Pardew, Barton, Barnetta, doors, bridge building and more!

From Brunel to Barton - A lesson in bridge buidling.
In an attempt to try and clear up everything that was said earlier I thought I’d try and cram it all into one handy article which will hopefully see us through the night.

I say hopefully see us through the night as I’m having a night off of ‘blog duty so I can celebrate my birthday. I had hoped to keep it quiet although realistically as so many people know of me on Facebook it was never going to happen, so thank-you for the birthday messages everyone!

Back to the football, and Alan Pardew gave his first interview since the whole Twittergate II thingy involving Joey Barton at the weekend. We all know how it ended up as it’s been extensively covered from the start of the week with the net result being that Barton looked to be on his way out of St James’ Park.

However it’s not all doom and gloom and it’s perhaps as not as cut and dried as many have though as Alan Pardew offered Joey a way back into his thoughts, but only if the midfielder can sort his head out and get back on board with the club.

“I’ve never closed the door on anyone and I’m not closing the door on Joey,” Pardew said in his pre-match press conference ahead of the weekend game against Fiorentina.

“He trained with the development team today and, who knows, he may train with the first-team soon.”

He continued: “Joey is a great player and you want great players in your team. It’s very important as a football club that you are all pulling in the same direction – at this moment of time Joey is not pulling in the same direction.”

“That’s not to say that can’t change in a short period of time.”

Pardew then went on to reiterate the club stance on Twitter and now claims that Newcastle are following the same guidelines as Manchester United players now have to follow. In short, tweet away but cut out any comments that have anything to do with the club. Fair enough.

Ironically as Pardew was talking Joey Barton was back on Twitter asking for the phone number of Isambard Kingdom Brunel – the world famous Victorian bridge-builder and engineer. Perhaps there is a chance of reconciliation yet?

Alan Pardew also took the chance to respond to the agent of Tranquillo Barnetta who has described Newcastle’s wage offer as “insulting” and hinted that the Swiss international earned more at his current club even though Swiss press claim that the player is only on £26,000-a-week which is quite a way lower than the £40,000-a-week Newcastle have apparently offered.

“In terms of those comments (from McIntosh) I’m not even going to go there. To say £40,000 is a derisory offer – that’s ridiculous.”

I agree with Pardew on that and I think there was enough anger and venom in the quotes from his agent to suggest that he is just a little peeved that he has been left out of the deal. Diddums. We’ll wait and see on that one.

Meanwhile Pardew is aware of interest in Jose Enrique but claims that there have been no concrete offers thus far. He also claims that we are ready to react to the situation should ant interest firm up and that we are still active in the transfer market.

“Enrique is still here and will play on Saturday,” he added. “I don’t see an issue that he won’t start. I know there’s interest in Jose, but no concrete interest. We are poised to react to that. We also need to bring some players into this club.”

So that just about sums up everything that was said earlier. Feel free to pick it apart and debate it but play nicely as I’m off out for a few sherbets now.

Howay the lads!

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146 thoughts on “Pardew, Barton, Barnetta, doors, bridge building and more!

  1. Would really like to see us bring in barnetta regardless of Joey staying or going. Mark Douglas saying that the Macintosh guy doesn’t even really represent barnetta. Strange stuff going on there


  2. Batty- we might get a free, but they will cos millions 😉

    Dave- Couldn’t agree more. Going to the game this Saturday I think.


  3. batty,
    We are actually in credit now this window, so it is fair to say that fatty will not dip into his shallow pockets 👿


  4. Would anyone here complain if I start a mass protest on Saturday? 😛

    I don’t care if I said they are pointless the other day, I’m fed up of MA and his sausage fingers.


  5. Spence,
    You are a canny lad, but how the **** can you (as a single entity) create a mass protest 😆 😆 😆


  6. Happy birthday Toonsy!! Leos rock 😎

    It is now officially impossible to keep up with this blog!! I’m behind about 3 threads all week, and that’s with lots of skiving at work!


  7. Aye batty I know! 👿

    If we get obertan… Deary me enough to make a grown man cry 😀


  8. Susan the problem is your not skiving enough 😆
    Spence you go for it Lad try to get up to the Fatman and throw your crusty sock at him 😀
    TGS I think we will see more go 👿 talking of Spence protesting we should get Toonsy to go with the size of him it would be a mass protest, come to think of it they will just think its Beefy back on the pies


  9. Big Dave- Ive already told you, my crusty sock is on its way to you, with a bunch of used condoms 😛


  10. DAVE batty told me hes found a gap in the market,hes been shopping saw food stores,hairdressers,clothing shops,and a lot of guys walking round wearing turbins but nee turbin shops wants a sub to set one up,what you think?


  11. Ice good idea maybe he could give one to Toonsy save him money on sun block 😆
    You should invest in him you know he will pay you back atleast £1 a week


  12. 😆

    I just go to bed at about 1 in the morning and wake up 13/14 hours later 🙄 😆


  13. Icedog- Ide rather not.

    Would hate to get my hopes up.

    I could go and have a nightmare about perch vs Walcott


  14. later dave.

    Think I might have an early not, but its so hard to sleep in this heat 😥


  15. Pards may not have closed the door on Joey but why does that matter?

    What’s it got to do with him? I havent closed the door on Joey myself. Matters about as much!


  16. 🙄 😆

    Anyone else talking ******* to me in my life I would just ignore them. Have to put up with this lot, no escaping 😥


  17. Mornin Lads, just woke up, wot a nitemare— Jose beaten up by Joey cos Joey says bulls aren`t welcome to earn more than matadores and in any case Joey is the Matadoreh superboh in the universe and if Jose not careful he will ask Picasso for a cigar and paint his picture in ash and em, em, anyway just watch it Jose.
    Can I compare me to a Ronaldo or Messi on a summers day or is it just a fielld of summer pansies,
    Gerrard and Lampard are not so Ard when the Bart is In full flo you will be in awe, cos Twiits is my domaine and Pards is insane.
    Joseph Buitone 1911ad. 😎


  18. For football reasons, Pardew would want Barton to stay, safe to say. Do Ashley & Co want Barton to stay!? If Barton goes then Ashley & Co have again tinkered with what happens on the pitch. If Barton stays then we might have a manager who has actually been listened to the powers above… quite a bloody rarity! Which ever way you look at it, placing Barton on the transfer list for free was a reaction by Ashley & Co because judging by Pardews words in the press conference, it seems it’s not what Pardew would of wanted or asked for in terms of the football.


  19. Obvious hoddo, but seriously, thanks for expressing that. Pardew may be able to sway the board after all. He had some very good words at that press conference. I’ll wait to see…


  20. The mouse turning….

    “The problem I’ve got with the group at the moment is that they want to see one or two players coming through the door,” said Pardew, who confirmed he had received “no bids” for José Enrique. “I’m making it very, very clear to Derek and Mike [Llambias and Ashley, Newcastle’s managing director and owner] that we need one or two boys in this door. Now.”

    No doubt Ashley will sack him for this


  21. Just listened to talksport and mr Alan brazil reckons we are going to get 2 or 3 in a full back midfielder and striker and he apparently will get derek llambias in next week on the show….

    I mean come on who is this guy??


  22. Liam – Hasn’t Llambias said he won’t be commenting in public about the club, so going on national radio will be highly unlikely.

    Also I notice Pardew is starting to get the same treatment as KK and Hughton. He wants players and their giving him a load of bull****!


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