Journalist says NUFC are in talks to sign two players, ‘regardless of takeover situation’…

Luke Edwards is at it again. This time he’s been commenting on the current situation at Newcastle United in his latest piece for The Telegraph.

In that, he’s made an interest claim on the transfer front, stating we are now in talks to sign two players for next season – whether a Saudi takeover happens or not.

Here’s what he’s had to say on social media:

“One of the key extra details in the above article is I’m told NUFC are already negotiating to sign two new players for next season… regardless of takeover.

Plans are being made and executed because nobody can afford to wait any longer for an answer from PL. Heading into wk. 16.”

This is a worrying situation and statement. It smacks of somebody being unconvinced that the takeover is going to go through and even if it is then it’s going to be delayed so long, we have to act now.

So, bring in two players that any potential new owner/manager might not want but the current ones do and feel they have to act in case we lose out and/or because they will still be in charge come the new season. Which, remember, hasn’t got a start date!

It’s further speculation that we could well do without. With only three games and about two weeks to go in this season it would really be better if nothing were said – even if the club are forced to make transfer plans to protect themselves. I can only hope and pray that the announcement will be made favourably as soon as the season finishes.

If not then I guess we have to plan for next season and who can come in to stop us being relegation fodder. Many seem to think that young Matty will be moving on. If so, he can’t be blamed but it definitely opens the door for Nice’s Arnauld Lusamba.

Remember this is a player we’ve been ‘in talks’ with (The Chronicle) and one that is out of contract so can join at any time without a transfer fee. The sort of deal the current regime love! The other mystery player in talks could be Danny Rose, which I believe is based on two things. The manager likes him and he may only cost £5m.

Again, a price that the current regime will like. I can’t see anyway that Lazaro signs now. The manager doesn’t seem to fancy him (for some reason) and £20m is a lot to play for a squad player. I also think that Lazaro himself would hardly like to stay if the current manager is going to.

Bentaleb, almost bizarrely, could still make it as £8.5m is nothing in today’s market. Personally, I think it would be £8.5m wasted as he’s not consistently good enough to get a regular start. But he is currently in the frame albeit sliding precariously out of it.

Of course, it could be two left-field signings that we’re not even aware of. That is often the case in the transfer world so nothing would really surprise. What is a constant source of surprise and worry is the current situation.

Would the current regime sanction money if they knew it was all over for them and would an incoming regime allow an outgoing one to bring two players into a situation where they may not be wanted? There’s no doubt been dialogue from buying and selling sides, but it’s all been made so difficult by this ongoing delay.

I don’t know the answers but one thing I do know is that regardless of what you think about Luke Edwards he’s normally got way more information than we could ever hope to have which, as I said previously, makes it a worrying statement as much as anything.

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