Another youth signed?

Newcastle eye a right Teteh!
Newcastle have apparently secured the services of 18-year-old striker/midfielder Mehdi Abeid after a successful trial with the club.

Who is he though? There really isn’t much info available on the young’un apart from the fact that he used to play for Lens, is now available on a free transfer, and has represented France at Under-18 level. Pretty much another signing for the future then, which is good but we also need signings for the present.

As far as current signings are progressing, well, they aren’t in all honesty but then again the season only ended a few days ago so it will be a while yet before we see anyone through the door at St James’ Park.

Another name linked is 21-year-old Sierra Leone striker, Teteh Bangura who currently plays for AIK Solna in Sweden. The striker is apparently dubbed “the new Didier Drogba” according to the Daily Mail which I feel, at just 21, is probably a bit premature. Bangura has scored four goals in eight appearances for his current club.

That’s two unknown players there to be honest, with not much information available on either. Never fear though as Alan Pardew still maintains that we are looking to add quality signings over the summer. At times the squad has been left wanting throughout the season, which is an area that needs adresssing if we are to push that bit higher up the league next year. This is something Pardew seems to recognise.

“We want to have better players next year, and get the maximum out of them. We’re in that process – that’s all I can say. I think it’s important we bring in quality players. We missed a lot of players this season,”
Pardew told The Chronicle.

“We need more quality players that can come in and make sure we win more games next year – it’s as simple as that.”

So it’s looking like all systems are on standby at the moment. I wouldn’t say they are on go just yet, but tentative signs of action are there. All we need to do know is firm up our interest and get those players through the door.

I make it sound easy, but of course it’s not. I can still envisage a frustrating summer, even though we have money available. That is exactly the problem though – if I know and you know we have some cash then so will everyone else and it’s only natural that they will want to exploit it to their advantage. It’s also only natural that the club won’t want to be exploited which is where I feel we could hit a brick wall when it comes to transfers.

Still it’s nice to see that Newcastle are pressing ahead and are acquiring more youth players. We already have some excellent young lads at the club so fair play to them for trying to build on that. However, I’ll end this article with a message that I’ve said once before, earlier on, and I’m sure it’s a message that we all agree with.

Please, please don’t forget the present!

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35 thoughts on “Another youth signed?

  1. I think its a numbers game with the younger players…I believe the club are stocking up in the hope a small percentage make it.

    Dont get me wrong, it’s good to see them coming in but it’s difficult to know how good they are & whether they’ll make it.


  2. Good stuff getting younglings in.

    Never fear. If you believe colin on Twitter gervinho maybe signing in the next 48 hours so that will be a signal of intent to those who still doubt Ashley and to those players still to sign a contract


  3. Good article Toonsy.Agree with you.Congratulations for yesterday, well done.You got onto Newsnow yet mate?


  4. All in favour of signing young guns. But the problem is getting them competitive football to bring on their development. The reserve team play in a league that has no real quality and all we keep hearing about our young players are they are not ready physically. The process of getting these young men into the first team has to be improved. I haven’t got a scooby doo how we can get over this


  5. Deepak – end of this month hopefully.

    I see van aanholt has signed a new deal with Chelsea. Shame. I’d have liked him here to be honest


  6. TlR – patience and a bit of fan understanding 😉

    In other news, Ryan giggs is named as the mystery football Shaffer 😯 Really? Never knew that…. 🙄


  7. I know toonsy. I’m only regurgitating the infamous MOTD quote in the hope that one day it may come back to bite me on the bum. 😉


  8. Just gave a run down on rumours on talkSPORT. The only time they mentioned Newcastle is with Joey apparent to leave on a free with a bounty of clubs in the hunt. Among them… Arsenal! surely not!

    What happened to him being loyal enough for a pay cut for the club? Geez…


  9. I hope thats a 2 instead of a 1, as in the mirror it says ‘arry has been to check on him personally and will bid £12 million. I am loving the rumours! Barton to go on a free?! Where do they get this guff?! 🙄


  10. have a different picture to ours, dunno which ones correct 😆

    Anyways its nice to see we’re still on the look out for the youth 🙂


  11. BTW – is that fella in the picture at the top supposed to be 21?

    He looks more like 41.

    They must have some killer paper rounds in Africa.


  12. TC by the time your 21 in Africa you’ve probably been working age for 15 years though. 😕


  13. If Warris and co are right that we’ve had terms and bid accepted but the agent is holding up the deal, what does that mean then? To me it just means they are using us to try and wake up the ‘big’ clubs. 🙁


  14. hmm, hesitant as I normally am to believe Cwarr, to be fair to him, whenever he’s put his neck on the line and given a timeline for a player arriving, it seems more likely. He got Tiote, Ben Arfa and Ireland all correct, and called Carroll’s sale at about 9 30 in the morning, when a lot of us were still doubting it would happen. Maybe there’s something to this one? I don’t know… Would love it if there was though! Hope we get all our signings bar one done early on, so we can have a bit of excitement throughout the summer!


  15. But i worry that if we have to many french / french colonies (call me racist im from Brisbane) players, then we will turn into an arsenal.

    Everyone might be mates and we still have the joeys and the nolans, but no fight anymore…..


  16. Andrew – I wouldn’t listen to anything that Furlong says – the idiot can’t even spell our managers name!


  17. Toonsy @9, signing a new deal means nowt – witness a certain no. 9 who recently left us!



  18. I want to see Giorginho Wijnaldum at SJP…PSV is going for him for just 5M…if i can compare him to C.Cole or Demba Ba, he is better player and younger…an if compare him to Xisco for 5,75, it can be great deal…


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