Blackburn 4-3 Newcastle – Match highlights

Highlights of the epic 4-3 defeat against Blackburn Rovers last night for you now which are worth a watch even though we lost.

I’ll not go into it too much because I have a detailed match report coming up so I’ll leave it up to you guys to dissect and debate the match for the moment.

What I will say is that the two goals we scored were brilliant. The shot from Guthrie was measured, composed, while the goal from Cabaye was simply magnifique. When did Joey Barton ever score a free kick like that?

Stay tuned for the match report. It may take me a bit but I’ll get it published in the end.

Howay the lads!

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62 thoughts on “Blackburn 4-3 Newcastle – Match highlights

  1. Applaud the players for all their efforts last night but ultimately being unable to defend a simple free kick cost us dearly.

    It would be great to hear from those who saw the whole game cause there was a lot of mixed messages last night. The radio commentary was giving the impression that some players weren’t quite up to their best yet the journo’s tweeting from the ground were giving out the opposite


  2. so gutted about the result last night πŸ˜₯

    I had to sit outside the house in my car last night to listen to it as we don’t have a ‘normal’ radio inside and the links weren’t working πŸ‘Ώ

    Exciting as the game was newcastle, it seems, is very frustrating. I think we should have been on full attack from the start especially after going 1-0 down after 5 minutes, why do we always wait till the 2nd half to pick the tempo up? do the lads always have to rely on a motivational speech from pards at half time?

    It seems if we deviate from our first team, even slightly, our structure falls apart as in all fairness this was a similar result to the forest game but this time the opposition came out on top.

    I hope pards can pick the squad up after this ready for Monday as stoke away is going to be nails.

    Well done to Guthrie and Cabaye for 2 superb goals and to Lovenkrands for keeping cool at a crucial penalty. πŸ˜›

    That defence we had simply didn’t work.

    We should not of sat back at 3-3 waiting for penners. πŸ™


  3. premandup.. noone really to slag off – i think to win cups you need a squad with depth which we don’t have. If ashley wants a cup to promote his company he’s going to have to put his hand in his pocket in january.


  4. Praise a fighting performance for me, we couldn’t go unbeaten forever and sometime(maybe now) we’ll go a few games without a win but” if” they can keep that never say die attitude when we do go on a winless run then we’ll be ok. That will be our “first real” test, not any one particicular.


  5. seriously didn’t gget to match so interested in how the “fring” players did, eg Santon, Perch, Guthrie,Marveaux & HBA.


  6. Heard a lot of criticisms about referee decisions last night but they all seemed correct to me…
    Disappointed we lost but we have to lose eventually.

    Harem cetainly isn’t ready to play Stoke. So I’d start with the same 11 players.
    Cabaye needs to be taking more freekicks because Raylor is very overrated in that department… He must have had about 40 attempts for his three goals.

    Tiote will make a big difference and hopefully Saylor is back too.

    Santon to start in place of Simpson. Otherwise no change from the usual league team.


  7. We lost a tight game but battled to the end, when you look at how thin our squad is, i dont think we could withstand a long cup run so some good may come out of the defeat.
    When i watch the first goal, Danny Simpson yet again going missing in the right back spot, why does he run away inside when attacked by a wide man?


  8. Must say I thought Santon looked ok, if he had played with studs in he may have been even better!

    We looked piss poor defensively though.


  9. unlucky for the lads, they played well after coming back from 2-0
    what happened to Marv, just a normal subsitution?

    Who needs the C Cup when we’ll be in the Champions Lge πŸ˜†


  10. Guthrie’s goal was a cracka!
    Obertan and loven didn’t bring much to the game when they came on.


  11. Jersey geordie… we didn’t score UNTIL obertan and lovenkrands came on.
    also our penalty… that was from OBERTANS cross and lovenkrands obviously took the penalty… so……. eh? ❓


  12. We were robbed by the ref big time. Seeing the highlights confirms it. Samba brought Ba down and Krul had the ball the other end. Should have been 1-1 not 2-0 and we would have won.


  13. no toonsy joey barton didnt score a free kick like that for nufc. though i do remeber a screamer against villa when we beat them 6 – 1 at home.

    bored of the joey barton comments now toony; hes gone ffs

    devenaa what your trying to achieve


  14. I was gutted last night because the Carling Cup is the best chance of silverware for a club like ours.

    In the past the top clubs fielded 2nd teams.

    However with Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal still in the competition, are we seeing the top clubs changing their attitude to this cup ??

    Or is it that the top clubs 2nd teams are now better than everyone else ??



  15. I watched Blackburn’s game with Spurs on Sunday, with a mate of mine who supports Blackburn, they were vastly improved and caused Spurs a lot of problems. They could and should have got something out of that game. They took that into last nights match, and good on them because they have been crap so far. It was on their ground, they were up for it, got some luck and took their chance.

    We’ve done that enough this season. Who really thinks we are a CL team? Absolutely nonsense. If we scraped that- happy days, but at the moment we are doing well and on target for a top 8 finish. We lost, it was going to happen, good on Blackburn, now lets take the highs and lows as we get into the season and keep looking for the positives which are plenty.


  16. I think it showed our strength in attack and weakness in defence. Guthrie is a much better attacker than many give him credit for, but nobody can match Tiote for defence. Likewise I think everyone – including AP – agrees that we’re light in defence. We should never ship 4 goals in a game. Ever.


  17. And Arsenal should never ever concede 8, or Man. Utd 6 at home. It happens. Arsenal also shouldn’t concede 4 in one half but I am glad they did. πŸ˜† Plus, the score at the end of normal time was 2-2.


  18. must admit I always saw Guthrie as Cabaye’s deputy rather than Tiote. Perhaps Abied or Gosling ? or is guthrie so far ahead of both ?


  19. “Troy Stavers
    October 27, 2011 at 10:05

    I predicted this!”

    Have you been rubbing your grandma’s balls again, Bobby?


  20. Agree with Whumpie and Prem…. judging from the highlights, Guthrie was really quite good in attack. I think he’s not a bad player but just can’t see him standing in for Tiote… he’s much more of the same type as Cabaye, not Tiote. Abeid for Tiote sounds like a plan…..


  21. @TC

    It was a joke but it’s a bit worrying, conceding 4 against the bottom of the league club!

    That’s 3 points dropped and could have taken us into second place! Fizzin!


  22. Bobby – If Arsenal finish 24th, Accrington Stanley win the FA Cup and the New York Redskins lose the World Series on penalties then a win last night might have been enough for a place in next seasons Charity Shield semi-finals.

    Gutted doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel. πŸ™


  23. I think some serious credit to Blackburn is due here. To find some confidence from somewhere and go out and attack us took some nerve, and they reated genuine problems rather than waiting for our mistakes.

    I hope Kean keeps his job and the fans get off his back. Based on last night’s performance I don’t think they’re as certain for the drop as I’d thought.


  24. Doitforsirbobby @ 24 – No real reason other than pointing out that Joey Barton going wasn’t the end of the world some predicted πŸ™‚


  25. I haven’t checked the league but I would imagine it takes Blackers off the bottom.
    Well done Roy Keane! You might be an Irish Mackem but you deserve a break even if you do w@*k your dog. 😯


  26. @toonsy

    You’re right about Barton. It’s not the end of the world. He’s doing a cracking job at QPR. πŸ˜‰


  27. Perch can not be trusted at any level for the club, but to play him alongside the absolutely useless Simpson was a recipe for disaster. What was Pardew thinking? he has been at the club long enough to realise these 2 are liabilities.


  28. are we likely to see williamson back anytime soon. its just when taylor is out and i here perch’s name on the sheet i cringe..

    surely need to play 4-5-1 on monday and out play them in the middle of the pitch and get at their defence with pace on the wings





    dont want to risk ben arfa at the start becasue we know how physical stoke are and if they target him which they probably will then i dont want him getting injured or even losing his temper at tackles on him


  29. Troy – Good for him, but QPR are of no concern to me.

    What is of concern to me is Newcastle, and we seem to have done alright in finding a player who is better, with a better attitude, less fitness problems, and can score more aswell as being younger and cheaper than Barton. Excellent business πŸ™‚

    Also is it coincidence that we’ve lost a game and now you’re back posting? πŸ™‚


  30. Troy, you’ve left me utterly confused.
    This was a cup game, not a league game. We wouldn’t have been 2nd if we won and blackburn aren’t off bottom even though they won.


  31. Will Pardew stick to his ‘winning team’ mantra in the league vs Stoke? Will Marveaux finally start? Will Obertan be used as a super sub? So many questions! Also, got tuesday off work thankfully. Will be able to watch the match late monday night (well, tuesday morning)


  32. I see people are having a pop at Perch again. Did he do anything wrong? Was it Simpson that got skinned for the first with Colo giving away two free kicks and Krul giving away the pen?

    Bad day all round defensively, from ALL, not just one.


  33. Hydeous – Even though making up stories to get a bite on the net is pretty sad, I can’t believe you bit πŸ™


  34. Also is it coincidence that we’ve lost a game and now you’re back posting?
    Toonsy πŸ˜† Thought the same thing and expect to see a few others….

    Haven’t had a chance to post since the match ended, and obviously don’t know who played poor, well, or different, but just wanted to applaud the effort and the never die spirit of this club. They are representing the shirt with honor. well done, and long may it continue


  35. Ooooooh how synical you can be Toonsy.

    There was no criticism of the team in my posts.

    Mind, to be fair Toonsy, I see why you say it’s sad to look for a bite.
    Cos it’s usually you. Woooooooooo hoo hoo hoo πŸ˜†
    Hydeous saved you. πŸ˜†


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