Proof a takeover is playing on the mind as Jonjo Shelvey follows bold claim with seed of doubt?

Jonjo Shelvey has made a bold statement about his future plans at Newcastle United – showing how much things have changed since he was tipped to make a move to West Ham this time last year.

According to his latest comments, he wants to remain on Tyneside for the rest of his career, but admits that this decision will be “out of his hands”, suggesting a takeover is well and truly on the minds of our players – even the ones who recently penned a new long-term contract!

When asked if he’s like to spend the rest of his career at St James’ Park, here’s what the 28-year-old had to say:

“Yeah, I’d like to!”

“It’s a great, great place to live. It’s a great club to play for, we love the city and everyone’s just been so welcoming and so warm.”

“You know what it’s like when you’ve won a game and you come into training and everyone’s buzzing around the place, and the city’s buzzing.

“So yeah, I wouldn’t mind – but it’s out of my hands! “

Having signed a 3-year contract in March and at the age of 28 it hardly appears he’s going anywhere, but is his indecision partly down to the takeover and the possible consequences or is it because he’s a saleable asset?

There’s no doubting no takeover means Mr Bruce will carry on and he’s a big fan of Shelvey which means Jonjo stays for the 3-years unless Ashley/Charnley decide they can get some money for him.

I’m not going to speculate about his position should the takeover go through as firstly we don’t know if it will and secondly if it does, we don’t know what will happen.

The one fact is that on his day Shelvey is as creative as any midfield player in the country, but does he have enough of those days? When he’s not on one of those days he can become petulant and get himself and us in to trouble or he can simply disappear.

Personally, I would keep him as long as he’s happy here and wants to play. He is a genuine Premiership player and can turn a game in an instant. However, I know not all would agree with me.

The excellent NUFC360 has had many a post on their Twitter over this and it would appear that the fans are somewhat split on this matter. But then everyone is entitled to an opinion.

For me in the final analysis what Jonjo said in his interview is pretty much what you’d expect him to say, but it also hints hugely in my opinion of the uncertainty that surrounds the club and the feelings it’s creating amongst the players.

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