My Saudi takeover message to NUFC fans after a week of statements from Amanda Staveley

I get people’s annoyance with the takeover talk, but it is the (only) hope we have for a Newcastle United where staying up every year with an average manager, average squad with a smattering of star quality is the standard.

We’ve had more communication in 16 months from our prospective owners, gagged by NDAs, than we have in 13 years of an owner who simply couldn’t give a toss.

We have prospective owners that aren’t just going to take us off the market and turn us into the next Everton or Wolves, they have genuine plans that we factor into.

In Staveley’s case, she clearly wants this to be a legacy. Whether it be Liverpool or ourselves, she’s tried for nigh on a decade to become the figurehead of a major Northern Football Club. She’s a well spoken, experienced businesswoman who would do excellent at our healm.

The Reubens have major investments in Newcastle, that are off kilter with the rest of their key investment locations (typically major global hub cities). Their needs are more money driven but a thriving NUFC = A Thriving City = Increased property value and rent. Investors like them don’t invest for anything other than the long haul.

And then finally, the PIF. The problem but also the rocket fuel for our spaceship. These guys have watched Qatar and Abu Dhabi invest and “sports wash” their way through football in the last 15 years and we clearly form a major PR win and investment from them. They have a quite literal bottomless pit of cash. How much we have access to we don’t know but they aren’t in this for the fun of it.

Do I think we’ll get transparency in the arbitration? No. Do I think it’ll go our way, no idea, but it’s the one thing we’ve had that 97% of our fan base can unite and say we *WANT*.

Will I be protesting in London? Will I heck. Will I support those who do? You’re damn right. Will it make a difference? Who knows! Will it hurt? Certainly not.

For me, the statements of the last few days are to bring the Arbitration into the public eye. Whether the detail is there or not is doubtful, but it’s succeeded in getting everyone talking about it.

Over however many days/weeks this goes on, we need those three judges to go home on a night time, flick on whatever news channel they desire and see anyone talking about this. Whether it’s Staveley, Wraith, Ashley, Luke Edwards, Oliver Dowden, Burnsie, I do not care.

They need to see this is of public interest and just make them stop and ponder for split second that they are making the right decisions. And my hope is that this talk and PR campaign from the Consortium remains throughout. Because then, these people will know what it means to us, the club, the prospective owners and the city.

If it goes against us? Everyone pulled in the same direction and it didn’t work out. But if it goes for us? Then we can start thinking of life beyond Mike Ashley.

Summary – stop getting at each other. We (more or less) all want this. It’s social media.

Different people have different ways. Stay respectful. Help the cause. If someone annoys you on social media, the block/mute button is going to be substantially more helpful in painting a unified front to the power brokers then calling each other names and highlighting it to the people that don’t want this to happen.

End. For a bit.

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