Absolute shambles as Premier League plan to charge fans via new ‘pay-per-view’ scheme – Report

According to a Daily Mail ‘exclusive’, Sky Sports and BT Sport are set to unveil a new ‘pay-per-view’ scheme that will force fans to pay an ADDITIONAL fee to watch Premier League games – on top of their monthly subscription.

This now means next Saturday’s clash with Man Utd will set you back £14.95 – even if you’ve already paid for a Sky Sports subscription or season ticket! Disgraceful.

Since Project Restart, all games – including the usually un-televised 3pm games – have been shown on either Sky, BBC Sport, Amazon Prime or BT Sport.

This was expected to be a short-term solution; but fans are still seemingly no where near returning to stadiums and the companies now want fans to foot the bill to watch the additional football from home.

The Premier League have apparently grown ‘agitated’ at giving their product away for ‘free’ (not like it already sets the average fan back nearly £100 per month for a valid BT, Amazon Prime & Sky subscription.)

It’s yet another example of fans being drained of their money – and receiving very little in return.

Say you’re an NUFC season ticket holder – you’re still paying for your ticket, but you still can’t go the games. So now, you’re watching the team you love through a screen – which isn’t at all the same, and you’re already being charged an extortionate rate to do so.

They now want to charge you even more for what is at best an inconvenience.

I’m sure there will be a massive critical response to this preposterous suggestion, but the saddest realisation is that the Premier League know fans will pay through the nose to watch their side – and they’ll probably get away with it.

One thought on “Absolute shambles as Premier League plan to charge fans via new ‘pay-per-view’ scheme – Report

  1. Surely, season ticket holders can watch their team for free as they’ve already paid once to watch them. Either that or the PL insist season ticket money is returned to the fans.


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