Mike Ashley now ready to do whatever is required to save £300m Saudi takeover – Keith Downie

The rumours about the takeover not being dead have never gone away.

It always seemed as if there was something brewing in the background. A tweet from the esteemed Nick De Marco – the man set to tackle the Premier League on Mike Ashley’s behalf – further fuelled and stoked those rumours. Or was it just Toon fans being overly optimistic?

Personally, I looked at where the rumours/thoughts/comments were coming from and in truth did not really find one source that I felt I could rely on. It seemed genuine hope and belief from some great NUFC supporters and concerns but nothing concrete from reliable sources.

Until last night, that is, and a man that I and the vast majority of the Toon Army do feel has a degree of inside knowledge, is not a scandal monger nor does he merely post/tweet/report just for the effect of it. I give you Mr Keith Downie.

The Sky Sports reporter gave this ‘takeover update’ on the Pitch to Post Review podcast:

“I don’t think it’s going to go away anywhere soon. Obviously Mike Ashley has come out and said he’s unhappy with the process, and has brought into question how the Premier League has gone about things.

“He’s hired Nick De Marco from Blackstone chambers, one of the leading sports barristers in the world. He’s represented a lot of English clubs, including Man City in their case with CAS on their European ban.

“It sounds as though Ashley will leave no stone unturned and will spend what is required to go up against the Premier League to see if he can get this aborted takeover through.”

“The most important thing in all of this is Ashley needs to ensure that the Saudi part of the consortium still want to buy the club.

“You can only assume that Ashley has had guidance from the Saudi part of the consortium, has done his homework, and had assurances that they’d still buy the club. These things can go on for a while, sometimes months, sometimes a year, with this current climate, maybe even longer.

“We went through so much last year to get to where we started. I think it will be around for a while.”

That made me sit up and take notice and yes, hope has once more returned to my heart but hope mixed with fear and trepidation. The hope that we might get new owners who invest and change things for the better. Fear and trepidation as it need to be quick if it’s true.

This current NUFC has enough about them to easily stave off relegation and be comfortable mid-table. Nothing more than that IMHO but at least that. However, with Bruce in charge I’m not sure that they will manage that as it appears to be spiralling downward.

We need the change now or as quickly as possible. January is just around the corner and a new man needs to be in by then armed with a war chest. Ashley can help. If he believes 100% it’s going to go through, he can sack Bruce and appoint the man the new owners want.

That way if the takeover is back on but may take time we can plan and prepare for that and take the punt. It would also be a clear indication that it’s going to happen. In Keith we trust but goodness help us we need to be quick – yet it sounds like it may take some time.

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5 thoughts on “Mike Ashley now ready to do whatever is required to save £300m Saudi takeover – Keith Downie

  1. You always hear stories like this coming out but in reality they are just further Psy-Ops by Ashley and his PR Team.
    He has to be seen being proactive in his so called wishes to sell the club so it justifies his continuing lack of investment in the club.
    He always has to run Newcastle United in the middle of a siege to make the fact he is absent the vast majority of the time look acceptable.

    All his other business interests are run in a similar fashion as if they are closing down or involved in a crisis, Hence the 70% off tags !


  2. And what did Downey get right last time? More bullshit from the media……………..


  3. Having worked with Saudi’s in the 80s there is one word they all revere, ‘ Dignity’.
    Where is the dignity in going back to the corrupt PL cap in hand for more humiliation?
    Accept it has gone.


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