Alan Pardew’s charm offensive on Joey Barton?

Alan Pardew.

Alan Pardew.
Pardew's kind words on Barton.
Alan Pardew has paid homage to Joey Barton today and insists that the midfielder can achieve everything the he has ever wanted at NUFC.

Barton has been one of the key performers for Newcastle this season, and when he plays well Newcastle generally tend to play well. That cycle has been broken in recent weeks though as Barton has missed the last two home games against with an injury that he picked up in the warm up for the match against Bolton.

Whether Barton will be fit to feature against Stoke at the weekend is still not known, although I personally have my doubts that he will be fit enough. Call it pessimism or whatever, but I think that his niggling injury will prohibit him from returning at The Britannia.

Pardew explained to The Chronicle just how he perceives the complex mind of Joey Barton:

“Joey is not a normal footballer, he is quite eccentric. His eccentricity extends to his game too and he does things on a football pitch that are eccentric at times. That’s what makes him the player that he is.”

“He has been consistent on the pitch because he’s been consistent off it with his behaviour. And Joey’s behaviour is a reflection of where he is at.”

“He carries his heart on his sleeve a little bit still and there have been games we’ve played when I can see he’s been upset. When he’s upset it can affect him. At Fulham he was upset about something – and I won’t go into reasons why – and he didn’t play well.”

“Nobody understands it better than himself, and no one has worked harder at it than him. You have to pay him full tribute for that. From where he was not that long ago it is a tremendous feat.”

Pardew’s bum kissing of Barton continued as he talked about how he has tried to help the 28-year-old and how he can be successful if he maintains the clean-living lifestyle that has trasformed the bad boy into an example for others to follow. Pardew said:

“I’ve had a great relationship here with Joey. He’s got four or five years, maybe six, still left at the very top. And if he stays in the space he’s in now, he will have a successful period.”

“I think I understand him and, in my own way, I’ve tried to assist him and in the process he’s delivering. Make no doubt about it, he’s had help from Sporting Chance and his mentors, as well as Chris Hughton and me. But it’s all about Joey – and he has to be able to see it through.”

“He doesn’t drink alcohol now and that is a wise decision given the character that he is, and you have to pay credit to him for that.”

Now this is all very sterile and is nothing that we haven’t heard before, so I’m wondering if this is an Alan Pardew charm offensive that will hopefully tug on Barton’s heart strings a little and get him to commit his future to The Magpies.

Who knows? What we do know is that both sides had apparently agreed a deal, then nothing happened. Why nothing happened is up for debate but there has been speculation regarding the length of the deals and goalposts being moved and allsorts. There was even a rumour suggesting that Joey Barton had gone on some form of strike, which seems odd considering that he was with the rest of the players on the bench. Surely he wouldn’t have been allowed there if there was some form of issue?

Anyway, what matters is that we tie the lad down. If it takes a little bit of cosying up then so be it, but the longer it goes the more the speculation will increase. Newcastle need to be focussing on bringing players in this summer and keeping hold of the ones that we’ve got.

And that includes Barton!

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59 thoughts on “Alan Pardew’s charm offensive on Joey Barton?

  1. Yeah JB’s an interesting character, didn’t think he was the type who needs an arm around his shoulder tho
    Maybe the rumours around JB and Pards falling out have some truth or maybe he’s just trying to get him to sign a new contract. I thought the sticking point was that the club had only offerred him a 2 year extension and he wanted a 3 year extension tho Pards is saying he can have another 5 or 6 years at the top so surprised we just dont get a 3 year contract extension sorted now


  2. For me its key that barton stays. He controls the tempo of the game for us and is just a top player


  3. I’m just not sure about it all. As I’ve said before, the arrival of Ireland is making me wonder about it all.


  4. Come on Joey sign up lad…you’ve been quality this season but you stll owe us a good three more seasons or so to make it up to us 😀


  5. We didn’t pay 6 million for one good season from him. He owes us more than that considering we stuck by him when he got locked up.


  6. Or maybe like some other players he’s waiting to see the ambition of mr Michael Wallace Ashley in the summer. It may backfire on a few aswell if we sign a ‘Tiote’ for there position, could you imagine Nicky Butt or Alan Smith getting a game when he’s fit. 😆


  7. Well I hope we have Barton and Ireland on the bench for Wolves. To me that is starting to look like a must-win game especially if we don’t win at Stoke. What do people think?


  8. I have been a srong supporter of Barton since we signed him and he is my favorite player on thec lub if I must pick one. But if he leaves over a few quid after we suck with him, he will make AC look like a club hero.


  9. Dave – 😆

    “Knowledge” 😆

    One game this week then another two weeks off. It’s getting ridiculous now like 😕


  10. One comment. And it’s no secret DJG. I’ve not hidden it and I was on there during the week as well.

    Toon knowledge 😆


  11. Why do you keep saying knowledge? Is it a personal joke or something. Im just puzzled by your weird sense of humour 🙂


  12. Aye…isn’t it funny how we are having a whinge about the lack of games, whilst 2 weeks ago we were having a debate about not having the squad size to fight on a few different fronts?

    A good cup run next season would be very welcome!!!


  13. I’m just puzzled how someone can think Nicky Butt still plays for us 😆

    You know Shearer has retired don’t you?


  14. I didn’t think he still played for us, he went to China or god knows where last summer when his contract expired. You assumed that. Never assume toonsy, im sur you know how the saying goes. 😀


  15. So why would a Tiote type signing impact on Nicky Butt’s chance of a game for us? A particularly pertinent point when you mention a current player in the same breath?

    Keep squirming 😆

    Just admit you dropped a bollock 😉


  16. No because thats why I said ‘could you imagine’ Nicky Butt getting a game now, not ‘how will Nicky Butt get a game with this lad here’.

    ‘Keep squirming’

    Have you lost the plot. 😆


  17. DJG
    Posted March 14, 2011 at 2:30 PM

    “could you imagine Nicky Butt or Alan Smith getting a game when he’s fit.”

    Why would we have to imagine? He no longer plays for us.

    Bollock 😆


  18. OMG you actually think that I thought that nicky Butt still played for us thats why I asked if you’d lost the plot. 🙂


  19. TOONSY,getting there mate thanks,had long chat with brother on the phone,to late to get there as its t/morrow,as he gave all his organs,straight away,thinks that some of him is still around,if thats his way to help get over it go for it


  20. DJG, who do you think is our best midfield when everyone is fully fit?

    I’m going with:

    Ruel Fox Steve Clarke Rob Lee Scott Sellars

    and then I’m thinking Peter Beardsley just behind the strikers.

    I also think we should sign that Batistuta fellow, he looks mint 😉


  21. JJ

    It ok mate. I’ll be off to get the definition of the term ‘hypothetical thinking’ next if you’s try any more jokes. 🙂


  22. JJ

    Come to think of it, is it not too late to press Beardsley into action as a super-sub. He’s still at the club, can’t be much older than Kevin Philips and Sol Campbell. 😛


  23. cheers djg,

    going back to last thread,i would move harper on at 36,then read jens lehmann is going back to gunners till end of season hes 41 😯


  24. batty

    He looked alright when I watched him in a reserve match (lower level) But he looked almost apologetic and embarrassed against Liverpool. The trouble is he is now quite slow and heavy on his feet and it’s just like he wants to be a dictator or something and execute the offside trap all of the time without actually running anywhere. The legs go but the brain is excellent.


  25. t’noon all. 🙂

    Bit weird AP coming out with this now; it doesn’t sound like off-the-cuff stuff, this – it’s been said for a reason.

    Like Toonsy, I wonder about the Ireland link. Perhaps the fall-out from the AC thing, on top of the CH thing, and then the 2-year/3-year thing caused a big enough falling-out that the club lined up Ireland as a backup and to show Joey they weren’t going to back down. It would be about the only plausible explanation I’ve heard for getting Ireland, so the logic works from both ends.

    Doesn’t explain this latest arse-kissing though. Odd. 😕


  26. Toonsy-

    In response to yesterday’s inquiry regarding Gianluigi- No. He is in fact a cousin to Wario. Slightly more athletic than his cuz, he’s been known to play between the sticks for Juventus and the Italian national team. During the off season, he enjoys kidnapping princesses and raising armies of koopa troopas.


  27. see best picked in ireland games end of march,well another injury comeing up then,one game against uruguay, like to put there foot in them lads 😀


  28. Probably will turn on the dodgy channel at the pub and it will be Campbell walking oot in that blue strip we always lose in. 😕


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