Vote: Is it time for Pardew to go?

Pardew under pressure
Pardew under pressure
The chances are that if you are reading an NUFC Blog then you are acutely aware of how poor our form has been pretty much all season.

Granted it’s a bitter medicine which is made more tolerable when results go your way, but when they don’t and you end up on a run like we are on right now then you have to start wondering what is going on.

Many of you longer-term readers will know that I’m the champion of long-term stability. I’ve got behind Alan Pardew from day one, mainly because he has to do well for us to do well, which worked last season, but now I’m left wondering if now is the time for change as we battle to stay in the Premier League.

I keep reading mixed opinions on it from fans of NUFC. To me the divide seems pretty split on the future of Alan Pardew as manager of Newcastle United. Some blame him for our results, others say that the lack of backing from the board has been a key factor, some will cite injuries as a factor and others will just ask who would be willing to come and work under Hinge and Bracket and the policies they so love to dictate.

So I thought I’d set out a poll and see what the opinion on this site is. Is the mass opinion that he must go or is it a vocal minority who are making themselves heard? I don’t know so please cast your vote now and leave a comment below.

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373 thoughts on “Vote: Is it time for Pardew to go?

  1. Troy @299

    They knew Ba was leaving and still played him ahead of Cisse in the central role up front.
    That in itself must have had a dent on Cisse’s confidence.
    Apparently the entire squad knew Ba didn’t want to be there yet we moulded the team around him…
    Pardew himself admitted they should have sold Ba in the summer because of the damage it caused in the dressing room.


  2. Troy I agree with you 100% but I don’t think Colo has or ever will be leader material, I believe he was only given the armband as a sweetner to convince him to stay here,
    The only player in our team at the minute that has captian qualities is Saylor but he is injuried quite a bit which isn’t ideal.
    But we have missed a leader on the pitch


  3. Big Dave,

    I’d say Cabaye has a bit more edge to him and seems to be the leader of the French contingent. Wouldn’t be a bad choice given the options.


  4. Cabaye should be captain.. he is a fighter and stays fitter than Saylor. Saylor is not mentally muture enough to be captain. He still struts and runs around like a bantam rooster.


  5. Colo isn’t walking out on us.

    From what I’ve heard he is definitely RUNNING away.

    big dave. I would make Cabaye captain, he can speak French.!


  6. JJ I have stated manytimes that we need to stivk with Pards, and I think he’ll save us and im more than sure that it will make him a far better manager, and do more for him than any manager award would do for him.
    I think most of the best managers have been in deep deep trouble at one stage but habe climbed out of it and that is what has give them the tools to really build on.


  7. @GFN_France: Various sources claiming Newcastle have had a €750,000 offer for Yann #Gouffran rejected. Want €1m, contract ends in 6mths.


  8. Big Dave,

    My biggest gripe with Pards is his negativity. He just doesn’t seem to have the gonads to really “go for it!”

    We have never won a game when going behind with him in charge.

    This season we have lost or drawn six in which we have taken the lead, because he instantly tries to defend the lead.

    I hope you are right, and he can learn. But he needs to be positive for the players to be positive. He needs to believe! Right now, I don’t think he does.

    When he is up, he IS a good manager. When he is down, he is so uncertain that he becomes a mess… That is a clear indication that he isn’t big enough for the job at hand… But hopefully, like you say, he CAN learn and not make the same mistakes he has this disaster of a season.




    I’m with you on the last but there has to come a point where you need to replace in the hope a new manager might have a honeymoon period for 6-10 games.

    Though, I would only do that if we end up in the bottom 3 and we are running out of games.

    I still believe we’ll survive if we stick with Pards and it will make him a better manager. I keep referring to Moyes and Everton who went through similar problems in his early years.


  10. Gouffran is a far better version of Obertan (who I defend regularly).

    I would say anything under $3million is an absolute steal and I’d be utterly shocked if we were the only club in for him at that price.

    Arsenal have supposedly bid for Mbiwa. Lets pray thats too late. I think he would be the most important signing of the window.

    Gouffran, Mbiwa and Hadeira in… that would be a huge boost to the squad depth.

    Still think Colo will leave on loan, but we really need him to stay.


  11. Troy,

    I think 35 points will be enough to survive this season. So on that basis, I think even as bad as we are. We will survive. It doesn’t mean Pardew saved us. We should never have been in this position. Even with lack of investment from the board.


  12. I for one am not convinced buying a load of frenchman will be the best idea for a relegation battle 😐

    We need some english premier league proven players IMO.
    Anyone else think we are putting value over sense? French players yes cheap but no experience at this level. πŸ˜•


  13. JJ your last bit says it all for me, when he’s doing well he is a good manager.
    But when he’s down he’s a mess?
    That might be necause when he has been down in the past he hasn’t had the chance to dig his way out, but has been fired.
    So the next time he’s down he is a mess again because he hasn’t had the experience so he stays in a mess expecting to get sacked, maybe if he is given the chance this time it could be differemt.


  14. @BigDave,
    Perhaps. Confidence issues.
    A bit like Obertan He can have three good games on the trot and then a poor game and fans get on his back. He is too **** scared to breathe on the pitch.

    I guess the difference is, the top guys can handle this pressure. Like I said. I wouldn’t sack Pardew till the end of the season. It would take a remarkable turnaround for me to show he deserves another season.

    Not so much in results, but in performances.


  15. Liam

    The season we went down, we made the signings of Ryan Taylor, Kevin Nolan and Peter Lovenkrands.

    Three experienced English based players. None of them made any impact until the following season in the championship.


  16. I have always advocated that Pardew is very poor at tactics.

    I agree that we need more and new players but that is not the sole reason why we are 16th after 23 games and have lost 12 games in this period more than half.

    Pardew’s one size fits all tactics are dangerous because when found out all the opposition have to do is replicate what the previous team did and they will give us problems. Pardew really is so poor and I said this last season but people lambasted me.

    Truth is Ba and Cisse fired us to 5th. the evidence that Pardew did not actually know what he was doing came about as a result that one week we would beat Manchester united 3-0 the lose to a wigan 4-0 the very next. That suggested to me he was really lost as to how the 3-0 win against united came and that it was not deliberate.

    I told you all Pardew was and is a poor manager.


  17. MICHAEL12
    January 21, 2013 at 11:29

    You say that Ba and Cisse fired us to fifth. So I suppose then that Fergie is a poor manager because Rooney, Ronaldo, Giggs, Scholes, Ferdinand and Vidic among many fired them to so many league titles?

    I think what you mean to say is that we only finished fifth last season because we had good players – so why aren’t them same players doing it now? If as you say Pardews tactics don’t change then the players should be doing as exactly as they did last season…


  18. JJ – They were players bought in mind for the championship? πŸ˜†

    I just feel banking on a lot of frenchman to get us out of this mess could be a gamble


  19. Pardew cost us the other day but the root cause of these problems are still the summers transfer dealing, When we are trying to sort out the Collocini situation and bring in new players sacking the manager would be a ridiculous decision…


  20. THeres backing from MA for you pards – Β£750k bid for a allergy suffering frenchman πŸ™„


  21. Gouffran is more of a winger than a striker. Whereas Best played as an out and out striker most games. Totally different players.

    He has 41 goals and 18 assists in 101 starts. Which sounds a lot better.

    For the price quotes he’d be an absolute steel.


  22. Gouffran is no world beater but right now I’ll take anything that’s going.

    It’s my life code really.

    Also JJ-think you have a point re Pards as a confidence manager


  23. @Stuart 79:

    I’m pointing out how dependent we were last season On Ba in the beginning and then Cisse toward the end. Take anyone of them out of last season it is likely we would not have finished fifth.

    Pardew builds fragile teams where only one player is key to the whole ship working. That player does not fire the whole thing does not fire. Our team was relying heavily on Ba this season he is gone it is now game over. We are going to concede at least a goal a game and I cannot really see where the goals are going to come from.

    Cisse is really poor and we are not creating any chances.

    Tactics are like rock, paper, scissors each can beat one and be beaten by one. Every tactic has strengths and weaknesses and it appears as though teams have sussed out our tactics from last season and are now just exploiting it’s weaknesses.

    When all fit Pardew would field the exact same side as he was fielding last season. Ba is gone so he cannot going forward but if he were he would.


  24. Big Dave, I feel the that Saylor isn’t ready, he is one dodgy tackle away from a red card on a lot of occasions and doesn’t come across as a leader of men. It’s not about shouting and theatrics, its about standing tall in tough situations and having the respect of your peers. Like you, this is only my opinion mate.


  25. Michael-Honestly mate that view is so simplistic its ridiculous. Yes Ba/Cisse scored the goals, but didn’t we have the joint most clean sheets in the league last year along with City? And whilst Krul was brilliant we didn’t rely on him either, he was beaten seven times only to be bailed out by the team scapegoat danny simpson….

    Even jonas was motm for us a few times in the early games due to his work ethic, it wasn’t all down to Ba even if he was class for us.

    Also agree with Aussie, for me staylor is still quite childish and kamikaze, but he’s probably the only one with balls. not sure Cabby is man enough either.


  26. MICHAEL12
    January 21, 2013 at 12:17

    Take RVP out of Man Utd’s team and you take 50% of their goals away – does that mean Fergie is a poor manager? Or will it mean Rooney will come in and replace his goals ala Cisse did last season.


  27. Newkie @336

    Spot on, his tactics and football were never overly attractive last season. But Pardew got us to grind out results.

    Jonas was immense in workrate and defending as well as an outlet from defense. This season he is useless.

    Cabaye was similarly workman like and tenacious. So far he has been off form.

    Simpson and Willo were far more solid, if still poor in possession. Willo especially..

    Cisse was ounbelievable. If he kept up that form he’d be the best in the world, this season he is out of touch, seriously lacking confidence.

    Ba was playing for the team and not himself.

    Tiote was immense, this season he’s hardly been on the pitch and been very poor when he has.

    Colo was defender of the year last season, and his mind isn’t there this season.

    Krul hasn’t been as solid, a bit flappy.

    That along with loads of injuries. Its hardly the case of a couple individuals losing form. Its the entire team.

    These players don’t ALL turn **** over night… They are still good players, severly lacking confidence. Pardew needs to turn that around. The question is can he?


  28. Personally I think Pardew is good enough to get us to survive. But I don’t think he is good enough to get this club in the top six regularly.

    Because of lack of investent, I never expected him to do it again this season. But I certainly expected him to keep above 12th and clear of relegation.

    He has failed miserably.


  29. Newkie, πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ was on the couch watching a **** game of football mate πŸ™‚


  30. as we announced earlier, the central defender Montpellier Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa (23 years) left to pursue a career in the colors of Newcastle. And despite continued interest from Arsenal, who have yet to see the work against Marseille, last weekend, and, according to some sources, could attempt last minute attempt (note: the Gunners were also represented at Bordeaux PSG). While both clubs have agreed to a transfer estimated to 7.5-8 M €, the French international is still expected Tuesday in England. Just like Mathieu Debuchy Captain hΓ©raultais should commit to a five and a half years with the Magpies. His salary is estimated at 3.5 to 4 million euros per year


  31. JJ-Pretty much agree with all that. It’s strange with Krul, it’s not like he’s made any blinding errors but perhaps positionally he’s just been poor. I mean Reading had two “shots” on target in the whole match against us. Last season Krul was flying through the air and constantly making saves, this season every goal that goes in he seems flat footed, standing just watching the ball go in. But at the same time I can’t really work out if its his fault or if our defence are just collapsing time and time again…

    But yeah, we ground out results during the early period and Jonas summed up that effort-constantly running up and down the pitch. I still remember that MOTD episode where Hansen was going on about how our defence were amazing and solid, and then drew a line showing how they were all perfectly in line to hold players offside. But at left back it wasn’t ryan taylor, it was Jonas. Then we brought in Santon and Benny-we got punished a few times ala Fulham and Spurs but we also put in some classy peformances and thanks to some ridiculous goals got plenty of wins.

    We need a convincing win somewhere along the line, I was hoping Reading would have been that game but now? We need to hope Villa roll over for us… πŸ˜•


  32. Aussie πŸ˜† Oh aye forgot about that, I’ve been wiping our matches from my mind so I don’t spend the rest of the weekend being miserable πŸ™„


  33. Know what your saying mate but I haven’t been miserable, just pissed off. Went to bed at 1am on Sat after the game and I laid there angry and unable to go to sleep. I also play golf on Sundays and a lot of the lads know I support Newcastle and they have been paying out on me….pricks πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  34. Didn’t Gouffran score against us in that horrid Europa League game when we said the reserve players played crap?


  35. alan pardew should have never been appointed newcastle manager, from day one.
    you just had to look at his previous record, to see it was going to be another shortsighted move, by the incompetant lowrachy.
    last season was a fluke, and there is no doubt about that.
    even before last season started there was unrest brewing, through the same problem, lack of investment by ashley.
    alan pardew was on the radio, giving it, “let me mark the fans cards”, on the demba ba transfer.
    there were pitch invasions at darlington, where derek llambias was grabbed aroung the throat, because of the lack of transfer activity.

    there was then the disasterous pre season trip to the states, where quite a few of the squad couldn’t go.
    pardew was starting to feel the heat, and said himself, “i’m continually having to put fires out”.
    he managed to get the lucky win at sunderland, and they went on a run.
    we were not playing good football either, and what we are doing this season is no different, apart from we defended better.
    we still rode our luck, and won games where we should have got beat.
    there was also signs against fulham, norwich, liverpool, west brom, that when he’s up against it, pardew has no plan b, and his substitutions do very little to change a game.

    when the last ball was kicked against everton, i was convinced he had taken the club as far as he could.
    only the most optimistic fan would have thought that the following summer window, ashley would do the right thing.
    it was predictable that ashley and co would penny pinch, and they would not strengthen the squad, and the previous seasons “success” would be built upon.

    the article that b&b put up earlier, is typical pardew, the lowrachy are desperate to keep him in the job, because they’ve never had the lap dog, they’ve always wanted, until now.

    pardew is no more than a deluded patter merchant, who has only had a drink with a football manager.
    ashley and co are quite happy to send this willing dupe out on a daily basis to spread misinformation, and propaganda, for his handlers.
    even the “you dont know how horrible, we can be brigade”, will have to act, if we lose the next few games.
    i dont think he has a cat in hells chance of turning it around, unless they bring in a couple of quality signings, which might have a galvanising effect, on the fans and possibly john major’s spitting image puppet, alan pardew.

    i would like to see alan pardew get the push, because he isn’t good enough, plain and simple!, the problem with that is, ashley would probably do his usual tight a**e routine, and jump carver up, to the top job.
    either that or, we’ll have another desperado, in the shape of, billy davies, mark mcghee, gordon strachan, if he hadn’t got the scotland job, or mark hughes.
    it would more than likely be another lower league manager, who would be happy to have the newcastle job.
    wouldn’t put it past ashley to get someone like dario gradi, because he’s good at bringing young players through.
    that’s the sort of tacky mentality we have running this football club, where their lack of judgement, naivity, and basically no grasp of an idea about football, which kevin keegan said they had, is going to continually trip them up.

    this club will never move forward under this rotten and corrupt regime!


  36. the problem has been the same all season, hoofball.. no point in having footballers in the middle of the park if all they do is watch it go over them.

    Was a bit different 1st half Sat and we created plenty of chances playing to feet and running with it. then 2nd half dropped everyone back, left Cisse on his own and tried to lump it up there. Then surprised when it kept coming back… (bangs head on desk).

    dont think technical French players will make any difference unless we keep the ball on the floor. If Β£750,000 is too to much to pay much for Ba’s replacement then Carr should be at all the conference games he can make in 10 days and find some 6’5 cloggers, who can put it around a bit.

    its getting that bad that I even thought Owen would do a job till the end of the season, then I hit myself !!!!… things are getting to me.


  37. Quite clearly, the captain is going to need to be someone who can speak French and English fluently enough to speak to the manager and press.


  38. Newcastle bid Β£2m for Messi….

    followed by Quotes from the Club.
    “we are trying to get the best for our wonderful fans”
    “we are working to bring in some quality”
    “Its hard to bring in players in the January window”
    “There are differences between the two clubs on price”
    “we wont be held to ransom”
    “It doesn’t look as though its going to happen”
    “we have moved on”
    “we tried to get the best but it just wasn’t happening”
    “we will go with what we have till the summer, the quality is already in the squad”
    “we have enough to stay up and build on what we have for next season”

    feel free to add your own bull…..


  39. I do think Liam@312 makes a valid point and I suggested pretty much the same earlier on this blog. However pretty these French imports are that we are trying to bring in ,have they got the fight and stomach for a relegation scrap πŸ˜• not at all sure tbh . We need some British players used to the PL who don’t have to adjust and bed in imo. I feel there is a place for Danny Graham at Toon and am sure he’d get us a bag full of goals ,we really should go in for him ,he would be a replacement for Best who’s never really been replaced .Hooper from celtic would be a fine acquisition too ,the lad has scored 53 goals in 80 apps ,fantastic record and worth a punt to replace Ba.


  40. kimtoon, Not just Best who’s not been replaced.

    Best…………………….. ?????
    Guthrie………………… Anita
    Smith…………………… Bigi ?
    Lovernkranz…………. ?????
    Ba……………………….. ?????
    Forester………………. ?????

    plus we needed a CH before this lot left, I’m sure Bigi was not meant to be Smith’s replacement, he’s just had to be.

    So I’d say that was 6 proper first teamers who left and we brought 1 in.

    I assume Simpson is going now we have Debuchy


  41. either for me as the best & Lover replacements, but still need the Ba replacement.

    I’d like to see a provider as a replacement for him rather than an out and out striker, I’d really like to upset Arry and go after tarrbaat, but someone like that who can put a pass through, for the likes of Cisse and the hoopers etc.

    I know he’s had a bad season, but wanted us to go after Hoilett in the summer, player like Benny, quick/can run/ and he injured ? arry must have to balance some books,


  42. sorry, not really hogging here, but its really annoying that we get rid of Best & Lover and knew Ba could of left in summer 2012 or jan 13 and yet didn’t buy a striker,
    Ba could have left last day of the last window and we would have been almost down by Christmas.


  43. just one positive thought. Looks like Villa are down and my guess is Southampton will fall apart now that they dumped Atkins, so it might be a fight for the last place and I hope we are 6 points better than Arry’s lot over the next 15 games.


  44. Soooooooooooo want QPR down now ,hate that saggy chops with his spend spend spend mentallity .He wouldn’t be so quick to chuck his own dosh around .


  45. Want QPR and Villa down as hate Arry and now hate Villa because of the fans reaction on our relegation day .They need a dose of Karma that lot .As for the 3 slot I’d be happy with Wigan or Saints though feel it may be Norwich or us if this window goes **** up.


  46. Lots of rumours about signings now but let’s wait til we actually get a couple in. We’ve been through this before and it didn’t turn out well but our clever lads must make sure we get a couple over the line if we want Prem football next season.


  47. @MapouYangaMbiwa: Depart pour Newcastle…/Departure for Newcastle…

    @MapouYangaMbiwa: Je n’oublierais jamais Montpellier et la Paillade! Merci au MHSC, a jamais dans mon cΕ“ur! Une nouvelle aventure commence avec les Magpies!

    Not sure if this is a genuine twitter account but hope so


  48. The tweet in French translates as
    I will never forget and Montpellier Paillade! Thank you to MHSC, forever in my heart! A new adventure begins with the Magpies!


  49. Montpellier said last August he didn’t have a twitter account so those tweets could well be bogus


  50. @ TROY S.
    I happen to be a Marseille fan, Harry R. was almost begging Remy to join QPR, the lad felt he was desired, they made him feel like he was going to be their “messi(ah)”…That’s the manager’s job, not to speculate via newspapers like hmmm…
    IMO at this point I think we need fighters more than gifted/talented guys, the kind of guys who just do not just give up easily.They will restore confidence and desire in our lads otherwise……


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