Tottenham (H): Pre-match thoughts, team news, possible line-ups & prediction

There has been no match-up that has rivalled the drama provided by Spurs travelling to St James’ Park in recent years. Consistently they have provided drama, and more recently, goals.

A thumping 6-1 win with five goals in 20 minutes? Done that. A 5-1 win when we were already relegated condemning Spurs to finish third in a two-horse-race? Done that too. Gaffer sent off for shoving an assistant referee even though we won? Step up Alan Pardew.

In the here and now, Spurs travel to St James’ having only won one of their last six away games. In contrast, the Toon’s record at home shows only one defeat in the last six.

But as we know, football isn’t played on paper and even if it was, Eddie Howe’s Mags would look shaky fielding a makeshift backline once again as Howe confirmed Lewis Hall had not trained this week. Nevertheless, we come into the game on the back of an impressive win against Fulham given that we were not at our best at all.

“It wasn’t a great performance, but we were dogged and determined,” Howe said. “I thought it was a big step forward, not playing too well but finding a way to score and win the game. We haven’t been able to do that enough this season, find a way to win games like that.”

And Howe has also talked up the job that Spurs boss Ange Postecoglou has done at the club since arriving in the summer. “I admire them tactically; I admire them physically. A lot of credit must go to Ange for the job he has done and the philosophy he has implemented. I think they have played very well this year.”

But the gaffer has said that the season is still in our hands, even if Champions League qualification looks dead and buried.” I think you lose control of your destiny if you’re always looking for external factors why you aren’t performing at your best,” he said.

“I always believe, no matter the circumstances, you can still win games and you can still ask your players to perform. I’ve always been a firm believer of that. It’s still in our hands and I back the players we have to play well.”

Team news

Willock (achilles) looks set to miss out, despite promising feedback after seeing a specialist. Hall has not trained this week and is a doubt. Of those currently injured, Howe said that Livramento is the closest to a return, but he has not trained this week either.

Trippier remains out. Joelinton, Targett, Pope, Wilson, Almiron and Miley are also absent, along with ACL casualties Botman and Lascelles. Cathal Heffernan was seen training with the first team this week – the young defender scored in Newcastle U18’s UEFA Youth League win over Milan earlier this season.

For the visitors, Richarlison has been ruled out and appears to be the only senior player of note who’ll be missing for Spurs.

Predicted line-up: Dubravka – Krafth, Schar, Burn, Dummett – Bruno, Longstaff, Anderson – Gordon, Isak, Barnes.

Wow does that defence look makeshift. With the news that Hall has not trained this week, I expect he would not make the squad. In steps Paul Dummett who needs to have learned the lessons of his ill-fated cameo against Everton.

Please Eddie, can we have a front three of Gordon, Isak and Barnes? It may cure my clinical cynicism and revitalise my optimism.

Prediction: Newcastle 2 – 2 Spurs

I really don’t want us to lose this one. My blind loyalty is the only thing keeping me from predicting a loss, especially with that makeshift back four and the lack of options to come off the bench.

Still, all it will take very little for one of the young lads to make themselves a hero.

We trust the process and remember that there is still a lot of football to play. We can finish in the top seven.


About Joshua Nichol

Joshua is a freelance journalist currently training at Sunderland Uni, but is a lifelong Newcastle fan and enjoyer of retro football kits.

31 thoughts on “Tottenham (H): Pre-match thoughts, team news, possible line-ups & prediction

  1. Win loose or draw tomorrow we still have great owners, great manager, great players and the best supporters in the world. How can we fail. The future looks very good from where I’m sitting.


  2. the so called top six are trying anything to hold us back these bloody daft rules have to change it makes you so angry


  3. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to having a little wobble a month or 2 back mind.
    I probably did reluctantly question if Howe was the right man for us – without ever fully committing to it.

    I have so much respect & admiration for how he conducts himself, how he goes about his business & what he is trying to achieve is just magical. I pick my words carefully with ‘trying’ as it’s been great so far, but I don’t think we are where he wants his team to be yet.

    As difficult as this season has been, I think it’s probably had a bit of everything in terms of learning for Howe – who’s only really had 2 managerial roles with Bmth & NUFC (I know he was at Burnley too but not very long).

    To have worked his way through the leagues with Bmth, then oversee the elevation of NUFC – and he’s the same age as me!! 😳😂

    What’s great is as much as I think he’s the right man for us – he has entirely the right people above him too – I have huge respect for Darren Eales & our saviour Mandy.


  4. Have you seen that defence? Oh dear. Jacob Murphy is playing RB. Murph, Krafth, Schar and Burn. 😬😬. I fear this will not go well.


  5. icedog:
    the so called top six are trying anything to hold us back these bloody daft rules have to change it makes you so angry

    Ice, Makes you wonder what’s the point doesn’t it. Wish they’d all effed off to the SL, least then the rest of us might win something. For over 30 years it’s been the same 2 or 3 clubs winning the title with the exception of 2 years blackburn and Leicester and where are they now.


  6. One things for sure if we still have to sell it should be made clear to all new signings they won’t be sold to a PL team. We cannot keep being a feeder club for the top 6 teams. We should at least be able to control some part of the clubs destiny .


  7. kimtoon:
    One things for sure if we still have to sell it should be made clear to all new signings they won’t be sold to a PL team. We cannot keep being a feeder club for the top 6 teams. We should at least be able to control some part of the clubs destiny .

    Absolutely Kim!


  8. Patience guys its onward and upwards one step at a time. Last season we got a bit ahead of ourselves. This season long term injuries have hampered us but we’re still in there swinging.
    Not long ago we were fighting relegation annually and playing some dire stuff. As long as we keep going forward as we are, we can take the odd set back in results.


  9. Isakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    Deaf spectators loving that too, just brilliant


  10. My god .. well that escalated quickly. 2 great goals but Isak could’ve had a hat trick or more. We’ve been a bit wasteful. Hope we can convert a few more. This attack of Barnes, Isak and Gordon is fantastic.


  11. WOW WOW WOW!!! just WOW.

    I saw the starting 11 and thought that back 5 is so makeshift it has to be vulnerable against that Spurs attack – BUT our front 3 are up there with the best in the league – suggests goals both ends.

    I’ve been so impressed with our defensive performance – including the midfield blocking that space Maddison & the full backs take up – brilliant!!.

    But the synergy of our attackers is just a joy to watch man. Gordon & Isak are special players!!. Barnes & Anderson are supporting them really well & we look dangerous every attack.

    They HAVE to come at us in the 2nd half – but good luck against our counter attack.

    No silly mistakes please & let’s take at least 1 more of these chances 🤞🏼🤞🏼


  12. Scharrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    get in, he deserves that, been excellent today


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