Fulham 0-1 Newcastle: Huge win for Toon as Bruno delivers after VAR drama

Newcastle showed character after a bad start and plenty of nous to earn a massive three points at Fulham in our push for a European finish.

Fabian Schar thought he had opened the scoring for the Toon after 75 minutes but it was ruled out controversially. However, on his 100th appearance for the club, Bruno Guimaraes made sure his strike counted with the winner in the 81st minute.

Newcastle have now won seven points from a possible nine in the last week as they shaped up to face the ‘mini-season’ of the league run-in. It is also our first Premier League clean sheet away from home since that 8-0 win at Sheffield United way back in September. A precious win that sends us one point behind sixth-place Manchester United, who take on Liverpool tomorrow at Old Trafford.

Eddie Howe made two changes to the side that were held by Everton in midweek, with Willock and Gordon replacing Anderson and Barnes in the line-up.

In truth, the first half was typical of our performances away from home this season. We lacked tempo, precision and bite, giving the ball away more times than not. Fulham managed to see 71% of the ball in the first half.

We were lucky to go into the break still level, after a couple of timid strikes from Fulham were equalled by Dubravka and also lost Willock to a foot injury before half-time, compiling the injury misery for Howe. It looked like he was feeling that Achilles problem that is clearly still bothering the midfielder.

The start of the second half was much of the same in terms of the pace of the game. But Eddie Howe’s Mags began to get slightly more on the front foot and the introduction of Barnes after the hour mark injected some dynamism, with Anderson also offering some aggression and urgency.

Schar’s strike after 75 minutes looked to have put the Toon ahead, but for some reason, the goal was ruled out for Burn’s ‘foul’ on Bassey, even though the ball had already beaten the defender in the air.

Nine minutes from full time, there was no ruling out Bruno’s thumping strike after the ball fell to him after some nice work from Anderson. The Brazilian smashed it home and looked emotional as he cupped his ears and kissed the badge in celebration. A message to those speculating about his future at the club maybe?

Despite the win, Newcastle remain eighth as West Ham also won. But we are now one point behind the Hammers and Manchester United, with a game in hand over the London club.

Next up, Spurs in the early kick off at St James’ Park next Saturday. What a huge three points. HOWAY THE LADS.

Newcastle United team photo in dressing room at Fulham after winning 1-0.

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Joshua is a freelance journalist currently training at Sunderland Uni, but is a lifelong Newcastle fan and enjoyer of retro football kits.

38 thoughts on “Fulham 0-1 Newcastle: Huge win for Toon as Bruno delivers after VAR drama

  1. It doesn’t sound like the prettiest of wins but I am buzzing with that result today.

    With our current form & well spoken about injuries – away to Fulham is a difficult fixture – it would be difficult without the injuries to be fair.

    But it sounds like Howe has set a solid defensive formation with a counter attack in mind – and I’m all good with that if it gets the win – home or away!!.

    I know he wants to play a certain way, especially at SJP but hopefully for the remaining games of the season he sticks with what picks the points up regardless how pretty it is or isn’t.


  2. 100 games for Bruno & he’s done so well to avoid that final yellow card that would see him suspended. I believe that was 50 games in a row as well which with our injuries is quite incredible.

    I know people call for him to be further forward but I think this is his best position or most effective position at least.

    He’s been a massive part of our turn around – that was a well deserved day for him yesterday 👏🏼👏🏼


  3. Fantastic win under the circumstances. Well chuffed. The officials really tried to take it away though didn’t they? All that extra, extra time to try get Fulham back into it. Even Wolves equalising goal against Wet Spam being strangely disallowed that would’ve given us 7th place. Hey ho. 🤷🏻‍♂️


  4. So Howe admits that Willock has been playing while still injured 🤦🏼‍♂️😡😡.

    Why are they doing this to the players man FFS?!?!!

    I get we are thin on the ground but it’s risking a longer lay off if they don’t recover properly.

    Why not rotate Willock & Anderson rather than starting Willock all the time – alternate them starting games rather than favouring Willock every game & putting extra strain on.


  5. I meant to say earlier. I watched the highlights of yesterday’s game & for Schars goal to be disallowed because Burn tries to head the ball is simply ridiculous!!.

    If that’s a fouls then half of Arsenals set piece goals need chalking off coz Gabriel & Saliba make those sorts of challenges every time – and fairly I would add. It’s a committed attempt to win a header & score a goal FFS!!.

    It was an appalling decision & the officiating of our beautiful game has completely gone to the dogs.


  6. RIP Joe Kinnaer

    His time at NUFC won’t have been the highlight of his footballing career I’m sure but I wouldn’t wish dementia on my worse enemy.


  7. Sharpy17:
    Well this ain’t the footy blog to come to for craic is it?!?!🙄

    It’s quite sad actually Sharpy. There used to be excellent chat and craic on here. All the issues put people off I guess and these chat threads are lost amongst the other articles I guess. I’ve been on here in its various guises since it was started and on Ed’s before that.


  8. Eds early day’s, then to Worky’s then Toonsy’s. Eds early days was good but not now. Then Worky’s was great always a lot of different topics on quiet football times as was Toonsy’s.
    Never knew what happened with Worky’s something to do with money I think.
    This site now misses Eric’s input and varied subjects to keep it lively.


  9. nutmag:
    Eds early day’s, then to Worky’sthen Toonsy’s.Eds early days was good but not now. Then Worky’s was great always a lot of different topics on quiet football times as was Toonsy’s.
    Never knew what happened with Worky’s something to do with money I think.
    This site now misses Eric’s input and varied subjects to keep it lively.

    Yeah something about misuse of site donations on .org I think, can’t remember exactly but I remember the good ol’ days this site would have 100s of comments and dozens of regulars


  10. Great news about Joelinton extending his stay with us (🤞🏼).

    He’s such a key component to our midfield imo and seems to be a huge character in the squad.

    His tenacity seems to set the tone for the rest of the team & I think he’s a big reason why we’ve been so vulnerable defensively with him missing.


  11. kimtoon:
    RIP JFK, a real character . My mum had vascular dementia , awful condition.

    Sorry to hear, Kim. My grandma struggled with dementia and Parkinsons in her final few years and passed away in January. Really hard, isn’t it 🙁


  12. Who would have thought it a short time ago (Pre Howe) most fans thought Big Joe was one of our worst signings and wanted rid of him. Since Eddie Howe he would be ‘my first’ name on the team sheet every game. I’ve said it before, not having him and Pope has been our big problem. They give the team backbone just being there.
    While I’m at it, hands up all who thought Gordon was a waste of money when we signed him?


  13. Nutmag – to be fair Big Joe is still one of the poorest CFs we’ve ever seen, but in midfield – he’s one of the best. We have Shelveys petulance to thank for that more than Howe I reckon.
    Howe had to improvise when Shelvey was sent off & dropped Joe back – and what a revelation!! The rest is history.

    But I agree, he & Pope are vitally important to this team.

    I have to be honest, I had a little doubt whether we’d keep Joe or cash in on him – I obviously hoped not, but all this talk of FFP and no movement in the January window – yeah it had me a little worried.

    On Gordon, I didn’t think he was a waste of money coz I didn’t see £45m as crazy money – not against some of the other fees being paid by Chelsea for example – or Man Utd for Anthony & Sancho.
    But never in a million years did I think he was as good as he’s proven to be!!. Then the way he went on when subbed last season, I just thought he was going to be more bother than he was worth.

    I might be wrong, but I think he’s become a father since joining us.

    He obviously had a fantastic summer with England & was player of the tournament – he got his head sorted & come back a different player.

    Honest, I think if he stays his course there is no limits for the lad – I know we will be bias but I honest think he’s every bit as good as Foden or Palmer.


  14. Olly and Ice , thanks . Mum passed in 2015 but her last 4 years or so were awful because of the Vascular dementia, it robs you of life before your’e dead.


  15. Kim – yeah Foden is generational talent that’s for sure.

    Gordon is very talented but it’s his workrate that stands out for me – every time he plays.

    I think Gordon is a better player than Grealish – who I also think is very talented.


  16. Sharpy and Kim Agree on Foden and Grealish but the trouble with Grealish is attitude.
    I think its a Yank saying but ‘He’s full of it’


  17. Nutmag – it may have originated over there but we have adopted it – but added an SH at the beginning of the last word 😂.

    With Grealish I don’t know if he’s bought into his own hype, or if he’s being asked to play a certain way by Pep or if it’s just that he doesn’t stand out as much in a mega squad 🤷🏼‍♂️.
    I still rate him very highly though & when he’s switched on he’s a top class player.


  18. I watched the Netflix on Man City & it was really good – but I could help but think about all the charges hanging over their head.

    I felt for Pep & the players there who have achieved it – but how much of it is down to rule breaching?!?!!

    They need to clear it up from the 115 or whatever it is. I know some of the breaches were stupid things like the length of the grass and stupid stuff like that – get rid of those stupid ones that are taking up time & resources and get them on the proper stuff.

    They’ve managed to penalise Everton 15 points for the last 2 years – which has since been reduced to 8 points.

    They need to hold City to account.


  19. City will have the PL tied up in knots for years with their lawyers over those charges. Meanwhile they’ll carry on picking up titles and cups .


  20. On Grealish, yes he comes over as a bit of a **** but I have seen him have some lovely interactions with disabled fans and I think he is guilty of just needing to grow up a bit and not get carried away with his own hype.
    On his talent, he is inconsistent with form, the very best are always on it.


  21. Ice No way!! If I did I would most likely have too pay. L.O.L. I class Grealish with Dele Alli (What ever happened to him?) and Zaha as players who perfected the art of falling over defenders legs to win free kicks and penalty’s Or put another way cheating! Grealish seems to do less of it now ‘Pep must of had a word’. We were once in the frame to sign Dele Alli I think.


  22. Nutmag – you might want to add one Alan Shearer to that list then mate – as he self confessed to mastering the art of wrestling with CBs and knowing when to appeal for the freekick (his words not mind mate).

    I get Grealishs comments about Miggy were out of order & to be fair to the lad he’s held his hands up & said so himself & apologised to Miggy. He was very drunk at the time of saying it & it wasn’t cool – but I know I’ve had to grovel apologise after a drunken night out in the past too (I bet I’m not the only one).

    I actually find him quite honest in his interviews & as Kim has already pointed out, his interaction with fans especially the younger ones is far from big headed.

    He needs a haircut!! and I don’t think he’s £100m – but he can only do something about 1 of those things 😂.

    But I can’t imagine any of us know enough about the lad to judge him that definitely 🤷🏼‍♂️.


  23. Sharpy I would agree the three I mentioned might be great lads with their talent they just really don’ t need to use those tactics in their game. I think with Shearer he was a big enough lad to mix it with most defenders and take it as well as dish it out. I don’t remember Shearer rolling around in pretend agony or any other act. I just wish players were more honest these days.


  24. nutmag:
    Ice No way!! If I did I would most likely have too pay. L.O.L.I class Grealish with Dele Alli (What ever happened to him?) and Zaha as players who perfected the art of falling over defenders legs to win free kicks and penalty’s Or put another way cheating! Grealish seems to do less of it now ‘Pep must of had a word’. We were once in the frame to sign Dele Alli I think.

    Spot on bud


  25. Big Joe has signed a new 4 year contract! Excellent news! Looking forward to seeing a midfield of big Joe, Bruno and Tonali! 👍


  26. 100% gilly..
    Absolute force them 3 will be. Tonali had full year of training the eddie howe way. With incomings in summer am lookin forward to next season already, we need to push for eufa cup to be more appealing


  27. I’m usually a pretty positive fella and I hope we get to see that trio one day – imagine if we do – and ahead of them we’d have Gordon & Isak and maybe Barnes or another quality RWF. Pope in goal, Botman, Tino … we are definitely getting close to a top 4 first 11 (I know there is still a lot of work to do on the overall squad).

    But there is a seam of doubt we will get to see Joelinton, Bruno & Tonali.

    Obviously Joelinton signing is brilliant news & he’s so important to our team. But with Tonali suspended still & a risk that could be extended due to further gambling claims – who knows when we might see him 🤷🏼‍♂️.
    But then when he is clear of suspension – will Bruno still be with us?!. I genuinely believe the lad himself is happy at NUFC at this stage of his career – he’s enjoying his football & the exposure playing for our club brings – he’s loved by the fans as is his family and he’s in the Brazil team.

    But he keeps rising the way he is & £100m is nothing in comparison to other players who have gone for that fee.

    Will we be forced into selling him to continue improving the squad before we see Tonali back?!.


  28. I should quickly add, I meant no disrespect to Trippier or Schar, or even Burn for that matter who I don’t think has the quality of the Trippier but leaves everything out there for us.
    My thinking was what our first team might look like by the time Tonali is back – with Trips being 33/34, I see Tino taking the RB spot in the not too distance future.


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