Bruce now totally contradicting himself as he changes tune on ‘mole’ feeding banned journalist

As we all know, Steve Bruce went all Inspector Clouseau on us after news broke from Craig Hope about unhappiness amongst Newcastle players and Bruce’s falling out with Matt Ritchie.

At the time, Bruce wasn’t very happy with the reported news and said “Unfortunately he (the journalist) has a source in and around the club that feeds him. It is the most disappointing thing. We are all looking to find out the culprit. It’s not de-stabilising, it’s disappointing. The reason for that is because we have someone in and around us who is leaking things to a newspaper.”

In no uncertain terms, Bruce clearly stated how there was someone “leaking things” to Craig Hope and that he was donning his deerstalker hat to discover “the culprit”.

Well, it’s taken a little bit of time, which is fine because we know how slowly he works, but Steve Bruce has figured out the answer and, quite frankly, he’s annoyed with the idea that there could be any accusations of leaks coming from within the team…

Yes, after promising to get to the bottom of it, Brue has now said “There’s this nonsense about a mole in the dressing room. Blah blah blah, there is nothing wrong with the spirit here.”

So, to get this right and make this absolutely crystal clear: Current Steve Bruce has accused Past Steve Bruce of talking “nonsense”.

I’ve long been of the opinion that Steve Bruce is a parody character from a lowbrow comedy film and this really nails that judgement down.

He has literally argued with himself and it’s put me into a strange position of not knowing who I root for in this scenario because the concept is far too outlandish.

If I wasn’t too emotionally invested in the future of my club under Ashley and Bruce, then I’d be laughing my head off at this nonsense.

3 thoughts on “Bruce now totally contradicting himself as he changes tune on ‘mole’ feeding banned journalist

  1. So it’s official – you are an idiot.
    This is what can happen when you let 12 year olds write blogs. They just haven’t developed their vocabulary to the point that they understand what’s being said by the grown-ups

    If you check your “Ladybird Dictionary For Kindergarten” you will find that the word “nonsense” can also mean “foolish or unacceptable behavior.”

    All seems a bit sad that your hatred is so intense that you feel the need to criticise Bruce, essentially just because you are not sufficiently educated.


  2. Thats funny!

    I look forward to you asking Olly to take this article down when you figure out that Bruce has not totally contradicted himself, but you have totally misunderstood the meaning of the word “nonsense”.

    Oh dear – it must be really embarrassing for you.


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