Premier League now asked to answer these 5 key takeover questions by NUFC supporter group

Newcastle United supporter group Toon For Change have issued a series of questions to the Premier League in a bid to gain clarity on the Saudi takeover front.

This comes after top flight CEO Richard Masters broke his silence yesterday in a letter to Newcastle MP Chi Onwurah – only for it to raise more questions than answers for NUFC fans.

Here’s the FIVE questions Toon For Change have put to the Premier League today:

1. Why were the buyer and seller given private assurances regarding the Owner and Director test prior to the test beginning?

2. The Owner and Director test started on or around 16th April 2020. Why was information regarding the make up of the proposed board not queried until the end of June 2020?

3. Why were the Premier League reluctant to accept assurances from the Saudi Royal Court regarding who would have control of our football club?

4. If the press were not briefed, how were numerous journalists able to publish articles detailing aspects of the takeover throughout the process?

5. If the Premier League were not satisfied with the information and answers provided why did they not reject the proposed takeover allowing arbitration to begin?

The Premier League may have spoken out for the first time in months yesterday, but it’s time we got total transparency on an exhausting process that has toyed with the hopes and dreams of a passionate fanbase and the future of a deprived football club and city for almost FIVE months now.

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4 thoughts on “Premier League now asked to answer these 5 key takeover questions by NUFC supporter group

  1. The list of questions is comprehensive. My suggestion relates to question 3:

    Why were the Premier League reluctant to accept assurances from the Saudi Royal Court regarding who would have control of our football club?

    My concern is that Masters and Co. might just say that we didn’t think it was convincing and get away with a bland answer. Maybe we should be more direct and require the Premier League to commit themselves publicly. For example:

    3. Refusing to accept the assurances of the Saudi Royal Court regarding ownership is a serious criticism. For the sake of clarity, what are the precise reasons that caused you to doubt their word?

    This would require the Premier League to put their cards on the table. If they refuse to give details it puts them on the back foot and suggests they were stalling. If they have valid evidence, it would give the consortium clarity about what more is needed.


  2. Another two questions:
    Why did the Premier League tell the consortium TWICE at the beginning of the process that ‘there were no red flags’ and it would go through?
    Why did Masters tell the media (and us) late in the process that the decision would be made ‘shortly’? (which never came).


  3. Theres something that doesn’t add up to the mike Ashley and Richard masters bad guy narrative. Lets be clear i think they are both ****s. But something stinks from the PIF side. I think they are allowing Ashley and masters to be fall guys, for a decision they are equally culpable.


  4. 1 Can we all just write clueless questions to the EPL?

    2 What makes these guys think the EPL answers to them?

    3 What makes these clowns think the buyer and seller were “given assurances”?

    4 What actual proof – other than papers’ gossip – do they have that the process began on or around the 16th April, and what makes them think the EPL only questioned the proposed board structure in June?

    5 The PIF is the Saudi Crown Prince’s personal piggy bank. So he’s paying for 80% of the club with his money. Why would the EPL believe that anyone else would be in charge?

    6 If the press were not briefed where did the press get all their totally inaccurate information saying the deal was done, we had new players, a manger and all that other stuff that was so far off the mark?

    7 Why must the EPL reject the takeover for arbitration to begin?

    This is fun – we should do this more often!


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