Pardew: “I’ll be the first to admit I was upset”

Alan Pardew

Alan Pardew
Pardew lifts the lid on deadline day.
Alan Pardew has lifted the lid on just what went on during transfer deadline day and has also admitted that he was left feeling upset after the failure to bring in the striker thathe was so certain of.

After some initial outrage on here yesterday after Pardew “refused to go into too much” and failed to give an explanation about just what happened the manager has now chosen to clarify a few things.

I’m wondering if it will be enough if truth be told. A certain amount of fans demanded to know more which is of course fair enough, so I’m just wondering whether or not they will be happy now they are about to hear more? Or will it just be more waffle? In which case what is the problem in the first place?

Look, those expecting Alan Pardew to directly and publicly criticise the board to satisfy their own opinions, it just isn’t going to happen. Get real. Ask Joey Barton where that gets you. Just because the dirty linen isn’t being aired in public it doesn’t mean that there haven’t been private words. I mean a silence from Alan Pardew and a statement from the club don’t happen often so there was a rabbit away somewhere.

So what was said? Well I’ll cut the crap and just deliver the quotes so you can make your own mind up about them.

On deadline day itself Pardew had this to say:

“I was with the club secretary almost the whole day, waiting for faxes and information. We had two agents working for us in France and Derek as well. I was monitoring that and was also on the phone making sure we didn’t miss any other potential targets but at about six o’clock I felt we were in trouble.”

And on his job and the rumours suggesting he had walked out:

“There’s been some ­scaremongering about this and that – but this is a fantastic job and I understand what the fans want.”

On targets, dead ends and disappointment:

“With the time scale we had, we should have got a striker. But there are difficulties in today’s market, especially with young strikers who have got potential. That’s what we were targeting and that’s the hardest type of player to get.”

“The board found it very difficult and went up some paths that were dead ends. I’m disappointed because it would have made the jigsaw complete.”

“I’ll be the first to admit I was upset on the day, and the day after and the day after that. But that’s me done now.”

On his understanding of what the fans want:

“The fans want the No 9 shirt filled. I just hope we can fill it in January. They want a team 100 per cent committed to the black and white jersey and 99 per cent of the time I think they’ve had that.”

“I’m disappointed and genuinely feel for the fans because a striker would have made the jigsaw complete.”

And finally a bit about Mike Ashley and Derek Llambias:

“I think it’s important that I put pressure on the board. I feel the enthusiasm we have generated at the start of the season has gone with the signing not coming in. I’ve stressed that many times to Derek and Mike.”

“They are passionate about the way they see the club and the way they want to do deals. They wouldn’t do a loan or a short-term fix, whereas I would have liked to. I had a couple of options that I thought would have worked for us but it has to work for them.”

“The board make the decision about who they think is financially right for the club.”

Is that final part another hint at who is is really to blame?

At the end of the day some fans wanted more, and with this there is more. It’s clear that Pardew is as disappointed as we are as there is no doubt that he wants to do the best job he can and get the best tools for the job he can. If the board have different ideas then what can he do? I would suggest that the board would use this approach under a different manager aswell before the ridiculous “he should walk with pride” comments start.

What do you make of it all?

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85 thoughts on “Pardew: “I’ll be the first to admit I was upset”

  1. I like ****neys. salt of the earth. no chip on their shoulder like some north west region I could mention but won’t – in case they steal my stereo. Generalising, of course.


  2. Troy “Do you acept his stance has changed from previously?” Yes his stance has changed from previously. Its now past September 1. Judgment day, remember.


  3. Troy @ 77. Many good experiences with ****neys. Many bad ones with people in shell suits.


  4. @B&B

    True! I was flapping like a humming bird!

    You must learn not to twist words tho.
    I never said I was expecting decent answers from the regime. I said I thought they were good questions and was challenging Toonsys opinion that the regime should not have plenty of time to prepare their answers.
    I was saying, it matters not how long they have but the answers they provide. 

    What would you have preferred Pards to say?


  5. I didn’t twist your words. I said “I even think I read a post …” I knew you would clarify yourself.

    What would I have preferred Pards to say? I’d have preferred him not to lie or make false promises in the first place. He doesn’t just lie about transfers. As a liar and maker of false promises, he lies about footballing matters too. He lied about HBA’s recovery time to the fans, and thought it was acceptable. He must have lied to Santon because you’d think we was joining Liverpool the way he was lauding the club’s ambitions as told to him by Pards. He is constantly putting his foot in his mouth, which is why he got dropped from MOTD2. I’m sorry, but I don’t buy all this business about being set up by the regime. He’s a big lad now. He’s got more grey hair than Alistair Darling FFS. You would think he was 21 the way people want to forgive him, or ignore the lies, as the case may be. Wake up and smell the Arabica beans, Troy


  6. Blackley & Brownlie
    September 9, 2011 at 15:37

    “He must have lied to Santon because you’d think we was joining Liverpool the way he was lauding the club’s ambitions as told to him by Pards.”

    It’s called selling the club to a player. It’s something that Keegan was very good at. Is Keegan also a liar? I mean he did con Rob Lee into joining us….


  7. thanks for those stats toons.

    dont mind ****neys, same way we as geordies can be a bit too passionate at times and appear thick to others, is the same way mancs can come across as ****y so and so’s, same way brummies always seem to be moaning, is the same why i find ****neys to be a bit two faced.. massive generalisation of course. but just how ive seen it growing up. not saying they are all del boys or derek llambiases….just saying

    no offence meant to ne1


  8. yeh more waffle , so ap has no say in who comes or goes in any transfer windows and that makes him a good manager ! The jigsaw would be complete with a centre forward , so we dont need cover at centre half , our squad is one of the smallest in the premier league . When the board (and pardew) inevitably make pardew look stupit again in january will he still be a great manager . I dont want him to walk away because no good manager would touch the job with a bargepole but hes constantly letting his mouth run away with itself and he has absolutly no credability id prefer he was relatively silent .


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