UAE presenter hits the nail on the head after contacting Bin Zayed Group for takeover update

After contacting the Bin Zayed Group and pushing for an update on the takeover front, UAE-based presenter Peter Redding has hit the nail on the head – It’s time for the two parties to start communicating!

Redding – a Sports presenter on Dubai station Capital Radio – has been in regular contact with the BZG over the past few weeks, and while he claims to have been told that a third statement is “incoming”, he believes both parties owe it to the fans to ‘finalise’ the matter one way or another:

This comes after it was claimed today from Ashley’s end that there’s been no bid, yet the BZG have told Redding this is “simply not true”. So, is someone lying? Considering the BZG have no real reason to lie (it would be shocking PR for them if they did) and Ashley is a proven liar, my conclusion doesn’t need a drumroll.

I can deal with claims and counter-claims on transfers, but a takeover deal of this magnitude which could end Ashley’s miserable 12 years on Tyneside, reinvigorate an entire club and reconnect its entire fanbase can’t be left so uncertain for so long.

It’s time we found out what is really going on, as, right now, I’m sure I join most Newcastle fans in saying I am absolutely sick of this latest takeover saga.

As we know with Rafa, it’s the hope that kills you – and this sensitive situation has dragged on for way too long now.

I’m holding onto slim hopes that it could be completed, however every day that goes on without an update not only decreases the chances of a sale but scuppers our hopes of appointing a capable Benitez replacement or making any new signings – something that’s desperately needed after Rafa, Rondon and Perez’s exits.

It’s time we actually got some proper communication from both parties. After all, the BZG have given us the odd update, but the only thing we’ve heard from our end is that Rafa’s leaving, our new kit will cost £65, season ticket prices are going up and Perez is off to Leicester. It’s been a complete and utter shambles on just about every level.

It feels like GroundHog Day, however this summer has been on another level. The lack of updates, the lack of positive news, no manager, no new signings, no hope.

Either tell us where the deal is at and give us peace of mind, or put us out of our misery!

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About Olly Hawkins

Olly has been a Junior Magpie from birth. As a season ticket holder and avid Newcastle United fan - he eats, sleeps and breathes all things NUFC.

16 thoughts on “UAE presenter hits the nail on the head after contacting Bin Zayed Group for takeover update

  1. I cant for the life of me fathom why anybody will attend the games the only way to get rid of Ashley is to boycott the matches


  2. There will be no end to the misery as that is all ashley knows.
    Him and his grubby PR team are deliberately causing this termoil.
    BOYCOTT EVERYTHING black and white.
    H W T L.


  3. Rumour has it Ashley asking for his debt paid off PLUS £350m. He changes the goalposts when someone gets close. He enjoys baiting us!!!!
    Simple solution for me for those of us who have season tickets but cant bring ourselves to miss the match. Get all the surrounding pubs to put on special deals between 2pm and 3pm with a season ticket and no one spends a penny within the ground. That way he would know hes fighting a City not just supporters


  4. its time to wake up, there’s no take over only answer is boycott home games, a club that’s going to be taken over would not sell players or put up season tickets prices until its all decided one way or the other ONE BIG CON


  5. Sure. ! All Ashley wants is a free ride with NUFC an advertising display for his real business.
    Plus good sell on prices for his young signings, yeah It’s about both money and the power it gives one.
    The mans both a control freak and a bully, who obviously loves both power and wealth , who
    should concentrate on selling cheap crap , being he has no business running a football club, as he has no respect for the fans who dutifully fill the stadium week after week and only acquired the club as an adjunct to SD, out with him !
    use the only weapon available “The Boycott”


  6. The only way to get rid of Ashley is to arrange a new buyer, don’t people understand that demonstrations are fine if they result in a new owner, otherwise you are just wasting time and effort. He cant leave just like that, he has millions in the club, we need a buyer first and foremost get real, this nonsense of staying away is time and money out of some of the season ticket holders who could have been paying by direct debit, who knows.
    Efforts should be put on the so called journalists to push for some news direct from the parties involved,the fans deserve at least that, we need to stay positive and look forward to a brighter future, let the previous history go move on. HWTL


  7. its not about a new buyer FUCKING HELLL
    its the way he has treat the fans… from day 1 the list is endless
    no respect for us at all
    i am not attending another match till the FAT FUCK has gone


  8. F C B Will Be trying to negotiate a deal to leave his Sports Direct Signs Up For Live T V coverage of the home games that’s what will be the hold up of any takeover deal. HORRIBLE FAT COCKNEY BARSTEWART.


  9. I thought that when someone or some company took over a Football Club, the premier leaque had to go through a process to make sure these people were fit and proper persons to run a club.
    Could the premier leaque not do this in reverse. Ashley is not fit I mean just look at the size of him, as for been a proper person make your own mind up. Can the leaque not step in before we end up playing Gateshead. I’ve supported Newcastle since 1955. We are in need of some Divine intervention. Help.


  10. Olly, it seems like you have totally misunderstood the tweet from Redding.

    The tweet says that they should make the deal final and then tell us that the deal has been done.

    It says nothing about talking to each other or telling us where they are with the deal. There’s nothing in there about them communicating with us about what’s going on.


  11. james renwick:
    I cant for the life of me fathom why anybody will attend the games the only way to get rid of Ashley is to boycott the matches

    You are making the assumption that everyone wants rid of Ashley.

    A grand total of only 250 people turning up for the recent Magpies Group meeting suggests they may be in the minority.


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