Keep up to speed with Deadline Day LIVE on NUFC Blog!

Will Maiga make a deadline day move to Newcastle?
Sky Sports are at least partially responsible for turning transfer deadline day into the circus that it is currently.

They will no doubt have reporters camped outside training grounds around the country and Jim White will no doubt be fizzing about how the transfer window is “marvellous entertainment”.

Ask Newcastle fans about that!

David Craig will be somewhere looking dazed, confused and a little bit like an older version of Tim nice but Dim from the Harry Enfield program. It’s going to be another mad one for sure.

But if you can’t beat them, join them is how the saying goes. That is why we’ll be running a live transfer ‘blog from around 11am to right up until the transfer window slams shut at 11pm tomorrow evening so we can keep you up to speed with the goings on, rumours and any transfer titbits that happen to come to our attention.

Of course there is still a chance that we could see some players arrive at Newcastle on deadline day. It’s more based on hope on my part as the form book suggests that I should be watching the ‘out’ door and not the ‘in’ door, but if you haven’t got a bit of hope then what are you left with? Here’s hoping we manage to keep hold of our key players. Quite simply we’ve lost enough of them recently.

So all you have to do is turn on, tune in to us and let us take the strain out of deadline day. You can even bookmark the page so you can go away and do something (like work, maybe?) and come back a bit later to see what has happened and what has failed to happen. Or both.

We look forward to seeing you here on NUFC Blog

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87 thoughts on “Keep up to speed with Deadline Day LIVE on NUFC Blog!

  1. ….I’ll check back later to see what you’ve called me anyway Asim. What joy. You don’t do yourself many favours. If you have a differing opinion try to just express it without the insults, it’s a vicious circle. And if you really must name call, try to specifically direct it to someone, or you just wind up many through the scatter technique. Your blood pressure must be through the roof mate.


  2. whats up..this is the **** ashley has 2 put up with..100 times worse…so put youself in his shoes…i wouldtnt buy any1…he is still buying players isnt he…its his club..nobody else is..apart from the fans who support newcastle…


  3. ASIM… selling Jose and buying Santon = moving club forward???
    Selling Carroll and bringing in er… no-one = moving club forward??
    Selling Barton and bringing in no-one= moving club forward??
    You are the exact kinda supporter that ashley wants…happy little mushrooms……..kept in the dark and fed on **** but loving it all the same. Good for you kid, just wait til you get out of pre school and get a few reality checks in life.


  4. I’m very happy with Santon, looks like an exciting prospect. Hopefully that striker can be brought in


  5. Premandup, the kadar story is from the chron and actually worries me a bit. I thought the kid was class, so I have no idea what has happened. He probably needs to start doing yoga to avoid all these damn injuries. Good luck to him.

    Should probably go to the next thread now


  6. I’m getting sick of people ****ing saying we still need a left back. Santon is our new left back. I’ve watched him play before for inter at left back and is brilliant and knows how to use his left foot when needed. I find it a positive having a right footed left back because I’ve seen games where he destroys the wings and gets the ball into the box. A pacy and skillfull player who knows how to defend. Well done pardew


  7. carrol money has moved the club forward…..have we better players yes…have we got more players yes..are we in a better postion in the league yes…have we got better midfield..yes..


  8. Thank you Chris. People can be so rigid in their foot understandings. The game is evolving. This kid can play well on either side, with him being able to keep players from cutting in on him


  9. Must admit I’m delighted that we have signed Santon. I know we have hardly seen the Carroll money but if we can continue to replace those that left, I’ll be happy. We at least need a striker but well done to the club for getting Santon. He really is a bright prospect.


  10. I lolled at this tweet on tw@tter. Mackems are in trouble:

    “Sunderland asking for bank guarantees before selling Gyan to Galatasaray or Trabzonspor at loss. Cost €15m, going for €6m + variables. #safc”

    Though I’d rather they stayed afloat for us to pick up 6 points and dish out ritual humiliaions.

    Agent Bruce’s work is nearly complete. Spend a shjt tonne of cash on crap to replace the loanees who kept them afloat last season…..


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