Money CAN buy you love……

Andy Carroll

Andy Carroll
Gone, soon to be forgotten.
Andy Carroll is on the verge of joining Liverpool from his boyhood team in a move that is said to be valued upwards of £35 million.

If you sit back and look at it, it’s fantastic money and is probably far in excess if his real value, but then again you could always argue that the potential of Carroll could mean that the price is a fair valuation based upon his age and how much he could improve.


It’s a massive kick in the bollocks from a player who regulalry used to tell us all how he was living the dream playing for his hometown club and wearing the number nine shirt. He talked of emulating Shearer and looking forward to the future at Newcastle United and only recently signed a new five-year deal with the club.

The rhetoric was that Carroll was not for sale during this window, and the club rebuffed numerous bids for the up-and-coming striker including the one that was eventually accepted. In the end, Carroll took the decision into his own hands and handed in a transfer request which the club ‘reluctantly accepted’ according to a brief statement.

The first time that someone flashed a bit of cash in the face of Carroll he walked out. Some may not blame him for that, even I don’t to an extent, but I would have liked to have seen a bit more loyalty from a player that has spent time in the headlines for the wrong reasons more often than he has been in there for the right reasons.

Court cases, arrests, allegations, off-field trouble or whatever, the club, and the fans, stuck by him. Loyalty, on this occasion, appears to have only worked one way.

What has pissed me off more than anything is that it has left us very little time to do anything in the transfer market to try and replace Carroll. Sure he will be a miss, but he isn’t bigger than the club and Newcastle United will live to fight another day.

No doubt he will pass his medical and go on to be a very good player, but no matter how much money the guy has it will never change the fact that he has turned his back on his own after flanelling off an entire fanbase with his cheap talk.

I note that Carroll’s advisors contacted Sky Sports to reveal that the decision made by Carroll was “an emotional one” but never mind eh? I’m sure the cash will help sooth the pain in your Liverpool slums.

The Beatles, another bunch of scouse shitbags, once penned a song called ‘Can’t buy me love’, with the preceeding word being money……

In the case of Carroll it appears it can.

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235 thoughts on “Money CAN buy you love……

  1. I still can’t believe it
    the supposed ‘local’ lad have just walked away from his ‘beloved’ club after all those crap talk how he committed to the club 🙄
    certainly money can change the man 😥

    is there any interview from him yet ??
    want to know what he’ll come out


  2. Good lad that I am I’ll reserve further predictions in order to give Toonsy time to adjust himself.


  3. ToonTyne – What is your problem with me? Its becoming a bit obsessive. I’m not fond of stalkers like….

    I mean if you are stuck because I shared my opinion then fair enough, but at the time I wouldn’t have rushed out 😉

    Of course, hindsight is a wonderful thing….


  4. Well, I don’t really regard myself as a stalker yet if that’s how you label disagreement I guess I’m guilty. Of course as I’m sure you know much worse has been said on the board, don’t you think? And about your opinions I would just say that at times you seem a bit of an apologist for the management. On the other hand I think you write well and have good insight at times. Noone’s perfect; you or me or anyone else. I especially thought your “rush out” comment was disingenuous. It seemed you were denigrating those who were advocating actions to strengthen the team and as we’ve just witnessed that mightn’t have been a bad idea. Cheers.


  5. There is disagreement, and there is continued taking the piss like you are doing. Disagree by all means, but FFS drop it as it gets a bit tiresome when the only thing you say is always aimed at me.

    You know if you don’t like my views, disagree, fair play, but be aware that my view isn’t the same on everything. Why would my comments mean anything to anyone? Giver your heed a shake man. It may be lost over the water, but I’m not a spokesman for anyone.

    At the end of the day, drop the continued sniping as it’s ****ing boring man. There are no bars on the windows, and if you don’t like it/struggle to add to without coming across as a bit if a tit then you know what to do, don’t you?


  6. Well, the weight of your reply certainly speaks to your sensitivity to criticism. Why opine on a board and then be so thin skinned? I’ve no problem logging out. Perhaps that’s best.


  7. ToonTyne – It’s not being thin skinned, and it the sensitivity to REPEATED criticism and people that CAN’T MOVE ON that do me napper in.

    Did you know that 80% of your comments have been critical of myself? But much maybe? Bit obsessive perhaps? When it’s written as a statistic it woupld appears so, wouldn’t it?


  8. In fact out of all of your comments, only two have been about football and Newcastle United, and the rest have been about me 🙄

    Do I want you to log out? No. But can you see my point now?


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