Jenkins expects Taylor movement within a week.

Huw Jenkins - Swansea's rather noisy chairman.
I caught an interview on Sky Sports News earlier which pricked my interest, which is strange considering it was mainly about Swansea City and not us.

Those who have watched the news channel will back me up on this, but for those who haven’t seen it, Sky are at the Swansea training ground generally being nosey and talking to anyone that moves about Swansea City, their training, and their forthcoming season in the Premier League. I’d hazard a guess that they will have outstayed their welcome by the end of the day, like a visitor that you wish would just piss off but don’t really want to tell them so.

Anyway, in one of the interview segments they managed to catch up with Swansea chairman Huw Jenkins, who you will all become familiar with over the next season. He’s one of those owners who has a view on everything and likes his views to be heard. Naturally the reported pressed him on the Neil Taylor situation.

“The main thing is we’re hoping to get everything resolved, if not this week by early next week. We’ll conclude things to our satisfaction then,” Jenkins told Sky Sports

“I don’t see that (tribunal) happening. I think, either way, things will be concluded between us and Neil and we’ll deal with it and move forward”

“I’m always confident that we can get out of the situations what we want, and we’ll make sure we do that for the best interests of our club. Neil is fine. He’s a young lad and perhaps all this has been blown out of proportion. We’ve got to make sure we protect him and he’s looked after and he settles down and looks forward to the new season.”

Jenkins didn’t really give too much away, which I guess is understandable just in case that Premier League arbitration hearing crops up, although he did say that he didn’t think it would get to that stage and things would be sorted out before then.

Perhaps something is in the pipeline involving Wayne Routledge, who Jenkins also admitted that Swansea were interested in? Who knows? Maybe that is what he means about sorting things to their satisfaction? Maybe they want more money? If they are waiting for that then they’ll be waiting a while…

At least, one way or the other, everyone will be able to draw a line under the whole thing in the next week or so.

I’ve made my feelings about Neil Taylor known. I’m pretty much ‘meh’ when people talk about his arrival in all honesty. I don’t know too much about him and the first real time I saw him action was when he was getting sent off in the play-off final. Not a great first impression in all honesty.

I still maintain that players like Taylor are fairly common and if a move doesn’t come off then we’ll have no real hardship finding another young left-back outside the Premier League. Sure he is the one our club has identified, but there are plenty more fish like Taylor in the sea in my opinion.

Maybe the deal will finally get done now? Maybe not. We’re actually no closer to knowing either way in all honesty.

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56 thoughts on “Jenkins expects Taylor movement within a week.

  1. Bloody Hell toonsy,
    Ya churning out more than Dr Ed ❗
    Are you on a bonus or what ❓ πŸ˜†


  2. Just thought I’d have a say on this, huw jenkins is not one of those chairman who has a say on everything, he very rarely says much at all. He is a quality chairman, and is just trying to get what he thinks neil taylor is worth. And the statement you made about swans being unwanted visitors, I think that’s just a case of newcastle stamping their feet like spoilt children because they can’t get their own way.
    Also as of this morning taylor was back in training with the swans, and looking sharp. He’s also started talks regarding a new contract with us, I suggest newcastle start looking around europe again, and keep living off their european status from years ago, because let’s face it they got nothing going for them these days, with mike ashley in charge, and stadium bnamed after a discount sport shop


  3. Anybody seen this?
    15 million FFS…gotta be atleast that plus Sturridge.


  4. Thanks Garry,

    Next year you can live off your reputation of your short stint in the Premiership πŸ™„ πŸ˜†


  5. garry
    July 13, 2011 at 12:37

    “And the statement you made about swans being unwanted visitors, I think that’s just a case of newcastle stamping their feet like spoilt children because they can’t get their own way.”

    Uh oh, the chip on the shoulder is making an early appearance I see.

    “Sky are at the Swansea training ground generally being nosey and talking to anyone that moves about Swansea City, their training, and their forthcoming season in the Premier League. I’d hazard a guess that they will have outstayed their welcome by the end of the day, like a visitor that you wish would just piss off but don’t really want to”

    Clearly I was talking about SKY being the unwanted visitors πŸ™„


  6. Barton’s captain against Darlington… πŸ™‚

    Colo,Chiek and Marveaux not playing… πŸ™


  7. Deepak – Not to worry. I’d rather they didn’t to be honest as they’ll probably get injured anyway πŸ˜†


  8. I think Ed is trying to set a newsnow record!!! One post in “Last 10 minutes” – “Last 30 minutes” – “Last Hour” – & “Last 2 Hours”. 😯 Nothing like quantity over quality.. πŸ˜€


  9. Toonsy- Right you are mate but until Chiek steps onto that plane to the U.S,I will be definetly worried. πŸ™


  10. I really can’t wait for the football to start again, too much talk and not enough action at the moment 😑 … Come on August πŸ˜•


  11. Good articles Toonsy .. feel well covered in whats goin on with the Toon for today …. agree with you on Taylor, bit of an unknown quantity smacks of the Perch / RTaylor / Gutherie sort of purchase – think he is player to be traded – they can bring him in for 1 mill, spend some time with a ‘big’ prem club and then aim to sell him for at the bare minmum of 2-3mill if he doesnt make it .. if he does make it, then they are all geniuses …


  12. Ok, I know not everyone would agree with this but, lets say Tiote went to Chelsea and we got Sturridge in return.

    Then Newcastle went out and bought that DM from St. Etienne (Matuidi). Would we be a stronger team? I think its a possibility.

    (Note: I’ve never seen Matuidi play, just going off his reputation).

    What do you guys think?


  13. David … like your style .. wud have to look at Matuidi a little more to make a personal judgement but if Carr reckons he can do it .. then yes, why not reckon would be a good deal as expect we could get some cash in addition to Tiote from Chelsea if they decide he is the one to replace Essien ..


  14. Toonsy – Yeah, the theory is based on NUFC buying a quality replacement for Tiote, something which they haven’t as yet proved they can do (Carroll). However that said there’s still plenty of time in the window.


  15. whats the point in selling tiote may I ask? it has been proven that most of the money we receive will go missing in agents fees and other comparatively minor costs. there is zero point selling our best players year on year, not replacing them and expecting us to progress. would i sell tiote to chelsea for 35 million?? genuinely dont think I would, as it will only result in a couple of freebies in return.

    on a side note: funny how the club seem to factor in new contracts/extensions into the cost base in terms of our transfer outgoings. yet they dont factor in the saved wages from selling our best players every year(carroll,nolan & campbell combine to give us some hefty saving)


  16. Buddy – Yeah I hear what you’re saying. I would only want to let Tiote go if:
    A) Sturridge came the other way
    B) We got a quality replacement in for tiote

    That is the only scenario I’d be comfortable with Tiote leaving, otherwise I’m in complete agreement with you.


  17. Re: a couple of freebies…

    I get tge point, but does it really matter? I mean would it placate people more had we spent 10 million on demba ba?

    Rather than look at the price id prefer to look at the player.


  18. I agree the fee in reality, to us fans, shouldn’t make an ounce of difference. However there has been and always will be a corrolation between fee and ability. Mainly because of the media, but also because of the stigma that every free player is ****e and unwanted by anyone else hence they’re free.

    I suppose this is true in a variety of different cases, but also plenty where its complete bull****e.


  19. Yeah, maybe Fellaini. He is a lot of fun to watch too, with is super-euro-afro, nasty challenges and fancy moves.

    Unless we move for him (anybody else have another candidate?) selling Tiote’s a bad idea.


  20. Who would be a suitable replacement for Enrique? I see a lot of people saying they wouldn’t be too fussed if he gets sold, but I don’t see a lot of equal replacements being named.


  21. Really? Rodwell & Huddlestone? Huddlestone may be a better attacking option than Tiote, but he doesn’t strike me as a real defensive shield–more like a traditional number 6 (if I’ve got my numeration correct).

    Can’t say I’m very familiar with Rodwell…


  22. We wouldn’t be looking to buy from another Premier League club anyway so we can pretty much give up on eyeing a replacement from these shores.

    I just find it amusing when people laud our ability to find good players really cheaply (Tiote, Ben Arfa, Cabaye, Ba, Marveaux all for Β£15 million. Cabaye and Marveaux have been good players in France but will hopefully adjust) yet bemoan the fact that we are only after cheap players.

    With the players brought in and the fees that have been paid I think the club have a little bit of slack in the transfer market to be honest. It’s not often they’ve brought a pup since we got back to the Premier League. Since we were in the Championship in fact.


  23. FSOTC – I was going to, but I thought nah I’ll hang on. I do have another five than I could publish immediately though if you wish πŸ˜†


  24. I love the clubs transfer policy at the moment to be honest , seems more detailed and alot of work put into the players ( who are in budget ). Alot better than , ” oh he played well against us , lets buy him ” policy. Think that is why we signed Luque.


  25. So that’s Marveaux, Collo, and Tiote out for Friday’s friendly. Should see a bit of youth then since i don’t think the reserves leave for Holland until the senior squad heads to the US.


  26. haha toonsy yeah add him to the list as well πŸ™‚ Infairness to R Taylor he scored a few crackers against us. Pity he doesnt do that for us


  27. Toonsy, I agree with you that it is wrong to think we MUST spend megabucks to get good players.

    If you can get good players for free then that’s great. However Newcastle seem to be putting the free part first and the quality part second.

    Also it is true that qualty players who are still in contract will enerally command bigger fees and wages due to market forces.
    If the freebies and cheapies are better and younger than what we already have then great, we improving and being cost effective.
    The problem is that we won’t be able to do that indefinitely.
    Tiote is a perfect example: He has proven to be an excellent player for us – are we going to sell him for megabucks just to replace him with an average quality player who happens to be cheap?
    In my opinion if we are to aspire to anything other than mediocrity we must try to get a player at least as good, and if there are none available free then we must pay the going rate.
    The problem is I have no faith that Ashley and co. would be prepared to do so.


  28. “nufc have not received any enquiry from Chelsea about Cheick Tiote contrary to press and online reports 2day”

    From Lee Ryder, Miles Starforth and Scot Wilson

    Shame it doesn’t fill me with any confidence πŸ˜†


  29. Would anything these say fill you with confidence they said Enriques future was defo sorted by the end of last week and hes still here, Wilson confirmed the enquiry earlier then refuted it… πŸ™„


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