Saudi takeover delay goes up a notch as Premier League transfer plans are revealed – 11 days…

Now we know that The Premier League is opening the transfer window on the 27th July it only leaves us with 11 days to complete the takeover in good time – and even then this summer will be a hectic squeeze.

I’m not naive. Whilst the fans and even so-called informed journalists remain in the dark about proceedings there will be some that know what is going to happen. Personally, I still think it’s going to go-ahead even if Richard Keys’ proclamation of Friday may be a little optimistic.

Plus, the way things work behind the scenes I would imagine that whatever deals are going to be done by either owner are probably through on a nod and a wink and it’s only the formalities of inking the contracts and announcing.

I say that essentially because in another life I work for Newcastle Eagles Basketball and quite often players can be signed for some time before it gets released. The wheels behind the scenes can move quickly when they need too.

But, right now, this is still a worry for us all and my conjecture about deals probably being done is only my feelings and thoughts. We may actually be a million miles away from signing anyone regardless of who’s in charge. However, the smart money says otherwise.

I saw a tweet earlier today from one of the many NUFC fans who are desperate for news and a resolution. In that they asked if it would be fair for The Premier League to allow transfers from the 27th when one of its member clubs is still very much in a state of flux.

A state of flux which The Premier League has to take some responsibility for or even a lot of responsibility for. I assume we can’t really blame the Club or even for once Ashley. He had it up for sale, a buyer came in and met the asking price and he agreed. Normally that’s deal done.

But in this controversial, convoluted, complicated world there are many hoops that have to be jumped through and hurdles to be overcome. Most of them caused by The Premier League’s rules and regulations. So, in my opinion to answer the question is it won’t be fair.

However, when has The Premier League ever been fair to NUFC or indeed any Club outside the “Big Six?” Never would be my answer to my own question. We always seem to be the fall guys and have to endure the consequences. This wouldn’t happen to Liverpool, Man City etc.

Indeed, City have broken rules quite clearly but have been let off almost on a technicality and will take their place in the Champions League. Can we do the same? Obviously not next season but, who knows, we might at some point in the near future if ambitious new owners arrive.

We need clarity and we need closure and we need it now and not in the future otherwise we may not have a future or at least a future that we as true fans are dreading if the takeover isn’t allowed.

6 thoughts on “Saudi takeover delay goes up a notch as Premier League transfer plans are revealed – 11 days…

  1. Is it just me or does anyone else think the fa don’t give a f___ about NUFC or the fans of this once great club, thank s FA for F___ A__.!!!!!


  2. What is wrong with Masters and the P/L ? Answer no balls or guts if they give us the Green light they will have the big six to answer to, if not they will have the Saudis at their throats, grow a pair Masters.


  3. This has now clearly gone beyond, being careful and is now definitely in the realms of bias. The PL are dragging this out deliberately in order to piss the Saudis off and hopefully have them drop out, even if the PL succeed in that, the Saudis should sue for their £17 million none returnable deposit back.
    Every man and his dog has objected to this…. Keyes the overpaid useless presenter, who hates NUFC and who’s overpaid by the Qatar’s has spat his dummy out big time, Kashoggi’s bint has been allowed far too much air time, as much as it is none of her god damned business, what’s more, does she honestly think that the U.K. government has never sponsored State summary executions on British soil? Damned right we have and do these civil rights campaigners bang their gums about our government selling bombs and missiles to the Saudis? Nowhere near as vocal as she or they are about NUFC.
    So let’s get this right, the Saudis are right and proper to sell massive amounts of smart bombs and missiles to!!! But they aren’t right and proper to own a football club in the NORTH EAST??? Bull****, I smell barrels of rats!


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