The awkward questions I’d ask Steve Bruce if I was able to sneak into his latest press conference

I was reading the Chronicle’s reporting of the Steve Bruce press conference and it seems to me that he’s given a pretty easy ride or if he isn’t then we don’t see the answers to the tough questions.

If I’d been able to slip into the press room and ask a few question of my own, I’d have put the following to him:

  1. How Did You Feel About The Brighton Performance?
  2. Why Did You Go Into A Must-Win Game With No Strikers?
  3. What Are You Going To Do To Change Things Considering Our Results Over The Last 20 Games?
  4. Who Are You Going To Replace Isaac Hayden With?
  5. Why Did You Play Almiron When It’s Now Reported He Wasn’t And Still Isn’t 100% Fit?
  6. What Did You Make Of Almiron’s Comments About Playing For A Team That Fights More?
  7. Why Do You Still Think That You’re The Right Man For The Manager’s Job?
  8. You Say In The Past We Were Making Progress. At That Time We Looked In Little Danger Of Relegation. How Do Explain The Position Now?

There are probably plenty of other questions that fans could think of but I’ve tried to keep it clean and focused! There are probably one or two others I could also quite easily think of to ask as well but I hope you get my point.

For me far too many journalists are merely protecting their jobs and won’t ask the questions that would probably see them barred from The Club and the Pressers. Rather like the unfortunate Craig Hope that was merely seeking the truth and not afraid to print it.

Even if the journalists asked the questions we’d like them too I would imagine Bruce would give very bland corporate answers that would tell us nothing in a lot of words! He says truly little by saying a lot and just trots out the same inane statements and comments time after time.

I really wish NUFC would hold a fans forum and let them know exactly what they want and think of him. Then he might get it, then he might understand and then he might even leave. But I guess we all have to have dreams and I’m no different in that.

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7 thoughts on “The awkward questions I’d ask Steve Bruce if I was able to sneak into his latest press conference

  1. How about:

    Who is Graeme Jones and did you have any part in his hiring? Had you ever heard of him. Did you realise it was Carr and Charnley undermining you by hiring someone with a blah CV.

    Why are there 4 of you in the technical area sometimes talking over each other and confusing the players? Is this what it is like in training?

    Do you, Steve Bruce, play any part in day to day training?

    What do the Steves (Agnew and Clemence) do now that they have been gazumped by Jones?

    Why do you continually play the Donkey?

    Do you realise that when you play the Donkey and Hendrick we pretty much start with 9 men?

    What are “2 false 10s” and “split strikers”? When you see it isnt working, why dont you change it in game, or even for the next fcn game you fat clown?


  2. Why do you pay central strikers on the wing, number 10s as number 9s and wingers in the middle?

    How can you say we are doing well when we have 3 points from the last 15. To beat relegation we needed 6 from 15 – a point a game – and you think we have improved?

    What is this “accumulation of points” crap you harp on about? It is a league, accumulation of points is what a league is about you fool.

    If your relationship with Charnley is so great then why did he bring in Jones to humiliate you?

    I could go on…


  3. Why are players with a good fighting attitude e.g. Ritchie, left unused on the bench? Why, if you really love the club do you not quit and give us a chance to survive? Is it coz of the payoff if you are sacked? Polygraph needed for this one.


  4. Hand on heart does it really bother you when we lose i mean really make you feel ill if not you should go now no money no remorse no cares no fight no passion you absolute imbecile dont bother looking back 👿


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