Jose’s away then!

Enrique - Liverpool bound?
It looks like Jose Enrique will be off in the summer as rumours of a Β£15 million deal with Liverpool begin to surface.

Now usually I put very little credence in press reports and I’m never far away from rubbishing things – good or bad – the appear in the news about our club. This time it’s different though, mainly due to my gut feeling and observations, and I actually do believe that he is off in the summer.

This is not the recent speculation that has swayed my opinion. All it’s done has kind of put things into place in my own mind. I stood in the away end at The Britannia and mentioned to Marktoon about how disinterested Jose appeared, and it’s been that way ever since.

Put simply we are not seeing the Jose Enrique that we all know and love. His performances have dropped and he seems distant when you look at him. He’s just come back from injury of course which is a good enough excuse for looking a bit out of sorts, but I feel that there is more to it than meets the eye.

Add to that the fact that Phil Thompson has been rattling on to Norwegian TV and has suggested that Enrique to Liverpool is a done deal and you have an awful lot of strong rumours surfacing at the same time. Lost in translation? Nah, ‘Big Nose’ spoke in English. Well, Scouse anyway.

Now my instant reaction was of doubt. I mean what does Phil Thompson know, right? Add it with all my other feelings however and you get the inkling that something could be awry.

We’ll have to wait until the summer for confirmation of course, but I’m not holding out much hope of Jose signing a new deal. Fair enough, it’s his choice and if he doesn’t want to be here then so be it and there is very little that we can do about it. He’ll be a big miss though, that’s for sure.

Still, my gut feelings have been wrong before, and hopefuly they are wrong on this one.

Fingers crossed!

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44 thoughts on “Jose’s away then!

  1. No surprise at all – dunno how he knows it’s a done deal though, it’s like Shearer coming out and saying Newcastle have signed someone.

    Surely Pardew knows the crack, if he is off in the summer just let Fergie play left back not? I certainly wouldn’t play Jose if its for sure he is going.


  2. Be really disappointed if we lose Enrique to another English team. Could stomach it if he was tempted to go back home to Spain but not to the scouse bindippers. I’ve thought for some time that he wasn’t quite right, distracted or whatever. Hopefully it’s just rumor mongering in the press, but if he decides to go there will be very disappointed in him.


  3. Andrew – I’m hopeful that because I think he’ll be off I’ll get proved wrong. Hopefully πŸ™


  4. Why do we sell to rivals/competitors…drives me nuts. I hope he’s not off…the means it’s time to retire my kit, and if he does go, I certainly hope it’s after the game against the Columbus Crew, just so I can wear the kit of a current player.

    This will really piss me off. He’s my favorite (current) player.


  5. all i can say is if it is true… **** off
    He said all this shyte about staying when we were safe, if he does go just another money grabbing lieing footballer!


  6. Two things.

    If we can get Β£15m for him, I would take it. That would give us a minimum of Β£50m to spend in the summer!

    Another thing, I wouldn’t be playing him to be honest. He looks like he doesn’t want to play and I don’t think it’s good for the team morale.

    Personally I think Enrique, Tiote and Barton will all be gone in the summer. Carroll leaving has left a nasty taste in players mouths and I really feel the better players don’t really think there’s much ambition at the club. πŸ™

    It’s going to be a really interesting summer – sadly for us I think it’ll be a bad one.


  7. After the way Liverpool handled the Carroll transfer, wouldn’t surprise me if they were bragging to the likes of Thompson. Surely he doesn’t have authorisation to go blurting that out before time though? If Jose goes to Liverpool I will be totally devastated


  8. Stuart don’t disagree except not sure Tiote will go yet, I think he will be here another year.


  9. His brother is his agent I think.

    Theres no way we would get 15 mill with one year left – be lucky to get 8.


  10. Moreno – That would be a surprise πŸ˜‰

    A double surprise in fact πŸ˜‰

    Surprise Surprise πŸ˜‰

    Coat. Fetched πŸ˜₯


  11. In all seriousness if we had at least Β£50m to spend in the summer we could have real go at getting into the top 7 imo.



    Will be gutted but not surprised or not angry if he leaves he deserves to play European football and I can see him easily slotting into the top teams in Europe but I would love to see him stay.

    Will we get Β£50m in the summer? No way but it would be amazing if we did!


  13. We won’t get Β£50 million though. If we made that from flogging Carroll and Jose I reckon we’d end up with about Β£30 mill with the rest to go on wages.


  14. JOSE JOSE JOSE JOSE FLYSAWAY FLTSAWAY! seems a better option to me sy πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜†


  15. Toonsy, knew you wouldn’t let me down πŸ˜‰

    Can understand selling a player who has had his head turned. If he doesn’t want to be here blah blah ****in blah. Just not to Liverpool πŸ™


  16. How much do we pay as wages this season??

    If Ashley was serious about keeping the club and looking forward to the future you would have thought that that if we got Β£15m for Jose we COULD have Β£40m as a transfer kitty and have Β£10m of the Β£50m on wages and also whatever we were going to get say another Β£20m on wages that would contribute Β£20m to the wages and we would have Β£40m to spend. But will that happen? No I doubt it but I don’t see why not.


  17. I want him to go abroad is he does go, hate Liverpool. First Carroll now Jose…Probably get Tiote after Jose.


  18. toonsy
    Posted April 10, 2011 at 10:09 PM
    We won’t get Β£50 million though. If we made that from flogging Carroll and Jose I reckon we’d end up with about Β£30 mill with the rest to go on wages.

    What about the money that would have been given to Pardew if nobody was sold?

    Also the club really shouldn’t include the money for wages, that’s a running cost and should be covered by the fixed income of the club.

    Also don’t forget the likes of Smith, possibly Guthrie, Lovenkrands, Routledge and Xisco could all leave and with them wages off it would save quite a lot. Not sure we’ll get much money for them though.


  19. Stuart – I see your point entirely, but you tell me which scenario you think is think is more likely.

    Mine – We won’t see all the money spent on transfers.

    Yours – We’ll spend all the money plus a bit more on transfer fees.

    I know where I would put my money πŸ˜‰


  20. I’m not saying we will do that, in fact I think this summer is going to be a complete disaster (in terms of players leaving). Whether that money is reinvested is another thing.


  21. Everyone knows we won’t see more than 35 million spent – no more than 25 mill get spent in my opinion, even if we sell Jose for 8 million and other players for small amounts.


  22. Just looked on twitter, savage said “the best english midfielder is getting one tonight” cant wait to hear what he ****ing says about him


  23. I’ve said it before, Newcastle are nothing more than Damian Comolli’s scouting team.

    Anyone we look at, negotiate with or have on our books, he offers more money for. He does no scouting of his own, he just looks at Newcastle blogs or Newcastle have a long term leak to the guy.

    His record at Tottenham and now Liverpool is frightening. EVERYONE connected to us is linked to his club.


  24. I do agree he hasn’t looked the same person in the last few games, and seems to have lost a lot of interest.
    But if he dosn’t want to be here there is nowt we can do


  25. Just came on to make a rant on the subject and saw the post. Get out my heed Toonsy πŸ˜‰
    I still hold the slightest of hope that maybe he’s not right because of the injury but by his reactions it looks to me like he’s gone. If that’s the case he can **** off. We’re to stay up and he has no interest?…


  26. I am… another South African Masters winner…

    Charles Schwartzel, made my weekend after Toon and the Bulls let me down.
    If Jose goes to Liverpool, I’ll hate him… same as Judas…

    Dislike Liverpool more than any other club in the league.


  27. Liverpool steal our great players in their prime and give us their donkeys in retirement….

    Ian Rush, John Barnes, Michael prick Owen… yet they get Beardsley and Judas, Enrique?…

    Then we Dogleash as the worst Toon manager EVER!! Hate them.


  28. LIverpool are fast becoming one of my most hated clubs as well! They think they are the **** as well but if Jose leaves I won’t be angry he deserves European football but Liverpool are barely Europe :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


  29. I’m not convinced that Jose will leave. He just gave an interview to stating that 1 more win was required to avoid relegation. Its a hint that he will start contract negotiations once we get 3 points.


  30. As Barton said, i want to see ambition, if he leaves well, it isn’t looking good !!!!!!!!


  31. If he does decide to leave, I’d like to see Emiliano Insua come our way as part of the exchange.


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