Bruce exposed as another damning ‘exclusive’ reveals TWO new concerns raised by players

After revealing full details of a bust-up involving Matt Ritchie, The Mail’s Craig Hope has continued to expose Steve Bruce as the lazy, incompetent manager he is.

He reports that players are baffled that Bruce has given them 3 out of 5 days off since Wolves draw. With such a massive game coming up with West Brom and with such a poor record currently, I just don’t see how Bruce could rationalise giving pro-athletes this long off.

We currently have our first choice attacking trio out injured and he’s only issuing three days to sort it out? Ridiculous. What is the plan and how are you going to make your chosen three ready for it if you only give them three days?!

Speaking of injuries, Hope reports that players also believe that Bruce’s days off are the reason for the amount injuries that they incur and Hope reports that “”Sources have told us that players on the bench can sometimes go as long as four days without any serious exertion, given the day before the game is often a light session and more tactical based.

Even without this information, it is very easy to see that injuries at Newcastle are Bruce’s fault due to the fact that they were a well-managed thing under Benitez. A majority of the injuries under Bruce are muscle ones too which again point to his complete incompetence in managing pro-athletes.

The last bit covered in Hope’s article really points towards Bruce’s unprofessionalism as he reports the second concern to emerge from the squad – “Some players have also raised concerns that Bruce has, on occasion, not stayed with the team in their hotel before matches, particularly those close to his home in the North-West. They believe it sends the wrong message in terms of togetherness.

They’re absolutely right to believe it sends a wrong message because the manager has simply decided to not be with his team! Bruce is practically spending more time at home than he is actually doing his job!

In any other job, you wouldn’t be given numerous of days off even if you were doing well, never mind performing to one of the poorest standards in your field! We are 17th in the league, in serious danger of dropping out of the league and this lazy, good-for-nothing, fake is handing out days off like sweets on Halloween! It’s ridiculous.

Bruce did his best to pour cold water on these reports in his press conference earlier today, but it’s already been confirmed that the players trained just TWICE between Saturday’s 1-1 draw with Wolves and today, making our preparations for Sunday’s biggest game of the season seem minimal at best.

I honestly feel like Bruce has thrown the towel in now but is simply hanging on so he can make bank by being fired. Surely there is a way to relieve him of his job without having to give him money? Because, even if it’s Mike Ashley’s money, I don’t want him profiting off of our misfortune.

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3 thoughts on “Bruce exposed as another damning ‘exclusive’ reveals TWO new concerns raised by players

  1. Alex Bruce seems to have loads of “press friends” . there always seem to be comments from Alex in the news. Principally on the subject of NUFC , keyboard warriors and how he wanted to smash someones face. Perhaps Steve could ask him, to inquire with his jounalistic pals if they know who is leaking these stories to them


  2. I’m Spartacus!

    What an ABSOLUTE CLOWN Bruce actually is = going on about his main focus is finding the person that leaked the story (!?)

    Your only mission should be trying to get the player’s passing the ball to each other and playing as a TEAM

    He hangs the player’s out via the Press but can’t handle it when it goes the other way!

    If we don’t get the 3 points on Sunday = move the numpty to cleaning the player’s cars AS I’m sick of incompetent clowns getting £ for doing a terrible job!!

    He should resign IF he loves the club as much as he Cry’s to the press = we need breathalyser’s before press conferences


  3. You really are clueless!

    Bruce is giving the players the day off – he is not taking a day off himself. That does not make him lazy.

    And it’s not the players on the bench who are getting injured.

    As for injuries obviously being Bruce’s fault, Newcastle United have had one of the worst injury records of any Premiership team FOR THE LAST 16 YEARS.

    It is widely documented back to the time that Souness was in charge that that the training pitches were thought to be causing the problem, with a huge spate of muscle injuries occurring after a new surface was laid at the training facility, with every Toon manager – INCLUDING BENITEZ – having a higher than average injury record per season.

    I suppose this is what happens when you let children write articles.


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