I’d sell these 8 Newcastle players in a heartbeat if we stay up this season…

Now, this is always a controversial one especially as we’re still far from certain to stay up despite Sunday’s brilliant result. The other factor of course is who will be in charge of the Club next season either/and as Owner and Manager.

So, yes a lot of conjecture but we’ll be linked with hundreds of players whatever the situation is and whatever division we’re in and therein lies another tail. Remember that you can only have 25 in your squad and we already have.

So, to get some in some have to go – and I’d also argue that funds will need to be raised if we’re to boost what could be a small summer budget should Mike Ashley remain.

First up is is Jonjo Shelvey. Simply far too inconsistent for one of our biggest earners, not mobile enough for today’s Premier League and as a potential leader does not by or example or authority. One pass or good strike every very few games is not good enough so for me he goes.

Then to Jeff Hendrick. A goal and a near MotM performance on debut looked promising but since then we’ve learned why Burnley were happy to let him go free. Wouldn’t be sorry to see him go – especially if he continues to limit the two Longstaff’s game time.

Dwight Gayle. Will never be a consistent Premier League scorer. We’ve put him on a contract for either of two reasons. If we go down he stays if we stay up we can sell him for a relatively low price and create a space in the squad. Won’t be missed if we stay up and makes sense to me to cash in while we can.

Emil Krafth. I actually have a bit of time for Krafth in that he always gives 100%, never shirks his duty and always is willing to fight for the cause. But the bottom line is that he’s been caught out time and time again and is just not good enough.

Karl Darlow. Let’s be fair and ruthless about this one. He was an absolute star for us when Dubravka was injured and the talk of an England shot wasn’t that far short. But I always felt he wasn’t quite good enough and that Dubravka was better and safer. He won’t settle for second choice next season and could block Woodman’s progress in time, so let’s cash in while the iron’s hot.

Andy Carroll. For me one of the most baffling decisions of last season was to give him another year. This time he can’t be as lucky and sadly because he cares and is a Geordie I would just release him and let him find a Club. There’ll be takers but not at Premier level. He couldn’t even get in when Wilson was out injured.

Yoshinori Muto. He’s had a poor loan spell in Spain with Eibar and hasn’t been given a regular run of starts by any manager that’s had him over the past few years. We’d struggle to get much money, but selling him on the cheap and taking a loss is worth doing ASAP when he’s on a reported £50,000 per week!

Christian Atsu. Rotting in reserves and needs to go. Not even sure why he got back in the 25 as all he does is take away a development opportunity for a younger player in our U23’s. We’ve probably had our money’s worth out of him but with Murphy now settling, Atsu is no longer needed. He’s not Saivet as he’s actually offered us something, but it’s time for both to go.

I’m moving into more controversial territory now as I offer up Matt Ritchie – a player I would be no means sell ‘in a heartbeat’ but someone who may be looking to move on himself.

He’s been very good in the last couple of games and has shown experience, maturity and leadership. For those qualities alone he might be saved BUT his age goes against him and in truth until the last couple of years he’s struggled to get a game and seems to want a move down South.

I think Ritchie has been a fantastic servant for this Club and deserves our thanks and praise but, we just need someone a bit fresher for me I think we should consider letting him go with a great deal of sympathy about how much we ask for him as a reward for his considerable efforts.

Joelinton. Yes, I think it would be best for Big Joe if he moved on. The £40m tag has weighed him down and despite me thinking there’s a player in there I just can’t see him doing it regularly in the Premiership. I think for £15m a European team would take a punt and we should let them.

Oh, and don’t get me started on Henri Saivet. Is he still here? Will he be gone? Does anyone care? Yes we do as he’s cost us a fortune. Please, please just bin him and cut the losses.

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11 thoughts on “I’d sell these 8 Newcastle players in a heartbeat if we stay up this season…

  1. I agree totally with Jeff on the offloading of these players with the exception of Matt Ritchie, unless he wants to return to Bournemouth.
    Matt Ritchie is the type of professional you need at the club as an example to younger players either as a coach or a limited time player, he has been a good servant to the club.
    The rest are not good enough or think they are better than they are and some are on ridiculous money for what they do and for how many times they play.


  2. The recruitment at has been awful absolutely awful and that includes managers aswel bar Rafa, sissoko, asm, dubs, and Gini its been nearly 14 years of mismanagement at all levels in the club, and Ashley got offended not so long ago when he was told his squad was championship level at best.


  3. Most of the players you mention would be expected to leave and render discussion irrelevant. Shelvey, Darlow, Ritchie I agree with their sales, for similar reasons you stated, however the exception is Joelinton whom I would keep as the lad has quality, just accept he is not a striker, is only 23 and is being coached by incompetent coaching. That lad has quality in him, we just need to bring it out of him, in a system that allows him to have a bigger impact on the game. Also we would be robbed if we sold him now.


  4. AS SOON as we are safe from relegation BRUCE has to GO

    We need to start the process right for a change = get a MANAGER that’s capable of MANAGING

    Otherwise we’ll end up with more loser’s like Hendrick and even worse Backsliders like Fraser


  5. Quote above “Matt Ritchie is the type of professional you need at the club as an example to younger players either as a coach or a limited time player, he has been a good servant to the club.”

    See, this is the problem with modern day football. Every player should have those qualities as an absolute core character trait. You don’t keep one player for that reason, you ensure you bring in the right characters from the start. Alex Ferguson couldnt have enthused this enough, the characters have to be spot on. We just sign any joe bloggs that threatens to have the talent without vetting them sufficiently for their professionalism and characters, I could name dozens of them within the last 12 years. It rots your club from the inside out.


  6. Matt Ritchie is a robot machine sent from the future to target all normal football players and harangue them into ever higher levels of professionalism and dedication. A unique circumstance in life and one to celebrate.


  7. Agree with most but I’d keep Shelvey and Joelinton and only lose Darlow for the reasons you stated.


  8. There aren’t many that I’d keep. Dubravka, St Max, Wilson, Almiron, definitely. Then there are 6-7 that might make for decent squdies – a few centre backs, a couple of Longstaffs, Murphy, Willock.

    That’s about it.

    I’d sell Ashley and his corporate henchmen, and Bruce and his coaching henchmen.


  9. Interesting decisions there.

    Krafth gets a lot of stick but I really see him as being no worse than Murphy. Yeah Murphy gets praise because he banged a couple of goals in but his passing is horrendous. Whereas Krafth gets taken on the byline now and again Murphy saves time and just gives the ball straight to the opposition.

    So you’re having a go at Carroll because he couldn’t get a start when Wilson was out? Using the same logic I assume you’d be selling the Longstaffs as well? I don’t know what Bruce’s problem with Carroll is but when he’s come on he’s played well and shown grit. For the money we pay him he’s much better value that a lot of the others.

    Shelvey comes in for a lot of stick, and unfairly in my opinion. In the last few games he’s actually put in a few decent shifts. When it comes to his passing he’s a lot more consistent than the likes of Murphy, Hayden, Lascelles etc, he is covering a lot more ground, doing a job in defence and in case you haven’t noticed we’ve won the last 2 games with him as captain.

    As for the rest – of course we should be getting rid of the likes of Saivet, Atsu and Muto – that’s why they’ve all been offered out on loan. That hardly merits even talking about.

    As for Carroll, Shelvey and Krafth – as with any player you can get rid of them if you have something better coming in.


  10. I agree with all of these with the exception Joelinton, the kid has been needed around all over the park, with poor coaching, of late his game stepped up and I believe that given a regular position where his undoubted skill can hold the ball up and create chances, I also believe that in this role his confidence shall return and with it more goals shall come.


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