Newcastle 0-0 Arsenal – Video highlights and interviews.

Video highlights of the 0-0 draw with Arsenal yesterday followed by post-match managerial interviews with Alan Pardew and Arsene Wenger.

We’ll start with the highlights first although there is only going to be one talking point unfortunately. That will of course be Joey Barton and his altercation with Gervinho which resulted in the Arsenal debutant receiving his marching orders for violent conduct whilst Barton earned himself a yellow for the same incident.

It’s going to be convenient for the media this one. I have no doubt that Barton will be pulled apart for his part in it, but then I also have no doubt that the media will also conveniently forget that Barton had once again been the target of some foul play from Arsenal with the most obvious bone of contention being Alex Song’s pretty blatant stamp on Barton. He’ll be getting a letter from the FA on Monday morning surely?

It doesn’t make Barton’s reaction right of course and the correct thing to do would have been to walk away from the situation, but sometimes tempers flare in a competitive environment. Just ask Arsenal. How many red cards have the “uber-football” side had now?

Alan Pardew’s interview actually made me laugh. I love his reaction to the reporter when quizzed over whether it was or wasn’t a stamp, and then again when quizzed about the possibility of a red card for Barton. There is no doubt that Pardew is behind Barton going by this.

I’m actually surprised Arsene Wenger managed to see anything. It’s very out of character. Mind you I can see why a lot of Arsenal fans get their propensity to moan and be selective from as it seems, going by comments on here last night, that the fans managed to see everything to do with Barton but missed Song’s stamp in the process.

Onwards and upwards.

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44 thoughts on “Newcastle 0-0 Arsenal – Video highlights and interviews.

  1. @toonsy

    Who is the scoundrel you mentioned was using multiple pseudonyms on here?

    You said you would reveal it today. It’s like waiting for Joeys tweets.


  2. Only Bobby and Troy for me and Bobbys popped his clogs.

    Come on witters come clean.

    Is it my phone or what but the video highlights aren’t on the thread. πŸ˜•


  3. Well I’ve long suspected Ashley is posting under several pseudonames on here.
    But that’s probably not what you meant, is it?


  4. Anyone know if Cabaye and ba played yesterday? Although I was there I dont recall seeing much if them.

    Also was Best playing with a tractor on his back?


  5. Thought bbc could have shown that little 1/2 with obertan and cabeye. but it was all about arsenal πŸ‘Ώ


  6. Song should have been sent off.
    Gervinho should have been sent off.
    Leaving aside bias and looking at it objectively Barton could easily have been sent off. Glad he wasn’t though πŸ˜†

    Like I said earlier, I was pleased with Pardews defence of Barton. Bearing in mind the recent disruptions and turmoil in the Newcastle camp I felt it was absolutely pitch-perfect.
    It was the sort of man management we are used to seeing from Wenger and Ferguson – it drives you bloody mad when they do it, but it is often very effective at strengthening the bond between the manager and the squad.


  7. Did anyone else notice that when Shola was up front on his own in the second half we insisted on playing long balls but managed to give him no help whatsoever? His team mates must have had such little faith but there were quite a few times where the ball bounced to the left or right or even past him and we didn’t have anyone in the area to capitalise. I hope we can address this in the game against the scum.

    I would have taken a point before the game and happy we got one. Arsenal did lots of pretty passing but no real threat. We didn’t do any pretty passing and were even less of a threat. Colo, Saylor and Obertan all caught the eye. As did Raylor but for all the wrong reasons.

    Looking forward to the season.

    And Toonsy, can you get these idiots off here who just want to squabble rather than talk about NUFC. Hope you Mam is OK.


  8. Well the highlights show it all imo…

    Song stamped on Barton ….will be a 2 match ban come Monday…

    Gervinho may have dived and slapped Barton…red card probably right…. But man oh man what is Barton thinking of manhandling Gervinho…could and should quite easily have been a red card for Barton…may still be come Monday…

    Good interview by Pardew defending his team, well done that man…

    Arsene Wenger same old crap…his team can do nothing wrong…

    JB is a liability to the club…he contributes single handedly to courting controversy at NUFC….don’t like it one bit tbh…this is not the way the toon is….

    BBC MOTD and the media…haven’t changed in 20 years….useless…all for the big clubs…

    Shearer…stick to the sofa big man…legendary player but that’s it for me…

    My apologies if I missed anyone in there… πŸ˜‰


  9. pardew said we will see a new newcastle yesterday…well i saw the same team bar cabye…tiote and barton could have cost us big time..but got away with a good draw..tiote should have been off at half time..he was way off the pace and mostly was weak in the he was a passenger..he kept him on..was getting slower and slower..he then gets booked..he should then have been off then..for r best player in pre season..gosling who would have given us enrgy from central..with ten men..but with tiote booked and no fitness..we were down 2 ten joey barton the manager of newcastle..why did he take all the dead balls..every ball he played was crap…thier back for in the air has had major problems and barton was hitting the first man all the time..why wasnt he taken off them..that tells me he can do what ever he wonts..we need to move forward and he is not the answer like some people think he is..


  10. Barton did not help himself by diving on the floor and having a hissy fit .

    Can you imagine Shearer doing that ? 😳

    Apart from that he battled throughout but like all the midfielders, created nothing of quality.

    I only hope HBA comes back soon.


  11. I never no with the FA but i don’t think they can do anything to barton as he was booked for the incident. Once someones been punished by the ref i think it has to be left.


  12. Maybe Saylor should be our ne Striker he spent more time upfield and be caught out of position. And was lucky not to get a card for misleading the ref over the Gervinho incident. Wish we had 2 Colos


  13. ROBERT – how very true but unfortunately that’s all we’ve got! It he plays two up front I’d rather see a big man/ little man combo than two big lads like Shola and Ba. I’d even be controversial and hand a start to one of the up and coming people like Vuckic or Sameobi.


  14. Prem – totally agree re STaylor. I’ve been saying for years he should concentrate more on his defensive duties than attacking as he often gets caught out and left for dead up field.
    Unfortunatly he used to be a striker as a junior but wasn’t deemed good enough at that time so reverted to defence instead. Old habbits tho. πŸ‘Ώ


  15. I have to say I really liked the way Pards backed Joey and im sure Joey would have liked it too.
    Wenger the whinger will never change but the Arse fans are changing they are getting more like wenger everyday.
    Yes the game wasn’t the best but it was our 1st game and it was against the Arse, so anyone should be happy with a point.
    Toonsy who is the one your talking about with multiple personality disorder ???


  16. agree about taylor prem , didnt like tat at all. Think we should put in a bid for scott dann. Cash plus players. 4 or 5 million n let ranger n perch go the other way.


  17. Why didn’t the ref take any action against Song at the time? Not even a free kick. 😯 No wonder JB was insensed


  18. Thanks to Xisco & Enrique we now have 3 spaces in The squad. Johnno if we swopped Perch for Dann with Cash & Ranger we would still have enough for Clyne when he is fit enough to sign.


  19. LOL, hypocrisy at its very best. Pardew defending Barton, but Wenger getting the good ol’ tiresome bashing for alleged whining.
    Well, I wouldnt expect it the other way round on a NUFC blog, to be fair.


  20. LOL your forgetting that we are now saying that it’s great we didn’t sign Gervinho as he is a cheat with no end product. Ha.


  21. Just at work lads but will post something about the game this afternoon!

    You only sing when you’re looting….sing while you’re loooooting


  22. richietoon,

    I always thought lol meant lots of length. At least that’s what my gf has always said it meant when laughing…


  23. I guess the question now should be why has Wenger bashing become tiresome?

    Is it because he’s been displaying the exact same trait with nearly every incident that he claims “not to have seen” over the decade?


  24. Looking at the table, we’re in a 16-way tie for third. Champion’s League, here we come!

    On the other hand, we’re also in a 16-way tie for 18th. Relegation, here we come!

    Don’t know why that tickles me, but it does.


  25. Alright lads.

    Very happy with a point but we were poor, need to get the left back and striker in before the derby. I know Ba wasnt great in the first half but to take him off and let Shola stay on…I couldn’t believe what Pardew was thinking, Shola can’t last 50 minutes. Best looked sharp when he came on, Lovenkrands didn’t touch the ball once. Obertan looked very good as well, really impressed with him like – hope he starts in the derby. Tiote was poor by his standards as well his passing was shocking. Cabaye didn’t do great either.

    Have to say I’m not looking forward to the derby at all after what I seen yesterday πŸ™ Please get a striker in and the left back, the fact Lovenkrands came on showed how desperate we are, he shouldnt be anywhere near the team.


  26. Lovenkrands made a pass near the end that nearly set up Leon Best. He is better suited to play infront of our midfield now than Best, Shola and Ba are.

    His pace and movement is more custom built to match the passing of Vuckic, Cabaye, Ben Arfa, Barton, Guthrie, Gosling, Obertan, Tiote……

    Our set up play suits Lovenkrands, not big men.


  27. Cannot believe Vuckic didn’t even get on the bench. By the looks of yesterday we could do with as much creativity as possible.


  28. Krul–kinda wobbly, wasn’t he?

    Simpson–thought he played okay. A few misplaced passes and out of position sometimes, but okay overall.

    Saylor: Gives me the willies, routinely. I’m always waiting for his Almost-Bramble-Blunder. I’m also always waiting for his goal from a set piece. I get a woozy feeling every time he plays. How can you make a meat head like him consistent? He’s like a roller coaster and maybe for that reason we should enjoy him, but sometimes he makes me want to throw up.

    Colo: He was excellent yesterday, wasn’t he?

    Raylor: Well, he filled in. We were lucky not to get punished there. cAn’t believe Wenger didn’t run at that side more than he did. Set piece specialist? Puh-lease.

    Barton: What can you say? The guy is a tragedy. Great player, explosive temper and mental issues. Wildly entertaining. Roller coaster too.

    Tiote: Many have said he was not fit, and now that I think of it, that seems true. Question: Do we have cover for him if he gets injured?

    Cabaye: I felt like he was invisible for much of the game, but there were little glimmers of promise. you have to think he’s going to improve, as everyone seems to agree he had an off day.

    Jonas: Also a slightly sub-standard game. I think the absence of Enrique was telling for him. He didn’t have that easy combination that made our left side so troublesome for teams last year.

    Ba: Where were you, brother Ba? No service, to be sure, but was he taken off for injury or tactics or what?

    Shola: No service, I thought, and pretty wasteful when he got it. Not sure. Some people seem to think he did well wiht the scraps he got, but I felt he was anonymous.

    Obertan: small glimmers of good stuff, but can he parlay his sparkling dribbling and speed into chances & good decisions?

    Best: I thought he was an improvement over Shola. Still feel he deserves a bigger role this season, at least to see if he can continue his good play from last season.

    Loverman: Didn’t have much of a chance, really. I also feel that Loverman and Best combined really well last season and would like to see them play together to see if that really could work.


  29. Funky – “His pace and movement is more custom built to match the passing of Vuckic, Cabaye, Ben Arfa, Barton, Guthrie, Gosling, Obertan, Tiote……”
    I agree but nobody else does apparrently πŸ˜₯


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