Same old story from Sunderland.

No caption needed! Anyone else thinking what I’m thinking? I know, I know, it’s a silly question as you can’t really tell what I’m thinking, right? So let me explain.

With derby day just around the corner it is perhaps inevitable that the tension and build-up will start to crank up a notch.

The nerves are starting to jangle for me, and no doubt as the occasion draws ever closer those nerves will turn into apprehension, excitement, anxiety and so on. It will be the same for many of us, and it will be the same for Sunderland fans, although admittedly they will only display this behaviour between 7am-7pm or wheatever time their ASBO tags consign them to the boundaries of their Pennywell slums.

It’s those deluded fools which I want to focus on for this article. Not just the fans, but their horrible little tin-pot club and the unfortunate misfits who staff it.

You see, last time out you could have perhaps understood their cockyness. Bullish claims of how they were going to wipe the floor with us in our own back yard surfaced from confident fans who were keen to point out that Sunderland were the North-East’s top-dogs given the progression they had made in our Premier League absence.

Whilst they have managed to establish themselves as a Premier League team, they have failed in their attempt to be top dogs. All the bravery and bravado was quickly zapped from them when we hammered them 5-1 earlier on in the season. I will never forget looking up at level seven and watching them try to disperse from St James’ Park with their faces a slightly darker shade of red than the stripes on their top. They got what they deserved that day, of that there is little doubt.

So you would think that perhaps they may have learned their lesson and would perhaps be acting with some humility in the build up to the reprisal. Not so it seems, as the papers seem alarmingly full of how they are out for revenge and how they owe it to the fans. Even Steve “I’m a Geordie” Bruce has got in on the act by pointing out that he has a song lined up to played over the Tandy 12hz tannoy system at the Stadium of Shite should the home side be victorious on the day.

And they had the audacity to call us classless 🙄

You see, they never learn, which is a trait which is made worse by their all consuming jealousy. They may have had more reasons to laugh at us over the last couple of years, but we ALWAYS have reasons to laugh at them.

I look at their squad and think it’s fairly average to be honest. I would only have a couple of their players at a push. Look at the money it is costing them in wages aswell. The “next level” will be a distant dream if Ellis Short pulls the plug or if they fall foul of these new financial rules. Shame.

They have a chairman who, by all accounts seems a top lad, and despite his somewhat bizarre love of Sunderland, has to beg fans to attend games by offering two tickets for £10. The result? 17,000 pink, tacky, empty seats. It won’t be the case this weekend though as some of their fans step inside the SOS for the first time since we were there last. They only come to see United!

Try and banter with them and they will be quick to point out that their record away win came against us. Research this and you will see that this record was recorded shortly after the invention of the wheel, but before Stonehenge was built. A bit more research will show you that we actually won the league in that season aswell. Eclipsed.

I could go on all day, literally, but the fact is that we eclipse them in pretty much every department. We always have done, and we always will do. This is what really grates with them.

Remember, this is a rivalry that, historically, goes way beyond football.

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  1. Ha ha, I missed a little punctuation there! But yes I imagine he had ginger hair and a tartan cap!!! Lol.


  2. Daverism….PS3 for me mate…..bloody hopeless tho, young whipper snappers wi fast reactions and a good eye 🙁


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