Liverpool v Newcastle – Premier League match preview

Reds v Mags
Reds v Mags
So that is very nearly the end of that then. But first it’s the small matter of a trip to Anfield.

Liverpool have surpassed any pre-season expectations and still maintain a slim chance of picking up the Premier League trophy should West Ham beat Manchester City and the Reds manage to overcome us.

To be perfectly blunt I cant see that last part being an issue for a Liverpool side who are searching for their 100th Premier League goal of the season against a side who has struggled to keep them out at the other end.

It also gives United fans another chance to show their displeasure at how things are going for Newcastle. Momentum seems to be building regarding banners and the like and I’ve already seen a few good ones on Twitter which actually highlight our plight and give an insight as to what our issues are. And our issue is NOT that we aren’t challenging at the top of the league Mr Pardew!

We’re likely to wave goodbye to a few faces today, certainly on the playing staff anyway. Loic Remy is unlikely to be seen in a United shirt as his loan deal ends and as we’re well aware each player has a price so who knows who else could be heading for the exit. I’d be surprised if one of those was the manager though, unfortunately.


Jordan Henderson is available for selection once more after missing the last three games through suspension. Brendan Rodgers has no fresh injury concerns ahead of the game. Former Mag Jose Enrique has been out since November with a knee injury.


Papiss Cisse would have been out anyway but the news that he will now miss a few months and is unlikely to be fit for the start of the new season isn’t exactly welcome. Davide Santon also misses out while Adam Armstrong is away on international duty and Hatem Ben Arfa is also unlikely to feature.


Newcastle managed to salvage a draw at home to Liverpool and perhaps could have done even better if they managed to retain eleven men on the pitch. Yohan Cabaye had given United the lead before Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa gave away a penalty and earned himself a red card allowing Steven Gerrard to equalise just before half-time. Paul Dummett restored the lead for the home side before Daniel Sturridge nodded in from close range to ensure the points were shared on the day.

That was a rare bright spot for us against Liverpool. Generally we’re awful against them, certainly in recent years, and who can forget that 0-6 loss at St James’ Park just last season? It’s been twenty years since we last won at Anfield in the league and I can’t see that changing today.

A total of 166 games games have been played between the two sides with Liverpool winning 79 times compared to 47 wins for United meaning that the other 40 meetings have ended in a draw. Of those 166 games, 77 have been at Anfield and United have won just 11 times with Liverpool racking up an impressive 51 victories.

Stats and facts…

Newcastle have only won once away from home on the final day of the Premier League. That was last season against QPR.

United have lost all 13 of their league matches this season when they have been losing at half-time – the worst record in the division.

In 39 Premier League meetings between these sides, there has never been a goalless draw.

Liverpool have scored three goals in four out of the last five times they have played Newcastle at Anfield.

Final thought…

As much as this season has turned sour when it could ave been so different, and as frustrated as I’ve been with, I’m still sad to see the season coming to an end. It’s football, our bread and butter, at the end of the day. Fortunately we have a World Cup to keep us occupied whilst we await the flurry of new signings at St James’ Park over the summer. Ahem…

I look at Liverpool and wonder what could have been. In no way could we have challenged for the title like they have done so admirably, but at one point we were doing rather well and could perhaps have started to look at European qualification.

How things have changed since then though. Starting with the sale of Cabaye and failure to replace the wheels have steadily come off and we are now faced with a squad low on morale and confidence, a manager who has very little backing from the fans, rumours of dressing room bust ups and everything else that we’ve heard about. What could have been eh?

My only hope is that we give it a real good go today. The likelihood is that we’re going to get beat and if you sit off Liverpool they’ll just come back at you and break you down eventually, so why not give it a go first and at least try and attack. We won’t though. I think we can all see what is coming already.

Howay the lads!

Date: Sunday, 11th May, 2014

Time: 3pm

Venue: Anfield

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410 thoughts on “Liverpool v Newcastle – Premier League match preview

  1. Stu , WHAT 😯 Course he does, why else does he get manager of the season when we keep winning and finish 5th.


  2. Stu ,was it not him that said he would of stopped a goal the other week had he been on the touch line πŸ˜†


  3. Frankly, I thought the lads put in a good shift. And wasn’t that what people wanted to see?

    The referee destroyed any possibility of a come back, but they still went for it for a while there.

    Can’t really complain (except about the ref).


    Last game of the season we played for nothing but we still sit 10 players deep in our half. I can’t believe that, i think Pardew don’t understand the word pleasure, entertainment, he don’t understand that some fans watch a game and want take pleasure. THIS GUY IS SHITTTTTTTTTTTT


  5. Not saying it would make any difference, but once again Headteacher P45DUE banishing HBA and Marveaux to the naughty step may have influenced the game.

    Tiote and Anita offer nothing, Anitia in my opinion never has (sky rocket over the cross bar in first half comes to mind)

    oh for a new tactician, please, MA, but it will not happen


  6. Kim-when has anyone ever said “what a marvelous strike from Cisse, all credit to pards for that!” – I’m pretty sure that’s what Stuart was getting at πŸ˜‰


  7. Bris@229 ,Yep but that should be a given, what is really missing is entertainment and given we aren’t bothering with Cups and Europe then we should at least be getting entertaining football ,else what’s the point. Remember we still have not scored today and Liverpool first half were in a coma of sulk, second half they played with more freedom and got the better of us, admittedly with the help of Dowd.


  8. Newks, plenty of us criticize players for duff decisions whether missing a sitter or defending badly but all these silly mistakes in defence should of been addressed on the training pitch . It’s not like it’s a new thing it’s been going on for yonks. Pards is constantly saying they are working on it in training, well, newsflash Alan it ain’t working mate. πŸ™„


  9. Cant even park the bus.


    What a boring club we are to watch on the field.

    Thanks goodness the season is over.


  10. Really disturbing second half. Shola gets himself sent off for dissent. He was pulled down but then he falls apart. And what on earth was Dummett doing? It’s a clown show at best. A disgrace at worst. Out with Pardew. Sell up Ashley. You’re wasting everybody’s time owing a football club you idiot.


  11. Disastrous season, disastrous club setup with Ashley at the top as head clown. Total and abysmal failure as an owner. He has no idea and never will. The club is lost until Ashley is gone.


  12. Wow, best performance i’ve seen from us in ages – & it was crap.

    Liverpool looked cagey & even at the end when we were down to 9 men they were too scared to attack as they have been doing all season. Brendan Rodgers is to blame as he let them lose belief.

    Still, he’s learnt something new & will be better next season as he is on a learning curve.

    Both red cards were yellows imo. Shola is a professional so he should have quietened down after the first yellow but Dowd is also a professional & should have given him a cooling of period instead of 2 quick yellows for the same offence.

    Dummetts red was because the ref was fooled by Suarez spinning round.

    It doesn’t matter anyway as the scoreline didn’t change.


  13. Go ahead Ashley, sack Pardew and hire another flunkey to run the club. See what good it does. You will be hated because you are a complete tool. Sell up. Get out.


  14. The head parasite will be the hardest to dislodge. He’s got himself buried in the club’s flesh and is sucking the life out of it. Unbelievable, disgraceful buffoon for an owner. No club deserves this.


  15. @newkie

    I doubt Remy would have scored where Gouffran missed.

    You’re right in that Gouffran lacks confidence. He sacrifices himself where others like Remy would be greedy & shoot. Perhaps that’s what he needs but it’s something that he can develop if people believe in him:

    Having scored with his eye-catching turn and shot from the edge of the box, Gouffran immediately made a beeline for the substitutes’ bench, and he explained what – and who – was behind the celebration.

    “I ran to see Bigi (Gael Bigirimana),” he explained.”Bigi is someone I get on with really well. He always encourages me to shoot so I wanted to go to him and say thanks for believing in me.”


  16. With Ashley getting his snout full at the trough of Sports Direct this season will suit him to a T. He will have to be forced out with boycotts of all kinds. Don’t buy the club kit, don’t go to games next season lads. It’s the only way or it will be years more of the parasite.


  17. Rodgers: “I can’t believe the stick Alan Pardew has got. It’s not his fault – he’s not signed a player in 12 months. nufc is an incredible Football club. They need to invest.”

    Spot on Brendan.


  18. We need to get that little piggy out on the pitch and ride him around for a few hours. Come on Mike you old hog show up at the ground next season and see what happens. πŸ‘Ώ


  19. Shola looked impressive today & Pardew managed to make us more competitive than usual.

    Credit to both of them.

    Hopefully after today’s performance both of them are given new long term deals.

    Would you be happy with that Stuart79?


  20. A goat rodeo with one big ol’ fat hog as the star performer. Come on Mike, show that fat face of yours in Newcastle. Talk about how proud you are of the club this season. Show us some more of your ignorance.


  21. @stuart79

    Brenden Rodgers is a very good manager but what he says is not gospel.

    Yes we need to invest but it’s not just new players we need. We need better coaches & a better manager.

    Saying it’s not Alan Pardew’s fault is like saying it’s not Mike Ashley’s fault.

    Mike Ashley has backed Pardew despite most fans wanting him gone.

    When are you going to give Mike Ashley credit?


  22. Liverpool got away with a poor display thanks in part to the ref and thanks to the fact that we have no discipline as a club under Pardew. Booked twice for dissent. Wild kicks. Head butts from the manager. What kind of club are we trying to be? I guess the kind that has a moron for an owner. πŸ‘Ώ


  23. Finishing behind stoke & 4pts ahead of Crystal Palace is not good enough.

    Finishing with less than 60pts is not good enough.

    We have a better squad than both so what’s the excuse. Science? Education?? Being middle class???

    If 10th place & 49 pts is good enough for some fans then Mike Ashley & Pardew have won.


  24. Well I loved the second half of the season Mike you old hog. Got your snout full of dosh again this year have you?


  25. You’ve got to hand it to the Hog. He gets himself a lackey for a manager, hires a man with a brain the size of a pimple for a DoF and then sits back to enjoy the season and the money rolling in.


  26. How has Ashley backed Pardew? He’s not been given one single penny to spend! How is the club to move forward acting like this?


  27. A little Canadian tune for you Mike. Sing to The Cat Came Back.
    But the Hog came back the very next day.
    The Hog came back. They thought he was a gonner,
    But the Hog came back. He just couldn’t stay away. Suey!!!!.


  28. For all you Pardew haters.

    You cry on that he’s lost the dressing room.

    Well today proved you wrong. πŸ˜‰

    You cry on he should do better with players he has.

    Well today proves we have no options and proved you wrong. πŸ˜‰

    I have stated throughout that without Remy we are toothless.

    Well today proved me right. πŸ˜‰

    I have stated throughout that Sissoko, De Jong, Shola, Anita, Goufran, Sammy, Dummet simply aren’t good enough.

    Today I was proved right. πŸ˜‰

    Pardew did the best he possibly could with the **** players he has at his disposal and came out with credibility.

    In summary, a decent premiership manager, good man manager, having to get results with a shambles of a squad.

    Overall. Well done Pards for the management of the team.

    Pardew has to put up with the **** cos he’s well paid and is part of the problem with the overall policies of NUFC.

    But then again, if he’s sacked, the next manager has to agree to the same principles.

    You can’t knock Pardews strength in character. πŸ˜‰


  29. Well that game summmed up our entire season half decent start nick a goal and hit the half way mark with a little hope we could get something ,then totaly **** it up . Poor tactics ,poor play and no discipline . Should we be surprised when our manager has a temper he can barely control himself ? surprised at Shola though.


  30. Wait and see will bring more of the same. Stay away from games. Stop buying kit. Breathe some fresh air by not being anywhere near Pardew and Ashley. Disgraceful second half of the season. I wish we could rub Ashley’s face in it the way he deserves.


  31. Well our good old Hog had a tremendous season! Think of the money he’s made. Tens of millions pouring in from the TV contract. Huge profits from Sports Direct. And he can sell a few in the summer to make even more money! The Hog must be rubbing his hands with glee. πŸ‘Ώ


  32. It’s a hard way to end but I suppose it could have been worse. We even got a decent first half of football before things fell apart. A very interesting summer ahead I suppose. Many changes required.


  33. It will be interesting to see if Ashley decides to do anything positive or just sit on things for a bit. I would sack Pards, bring in a new manager, make an effort to rebuild the squad and in general behave like a normal human being if I was Ashley. Thank God I’m not. I expect little response from him.


  34. GEORDIETWO the only positive thing Ashley could do is put the club up for sale tomorrow and have it sold before the new season starts .


  35. Anyway sit tight mates and try to enjoy your off season. Have many a pint and a laugh. Don’t think about the club too much or it will ruin the summer for you.


  36. 255 …well done pards for boring ****t football…poor attak …poor defence..poor management…saked best players..poor inteview..poor all..u know we are losing this after noon ❓ vs a team with no head..after lose a title..a team destered ..lost vs know we have no score today..
    U look the face of the fans… ❗ they r saaaaaaad ❗
    Thank u pards well done …well done troydew… πŸ˜•


  37. Jebsy

    We’ve already established you’re an Islamist extremist. Now take your havasack off your back slowly and move away from the crowd with your hands in the air. Nobody needs to get blown up. It’s only football. πŸ˜›


  38. Troy πŸ˜†
    Normally I hate the end of the season as there is that empty feeling that there wont be any footie until the new season plus we have the endless links to players that there is no chance of ever signing.
    But this season end im looking forward to not having to watch the dross for a while, I guess i’ll just have to put up with the endless links to players


  39. @Big Dave

    Each to their own I suppose. As much as we hate the bloggers endlessly speculating about transfer links which are futile and so far fetched, even Aussie has to pull out of the craic, which is saying something as he is normally neck deep in the sand, they have to put up with us during the season speaking the truth and being realistic. πŸ˜‰

    It’s been a long few years but we’ve been proven right about Ashley. They have all joined us now but haven’t got the decency to acknowledge that the abuse they gave us was wrong. πŸ˜‰

    We’ve tried to convince them that sacking Pardew is not the answer as Ashley will not appoint a decent manager.

    We warned them Kinnear would return. They scoffed. But he did. πŸ˜‰

    It’s now my crusade to make them see that Pards is not a top manager, but he’s no worse than any other outside the top 4.

    He’s been left a shower of **** yet the same people who were wrong about the above claim he should be doing better. πŸ™„

    I pity the fools! Get some snickers!


  40. going to treat you sort of dirty racist ****. this is what we have established … dirty Nazi .. makes you think a range in the ass asshole sal .
    . sorry to be so vulgar but this asshole Troy is staying stuck in the ass hitler πŸ‘Ώ
    … it goes like this slut ..??
    Go to hell u and pardew too ❗ ❗


  41. Troy the problem is Snickers are too much for some they would be better suited to milkyways or milkybars πŸ˜€

    As we have said over and over again until Jabba leaves or changes his whole outlook and try to show some ambition we will remain as we are a mid table scrapper


  42. Troy – you do make some valid points, but I simply refuse to believe that the players we currently have are incapable of playing football to a decent standard all of a sudden.
    They are professional footballers that have come up through the system.
    They are not ****.
    But they are playing like a disorganised bunch of schoolboys.
    Even Parsnip has fessed up and admitted he has not been good enough this season and said he must do better next season.
    I honestly don’t think he can do any worse than the 2nd half of this season.


  43. Newcastle manager Alan Pardew:

    “I thought we were terrific, it was a hell of a performance in the first half but we had a couple of dodgy decisions that were unhelpful. I’m not particularly pleased with referee’s explanation for sending off Shola.

    “We’ve got to give our fans a lift in the summer by recruiting well. We need to recruit offensive players that are good enough for Newcastle and that is what we will focus on.

    “Our fans are brilliant fans – they are just frustrated. For the first half of the season we were very good, but in the second half we were not as strong as we should have been. We made errors, myself included.”


  44. BB, I agree mate, that he’s admitted he’s been setting us up too negatively is a good thing, it shows he is aware of his short comings at least and kudos to him for that much .

    One thing that irked me today though was him shaking Sholas hand as he left the pitch after being red carded. I’m hoping he did it as it was his last match for us . If not then I feel it is poor management on his part as for Shola to get sent off in that manner was just stupid . He should of been more professional, and the fact he felt he could continue to argue without a repercussion shows a total lack of discipline that has been creeping into the squad. Mind you Pards can hardly point the finger after his infamous headbutt and there in lies the problem he has now .


  45. Well it looks like he’s staying ,so I will back him and the squad which will hopefully be stronger next season. Once the newbies arrive he will have no excuses for setting us up in a manner where we don’t at least try to attack. One things for sure come deadline day we’ll know exactly what ambition there is if any by who we have brought in.


  46. Parsnip has confirmed that there was no swearing at the ref from Shola.
    The ref got angry at shola after they had words, and threatened to send him off. Shola laughed at him and said sarcastically “you’re gonna send me off ?”
    Dowd lost the plot and sent him off.
    Once again the Ref has to be the centre of attention.
    He deserves all the grief coming his way.
    Proper ****


  47. This place has been dead for weeks and now we have nothing to talk about until July or something. At least Toonsy will save money on bandwidth.


  48. The reality of the season is that we probably should be 9th – so we have missed out by one place. I think when every other club in the league strengthens their squad and we don’t it means we are going to go backwards. Although one could argue we have improved on last season so maybe Pardew should be getting credit rather than criticsm?

    Summer will be interesting and if we don’t bring in at least 7 players we will have a real struggle on our hands.


  49. Soccer Saturday pundit Charlie Nicholas says Phil Dowd had a shocker after denying Luis Suarez a goal and sending off two Newcastle players.


  50. Stuart , Honestly if I was Pards and I didn’t get 7 through the door with 4 at least of decent proven ability I would have to walk mate.


  51. At Bootsy I disagree with everything you say in your post to me πŸ˜‰

    I put you down as one of the many, who haven’t got the ability to analyse the big picture.

    That is all. Thankyou. πŸ˜‰


  52. @Jebsy

    Blow yourself up you extremist muslim but don’t injure anyone else. πŸ˜›


  53. So are we all happy with 10th place and a healthy balance sheet ❓ πŸ˜‰

    I hear an open top bus parade has been organised so the players and Pards can show off the bonus cheques they got and Lee will be driving the bus with the balance sheet in flag form flapping from the window like them England flags people stick to their car windows during tournaments. πŸ˜‰ .


  54. @Kim

    Wow. Your post to Stuart is so naive. 😯

    After everything that has happened you expect Pards to walk if we don’t get 7 in? Really? πŸ™„

    You don’t understand this at all do you? πŸ™„


  55. Kim, I thought about it, but all of us would have walked years ago if we were Pards, hence my comment. πŸ˜‰


  56. I’m waiting for KK to come on and tell me I can’t speak to Jebsy like that. πŸ˜›

    KK is the only clown who believes Jebsy is a real character. 😳

    Got to love KK for his cluelessness. πŸ˜†


  57. I thought the performance of young Haidara was a big plus today. He looked comfortable on the ball and got forward in attack well. I think he has a lot more promise than Dummet.


  58. Hahaha. πŸ˜†

    I’m being serious that KK still believes Jebsy is for real. You couldn’t write a better script for Viz πŸ˜›


    Aye. If we believed most on here, Haidara had been frozen out by the bad man manager Pardew. πŸ™„

    Well, back to reality, he’s come back from his injury and was fighting for the team like every other toon player. πŸ˜‰

    It’s strange how we hear no mention today of the team not playing for the manager. Shirley (Ashington slang for surely) they wouldn’t have tried today of all days if they wanted Pards out. 😯 Nope. Cos they like him that’s why. πŸ˜‰


  59. Troy’s has a laundry basket? 😯

    I thought he was one the great unwashed, literally ❓

    The excuse you give for not wanting Pardew to be replaced has already been blown to pieces.

    You think Mike Ashley won’t bring in someone better than Pardew…

    Therefore you also must think that Mike Ashley won’t bring in someone better than Shola…or ever sell the club to anyone better.

    So following your reasoning it suggests that you don’t expect or want anything to change.

    That makes you a coward Troy. Not disimilar to Pardew. Now it’s quite clear why you have such an afinity with the silver tongued loser.


  60. @troy

    You thought the players were playing for Pardew instead of their professionalism?

    I also don’t recall seeing Ben Arfa, Marveaux or Mbiwa showing any great desire to play for Pardew. Cabaye certainly didn’t, i doubt Debuchy wants to, you could add Cisse to the list & Sissoko. I’m also certain that Anita is underwhelmed by Pardew & the coaches.

    You think Pardew is no worse than any manager outside the top 4 😯

    Good job Mike Ashley tied him down until 2020 otherwise i suppose we could expect Man Utd, Spurs, Everton & Southampton (the same club Pardew was sacked from in League one πŸ™„ ) to try to lure Pardew to the theatre of dreams


  61. Troy your own self deluding arrogance is blinding you to the truth.
    Are you Parsnip in disguise ❓
    Obviously you are entitled to your opinion, unfortunately it is wrong.


  62. KK what a load of **** I dont think Jabba will bring in a quality manager but thats completely different than bringing in a better striker than Strolla or to sell the club to anyone better or I dont want better.
    How do you work that out from not thinking Jabba would replace Pards with better


  63. I’m 100% sure that every Man Utd fan in the world would rather have Giggs as manager instead of Pardew.

    If it was a choice between Pardew & Moyes they would all pick Moyes.

    Troy, you talk as much rubbish as Pardew.


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