Enrique expresses concern for Newcastle.

Jose in happier times.
Former Newcastle left-back has taken time out from his Champions League exploits at Liverpool (nudge nudge) to express concern about the club.

In a final parting shot at the board, Jose questioned the ambition of the club whilst admitting that the dressing room is nervous and that he believes that Joey Barton won’t be around for much longer. Hardly ideal preparation as we head for the Stadium of Light and it’s once seasonal full house.

Jose took to Twitter a few weeks back to criticise the club and was subsequently fined two weeks wages in response. In my opinion Jose rejoined Twitter for one reason – to put the final nail in his coffin and speed up his departure from the club – which is why he deleted his account almost immediately after his Twitter rants.Still, it’s been and gone now I guess.

So what has he been saying this time? Well take a look for yourself. I’ll use the quotes from The Guardian as I feel that they are more expansive than what you can get anywhere else.

“The dressing room at Newcastle is fantastic, it is amazing, 10 out of 10, but of course it is hard for the players when the best players leave,” the former crowd favourite said.

“It is not settled like it is here at Liverpool and I think that is why everyone is leaving Newcastle. I think Joey Barton will leave soon and Andy Carroll left in January and it is really, really hard for Alan Pardew. You want to be as high as you can in the table but maybe Newcastle don’t think the same and that is why they sell their best players and that is why everyone moves.”

So is Jose saying that Carroll wanted to go? I thought he was forced out? That last bit was sarcasm by the way. Now let me just clear something up – no club can just sell a player. For a move to complete a player must be willing to move. This is why we still have Alan Smith on our books.

However it’s not a staunch defence of the club as I do get what he is saying, or should I say that I have my own interpretation of what he says. It’s nothing new and basically it’s just about our ability to pull off deals lightning quick in terms of players out but drag our feet, nitpick, drive a hard deal etc when it comes to players in.

Take Erik Pieters for example. Here is a lad who is younger, cheaper to run (wages), and has potential to be better that Jose Enrique. At 23 he is a ten-times capped Holland international. He fits our stated transfer policy of buying young players with developing room that won’t lose money. To make it even better he would only cost a tiny tiny bit more than what we recouped for Jose Enrique.

It’s a no-brainer. It pays for itself and Mikey gets a bit of a saving on the wagebill. Win- win surely? So what happens? We end up with Ryan Taylor at left-back, again. This kind of brings me on to Jose’s next point. Have a read:

“I do worry,” said Jose. “Not because we leave, because at some clubs good players leave. But because they have not signed another left-back, nothing. I’m worried not for the club, but more for the fans because they are amazing. They are like here, it’s really similar. I have a lot of friends in the dressing room and they are a little bit nervous because they don’t know what the club is going to do.”

So it’s not just us that is kept in the dark by the sounds of it. It seems as though the players are in much the same boat as we are, which is not good news at all if you ask me.

Jose is the second player to criticise the club after leaving and has followed in the footsteps of Kevin Nolan by having a parting shot at his former club. Coincidence? I think not…

Fasten your seatbelts – the ride is going to get bumpier by the sounds of it.

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103 thoughts on “Enrique expresses concern for Newcastle.

  1. Agree with David. There is too much patience in transfer windows. Our record is to sell in the last days (Given, Milner and Carroll for example) and Ashley and Llambias’s behaviour in selling Milner and buying two players off YouTube cost us KK. That resulted in the club having to pay £5.5m for the KK case. Then we had JFK!
    We knew Enrique was going. Pardew told us someone was lined up to replace him. Befie he went we were evidently trying to get Taylor from Swansea – on the cheap of course.
    We will go into the last week of this window with no faith at all that we will suddenly discover Ashley and Llambias have got the message. Unless they do results will not go our way and gates will suffer further.
    Remember Carroll and Enrique are, like Newcastle, not playing in the Champions League – but they, unlike us, aspire to do so.


  2. Ultimately if Jose, Nolan and Barton got offered the contract they wanted they would have signed on the dotted line. It’s not about the club, the fans, the stability – it’s about the contracts. Nolan even admitted that when he was ‘lied’ to and given a different offer, i’m sure if the toon came back and gave him the contract he wanted he would have overcome his feelings of ‘betrayal’. Players don’t get what they want they’re off – simples.

    note: not that i blame them, short careers for most, got to make money while they can. lets face it only 2-3clubs in with a shot of winning things so for players nowadays, all about the money.


  3. Just for DJG…
    Rioters Prayer…..
    Our father who art in prison
    ,my Mom knows not his name,
    thy riots come ,read it in the Sun,
    in Birmingham as it is in London,
    give us this day our welfare bread & forgive us our looting,
    as we are happy to loot those who defend stuff against us,
    lead us not into employment but deliver us free housing,
    for thine is the tellys,the Burberry & the Bacardi, forever and ever Amen 😀 .


  4. Squad (from): Mignolet, Westwood, Bardsley, Brown, Richardson, Turner, Bramble, Ferdinand, Laing, Cattermole, Gardner, Vaughan, Colback, Elmohamady, Gyan, Sessegnon, Wickham, Ji, Cook.

    How much did they spend on their team?
    i would say i would only have Gyan/Sessognon!
    Don’t worry guys


  5. David, I’d be angry if we got no one in, by the end of the transfer window. Fact is though, we’ll have to wait and see and that’s what I’m saying. It’s no use we get upset now and then 3 days down the line, in walks Pieters for example. Let’s talk about the game tomorrow instead.

    Moreno, I understand the club have given assurances and not delivered yet. Fact is, they still have time to deliver so until the end of the transfer window, we’ll just have to give them a chance. I’m not happy Carroll and Enrique left, but if we replace them it’ll make things better so let’s see what happens.


  6. ” So if Jose mouthed off and said “Liverpool fans are much better than Newcastle fans” What would your reply be?”

    Oh dear. Another straw man argument.
    So now we are supposed to account for the things Jose didn’t say, and presumably doesn’t believe?


  7. i think we need to play Ba tomorrow but it looks unlikely

    i’d play :

    Simpson Colo Taylor Fergie/Raylor (wouldnt risk SF if unfit, also wheres Kadar?)
    Gosling Barton Cabaye Jonas


    *obv Shola will start. i think Obertan should be a sub, were away from home so i would go there looking to be solid and attack late on with obertan and Vuckic


  8. Hello to all! Totally off topic, but I’m just wondering if any of you lot can help me out. A few years ago I stumbled across a website that showed all of the Toons previous teams in a football sticker format, but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was. Hope someone can shed some light on it for me please, would be greatly appreciated.


  9. team when fit has to be


    Simmo Colo Tayls Cissokho (hope?)

    Vuckic/gosling Cabaye

    Ba or other striker


  10. For anyone who is concerned we are not discussing the match tomorrow enough….don’t worry there’s a couple of articles scheduled to get you in the mood today 😀


  11. toonarmy87

    Cissokho? at around 8Mil… Very hopeful mate. 😉

    Doubt it when we wouldn’t even pay 1.5mil for Neil Taylor.


  12. ” I also don’t criticize the club in everything they do. I give credit where it is due and heap scorn where it is due also.

    the fact is, there’s more to be unhappy about regarding the sale of one of our best players with no replacement lined up. Been here before haven’t we? Was around 7 months ago and we’re still waiting for his ‘assured’ replacement.”

    Which is my position exactly Moreno.
    I describe it as realism because it neither assumes the worst in every situation, or relies on unjustified amounts of hope.

    For example: Ashley trying to reduce the debt and wage bill is good in principle.
    However not being prepared to fill obvious, gaping holes in the squad in a timely fashion is very, very bad.
    Getting in approx £50m from outgoing transfers in the last year or so is good.
    Not being prepared to re-invest more than maybe 1/5 of it on improvuing the squad is very, very bad.
    Showing interest in players such as Pieters who are proven internationals, young, willing and at an alleged £6m and £30k a year – value for money. That is good.
    Messing about and whining about paying – what on the face of it – seems a reasonable fee, while important games pass us by without anyone for that position.
    That is very, very, very bad.

    Of course we could all just say, “Oh but he’s a very successful businessman, so its impossible for him to make a mistake.”
    But that ignores the fact that what might work for his cheap clothing empire might be totally unsuitable for a football club.


  13. Barton will/has to go IMO

    While RB is weak Simmo generally did OK last week, we have too much competition in midfield (which means they planned for barton to go, gos and cab have replaced barton and nolan.FACT) and not enough up front, we actually have one of the weakest front lines in the league, signings suggest we’ll play a 451. i agree last week was a decent result albeit but we were poor. i actually think Barton had his big daddy pants on and insisted on taking setpieces which were appalling which is not what we need right now.

    its bad crack how Ben Arfa is so relied upon for the team and im not so sure he’s the team player we all hope he is. Ba and Cabaye got wrongly slated last week and i back Cab this week to play better, its weird how we cant play all of our best players at the same time as there all midfielders!!

    I am though excited to see Ba regain fitness, also Marveaux, and seeing potential like Sammy, Vuckic and Fergie and Abeid play a bit.


  14. still think the only topic of conversation though lads and lasses should be supportive of the team for the mora.

    i for one dont fancy a miserable monday after getting a ****in.
    here’s one… Imagine if its 5-0 or 6-1???

    then we are FACKED!!


  15. Well done on your results Zoe hope you were out celebrating! My daughter received her A level results yesterday and got what she needed to get in NEWCASTLE YYYEEEAAAHH.
    Told her to watch out for the sweet talking geordie lads!! Seriously thrilled she will be in the Toon


  16. Wow! Just had my Botox injections and they really do work. I’ve been in Monte Carlo wearing my White linen suit, White straw trilby and White plimsoles. I was standing still in the street waiting for Mrs Stavers to finish her pint of beer in the bar, when people started throwing cash at me.
    They thought I was a street entertainer and my Botox face never budged. It’s nearly paid for itself.

    Roty Trasvers! White linen street performer! Botox user! Trilby wearer! 😆


  17. Thanks Geordie Deb, I went to watch Everton Ladies play Arsenal Ladies last night. Took lots of photos and got a couple of autographs from the everton team too which was really great.

    That’s great she’s got into Newcastle 😀


  18. Troy – At least you can now make your comments with a straight face. How did you get your sword of truth and trusty shield of British fair play through customs? Meanwhile, back here, Bobby’s headstone’s been vandalised. Don’t know who’s done it, but its got “TC” sprayed all over it.


  19. Ahmed4nufc
    August 19, 2011 at 10:59

    David, I’d be angry if we got no one in, by the end of the transfer window. Fact is though, we’ll have to wait and see and that’s what I’m saying. It’s no use we get upset now and then 3 days down the line, in walks Pieters for example. Let’s talk about the game tomorrow instead.

    Moreno, I understand the club have given assurances and not delivered yet. Fact is, they still have time to deliver so until the end of the transfer window, we’ll just have to give them a chance. I’m not happy Carroll and Enrique left, but if we replace them it’ll make things better so let’s see what happens.

    I agree what you’re saying about waiting until the window closes before passing judgement. But and its a big but, it’s Pardew himself that’s put the time scales on this. It was he who said we’d have someone in before the Sunderland game, not any of us. We have a right to feel miffed about that.

    Its also only natural the people become increasingly nervous towards the end of the window as time is essentually running out. Again, perfectly justified imo.


  20. My big worry is not Pardew or even Ashley it is Lambias who thinks that he knows about football he is totally incompetant, they always say you get promoted to your level of incompetancy he has reached it trouble is he is best mate of ASH who frequented his night club. He is a bingo hall manager totally out of his depth and we will get an announcement at the close of the window saying you have seen how many players we tried to sign we could just not get them to put pen to paper but we did try honest.


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