Newcastle announce further U.S fixture.

Crew Stadium - Home of Columbus Crew.
Newcastle have announced a second pre-season fixture as what started out as a training camp with a match at the end of it rapidly turns into a mini-tour of the USA.

Columbus Crew will once again welcome the Toon Army to Crew Stadium on July 26th, just six days after the first fixture against Sporting Kansas City and 11 years after we were last at Crew Stadium when we played out a 2-2 draw. For the archivists, Carl Cort scored both goals for us that day.

This mini-tour gives fans over the pond a rare chance to see their black and white idols up close and personal as well as giving the club a more prominent role on the global football map.

As I said in the article about the Kansas City match, the USA is virtually an untouched market for Newcastle. A lot of teams have conducted U.S tours over the last few years and have reaped the benefits of it.

It’s all part of growing the NUFC brand. I hate the word ‘brand’ but to be fair it’s what football has become has become and to compete you must try and bring in the largest amount of money. I wonder how much Newcastle will make through advertising? Probably not much, but I’d hazard a guess that it would be more than what we would make if we went to Rotherham or some such place.

So that’s two fixtures announced:

20-07-2011 – Sporting Kansas City.
26-07-2011 – Columbus Crew.

I expect we’ll see one more fixture added to that.


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133 thoughts on “Newcastle announce further U.S fixture.

  1. Ice – I had my wedding reception in a masons hall. Not the inner sanctum though, but he did allow us to go in there for the pics, which is rare apparently. Mind you, I think even he knew that shoving a women in a wedding dress outside in the snow would have caused problems 😆


  2. Dog-

    We don’t keep it a secret here like. We have Masonic license plates and we wear rings and cuff links and the like. I mean we don’t *flash* it like, but we don’t hide it either.


  3. Rich – I know 😆

    I didn’t see anything but I was reliably informed by several people who did 😉


  4. TOONSY lol.
    OHURLEY the only way i knew was he gave me his scroll thingy to keep in the safe,and being a nosey git i had a peek 😛


  5. Dave-

    From what I understand of his… erm… “habits”… he’s probably got black balls already! 😆


  6. Toonsy-

    Are you an atheist? (I’m a secular humanist with a belief in a sort of unifying energy of the universe, and I’m a Mason lol) As long as you believe in SOME kind of higher power, then yes.


  7. Dave-

    Your tattoes are wicked awesome btw. You’re gonna have to put the Toon crest on my arm like!


  8. think i would look like a fanny ganning doon the street with them little case thingy-me bobs with his sash and **** in


  9. OH, so you’re on for the Columbus game then? Trying to choose between KC and Columbus…long flight from NorCal either way…

    I am hoping for a 3rd and would love a West Coast venue…Galaxy, Chivas…San Jose would be ideal.

    Perhaps I’ll see you at the Columbus one.


  10. NorCal-

    Yeah, man I’m defo on the Columbus game! If you make it out, we gotta hook up. We should get all the Yanks on here and try to get the same section. That would be freakin epic.


  11. OHURLEY kna he keeps that sort of ****e in his case,its a scroll type thing with his name lodge ect on it


  12. Ohhh, I bet it’s his patent. Probably the English equivalent of our Dues cards or summit. Or maybe a certificate that he earned by being raised or summit.


  13. “Scroll? You mean his lambskin apron?”

    Ice has a lambskin condom from back in the day 😆


  14. Richie 😆 I thought you were talking about Tattooed :mrgreen: I was going to give a speech on not to get things done unless your 100% sure its what you want 😆
    Richie I haven’t got round to making an appointment with the Doc as I hate going there but I really only think I will need to get one hand done. But I will need to get it done for sure


  15. RICHIE 👿

    see rout has scored 2 the neet oh well.
    well ime off later lads,richie get off the beer and gan to bed “alone”


  16. Dave 😆

    The only Tattoo I’ve ever said I’d get would be the Toon crest when we win a major trophy…….that was 30 years ago and I’m as unlikely to get one anytime soon as I was back then 😆


  17. pretty unoriginal stadium that columbus crew have isn’t it!

    Also who is going to go down this season?


  18. @Toonsy: Recently I having difficulties accessing here,it takes longer than usual to load the webpage…. Other websites are fine. 👿


  19. AOD – Interesting. The pages will take longer to load simply because there is a lot more comments to load up these days. I’ve looked at loading stats and nowt has changed on that front (still slightly up and down) and I’ve not notcied any difference.

    Anyone else having any problems?


  20. You’ll be alreet man 😉

    You should be like me and get your energy from being plugged into the internet :mrgreen:


  21. Don’t worry I have my laptop, blackberry and xbox all on the go at the minute :mrgreen:

    Also am not even playing FIFA, am playing GTA, the ultimate lazy game 💡


  22. GTA – Haven’t played that for ages man. I stared a new game on it not so long back just to piss about on. Love it me 🙂


  23. I’m glad we didn’t know what was going on behind the scenes when he first done it otherwise it would everyone paranoid 😯


  24. Damn right it would! Hopefully he can get back to his best, but I’m unsure now to be honest.

    Granted it’s a newspaper, but they are his words and there is only so much twisting you can do.


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