinds of theories revolved around why we wouldn’t play Xisco, but it did my head in proper why we’d pay 6m for a striker then not play him.

    Shit. Dennis Wise. Glad that’s in the past. 😯

    …we’ve come on leaps and bounds since then.

    Which is nice. 😎


  15. …and stop procrastinating over yer essay Andy. 👿
    Never put off ’til tomorrow what you can do the day after 😉


  16. Bugger, Gateshead dropped another point to a late goal – that’s the fifth point already this season that they’ve lost to late goals. Could have been top.


  17. Rodz
    I’m rationing it, a paragraph a day, has to be in by next Monday so it should be fine. In off for the night too.


  18. Must have been extra payments wouldbe due if Xisco ever got played or over 10 gamesor something because to me he’s always looked pretty sharp in the two games i remember actually watching him 😉

    Stupid now. Imagine if the Bas go to the acon and shola gets injured, we start playing Xisco and he turns out alright. Perfect timing for some club to get him for free 🙄

    Personally I think it would have been worth paying the money just so wecould put him out in the shop window every now and then, he’s clearly not motivated at deportivo.


  19. Brisvegas-Ifs and buts mate….if only we still had Jon Shaw too 👿

    Still, have faith that my two teams, Gateshead and Newport will get promoted, HWTL 😉


  20. Newks@104, it just didn’t make sense mate. As far as I can remember he was scoring for the reserves and every time he came on for us he showed glimpses of ability. He just couldn’t get a game for political reasons, as far as I’m concerned. I feel he’s been caught up amidst a ****storm of bad career advice. Amazing how a lack of confidence can affect drive and capability.


  21. hahaha, got ITV4 on at the moment. Mr Creosote AKA Mike Ashley.

    ….”just another waffeur thin mint…..?
    (translated as …”just another one million quid?)





  22. Rod-Aye exactly, everything I heard was that he was doing alright in the reserves. I refuse to believe its because he’s gay, one manager might be that uptight but the lot that Xiscos been with, 5 now is it?

    Fair enough the others might not “rate” him or have bought him in in the first place, but come on 😕 We all knew ranger was a bit of a **** from the get go, which is why I assume its to do with money, but meh 😕


  23. Rod 😆

    Now now, Ashley’s lost at least 2 stone in the last year or two. Just like a sports Direct ad, down from 326 “pounds” to 299

    Chortle chortle..


  24. Newks, yeah I heard all the gay ****. I seem to remember it was a NotW article that printed pictures of him having a laugh on a beach or sumik. 😕 Means farg all.

    …Cabaye is bent as a nine bob note anyway. Seen more ****s than a second hand rifle.

    (and I’m not talking coqs) 😉


  25. …mind yee, Pardew used to be a podium dancer at Rockshots in the late 80s apparently.

    …so Big Dave tells me. 😉


  26. 😆 😆

    I do wonder whether Ashley lost the weight because everyone on the net calls him fat. If so it should only take him another three more years to buy a CB… 🙄


  27. Newks, I’m sure the FCB and openly “fat ****” jovial banter may have eventually persuaded him into attempting to slim down a bit.

    But as you suggest, it all depends what his favourite crisps are.

    Some people prefer cheese and onion.
    I, for one, think ready salted is MINT!!!! 😯 😯 😛


  28. Yeah well, he’ll always be an ugly **** so there’s no escaping the banter 😆

    A rich **** mind….wonder how his daughter is coming along….

    Inheriting Newcastle united and close to 1billion, what am I saying? She could look like Mike Ashley in his weighty prime and i’d marry her…


  29. i think you’ll find i have full intellectual property rights over everything billy joel has ever done. including that last load of hubcap.


  30. …well, I’m gona get me down to the 7-11 to get me a quart of beer before it shurrts, dat sheet shuccks 😎


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