Captain Colo set to resume contract talks with NUFC

Pardew looking to keep hold of Colo
Contract talks with Club Captain Fabricio Coloccini are set to resume shortly, according to Alan Pardew.

The curly haired Argentinian has about 15 months left on his current deal so the importance of a new deal being sorted is becoming paramount. Time is of the essence.

Fabricio Coloccini is the first name on the teamsheet for me. He is an outstanding defender and leads by example rather than by shouting and balling. He makes playing the game look effortless and would cost a fortune to replace which is why getting the 29-year-old (soon to be 30-year-old) defender to sign a new deal would be a good move. Fortunately Alan Pardew sees it the same way.

“The priority for me is Coloccini’s new contract and one or two others. We are focused on that because we want to keep our best players. He is our captain and I want to keep him, and negotiations are due to restart shortly,” Pardew told the Daily Mail.

However there is a double-edged sword. We are still vulnerable to big money bids for our players, although Pardew insists that with the players we have at our disposal these days the opportunity to achieve something at Newcastle and alleviate the need for players to move on is becoming greater.

“We are still vulnerable to the Champions’ League clubs and we still need to balance the books, therefore even in this window, I am on my guard. I see us keeping the same squad together but there is no guarantee,” he said.

“You look at us now with the signing of Cisse, and players like Cabaye and Santon, we are suddenly becoming a threat. If we can keep everyone fit and with eight games to go, keep ourselves in and around sixth or seventh we will have less pressure on ourselves than the others and then we can be dangerous. But we have to get ourselves in that position and to get us there we need a big squad.”

He is right of course. We are vulnerable to Champions League clubs. Make no bones about it, if a Champions League club comes in for one of our players he will more than likely want to at least consider it. Yes money plays a part, but so does the level of competition of offer at any prospective new club as well as the ambition of the player.

The only way that can be stopped is by at least mounting a challenge for a Champions League spot. Whisper it quietly, but isn’t that what Alan Pardew was hinting at towards the end of his statement?

To do that tough we need to keep on doing what we’re doing in terms of player recruitment, and then we need to keep hold of key players like Coloccini. Hopefully a deal can be agreed between the player and club as losing Colo would set us back a while in our quest for Europe.

Hopefully it won’t come to that though…

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110 thoughts on “Captain Colo set to resume contract talks with NUFC

  1. It doesn’t matter what money paid for what transfers.
    The fact is, it came from Newcastle Uniteds coffers from money accrued.


  2. Wolfie, I can’t see Colo ‘wanting’ to leave either. But I think the days are long gone where a player has the ‘choice’ to stay at their club. Contracts mean jack ****. At the end of the day, if any club gets an offer too good to turn down, the player in question will end up leaving, whether he chains himself to the goalposts or not.


  3. Wolfie…. we’re not on here to talk about newcastle united all day.

    we’re here to tell everyone we love them.


  4. 1 year of Virgin money isn’t enough to pay for Cisse, so if we are to believe that the money is going to pay for 2 players, then does that mean we must also assume we’ll sign no one else for the next 2 and a half years as all our sponsorship money has gone? 😕 😉


  5. The only articles I have read re: Colo have said that they understand he will be offered a deal similar to the one he is on now.

    Can someone please post a link to the article(s) saying the club are going to offer him a 50% pay cut? Cheers. 🙂


  6. I’ve just had a chicken and pepperoni bake from gregg’s.

    it has my reccommendation.

    Rod – are you at work/home?


  7. TP it took you a while to get to the point 😆 but that was expected. I wouldn’t like to ask you for directions 😀 .
    I think what you stated would be fair but, remember Lambastad asked Joey B to sign a new contract on less than a quarter of what he was on.
    But I do think Colo will sign on, I really think he was holding of to see what the clubs ambitions were in this window. So providing we keep our spine I think he will stay.


  8. Hitman, I know it’s just my gut feeling, but I think the club realise they need to hold onto to our best players now, if we’re gona have any chance of reaching Europe. A ‘speculate to accumulate’ philosophy seems to finally be kicking in, hopefully we’ll get this centre back in too.

    For the same reason I thought we’d spend 15m and not let anyone go this window, I think the club will offer ‘deserved’ wages to our best players to fit into the overall wages budget. Fark knows what goes on at the club, but that’s how I feel at the moment. I think we’re finally moving forward.


  9. Luke Edwards @LukeEdwardsTele
    Damning verdict of Neil Warnock on Joey Barton “I only want to talk about positive things at the club”



  10. Dave… where did it say Joey was asked to take more than a 75% paycut? I remember reading from Joey himself saying that he hadn’t been offered a penny more, which I took to mean he’d been offered the same basic wage……but then who knows, none of the are consistent with the truth 🙁


  11. Nobs, unfortunately I’m still at home. I got laid off in September. Whilst it’s fun going to bed and getting up when I want, being jobless is starting to **** me off. 😡


  12. TC…aye, read that in Warnock’s interview yesterday, those 2 together was never gonna work 😆


  13. Dave ….”Lambastad asked Joey B to sign a new contract on less than a quarter of what he was on.”

    ….I think it’d be fair to say Barton spouted his way out of the club with all the bad-mouthing, and got an ‘appropriate’ contract offer that the board knew he’d never accept. The board never liked him. They love Colo – I think that’s the big difference.


  14. Transfers into this club are now done as a one off payment and not on the never never, now that’s important to remember because it means, we operate within limits and spend what we have, rather than buy in 4 or 5 players 3 of who would have been pay as you go , or the never never.

    To put it into perspective, i shall tell you all about my childhood, which should help understand that it’s better to work within your budget.

    When I was a kid, I wanted to run a business but I didn’t possess the know how, being only 6 years old.
    One day I asked my father if I could borrow some money to buy some wood and a container with a tap on, plus drinking glasses.

    He refused, telling me that I must take odd jobs on for him to earn it by washing his car, cutting the grass and so on.

    I did this and worked hard for 6 months to earn the pittance he gave me to buy the necessary stuff to build my own small pull cart, which for 6 and a half years old, I made a hell of a job of building.
    Then I bought a nice big plastic container with a tap on the bottom and some plastic beakers and one Lemon.

    Yes you guessed it, I decided I would sell my own lemonade.
    My recipe I made myself and was a closely guarded secret then but I feel I can share it with you all as I am now successful in that field.

    Basically, I pissed in the container and diluted it with water and added the juice of a lemon and topped it off with 2 spoons of sugar.

    I walked the streets, selling it to thicko’s and old ladies who didn’t know the difference between Lemonade and the stench of their own under crackers.

    I went from strength to strength and ended up 2 years later ages 8 and a half, opening 87 fully kitted out Lemonade shops, selling nothing but Lemonade.

    I employed 2,678 people and was so well known, I was nicknamed the Lemon **** kid.

    The Mayor was so impressed with me, he decided to name a public urinal in my name.

    From the age of 6, I made my money and spent it on what I could afford and owed nobody anything and even paid upfront for all the backstreet **** I received.



  15. Don’t get why people are so hung up on what Pardew says about being on guard? Like Rich says, he could say “no we’re not selling” then end up like Carroll all over again.

    Besides, didn’t Pardew also say we wouldn’t get a striker in this window. Then what?

    BOOM a striker lands in this window.

    People read far too much into things. Most, if not all, of it is playing percentages, and that goes for every manager in the league. Probably intrinsically linked with shitty loaded questions and sensationalist reporting in the media.

    I do think some fans have something to with it though. Not directly, but I mean in terms of attitude. Like for instance as soon as one of our players is linked with a move they are all but gone as credit is put in the rumour. Likewise whenever a good player is linked we immediately have no chance of getting him etc etc.


  16. Wolfie, you have a similar upbringing to me. I too set up my own business as an 8 year old, selling chocolate cheesecake from a space hopper.


  17. Richie Joey said it on that R’s radio show, I think it was £15k they wanted him to take. I’ll find it for you when I get home tonight.


  18. Dave…like I said, they’re all liars as that contradicts what he said while he was here, not the first time though….ya don’t have to dig it out mate, unlike people in football, I can take you at your word 😉


  19. TC and Wolfie, I didn’t wear any pants, so they were more like chocolate pancakes.

    Nee one complained like.


  20. Big Dave, you asked me to explain my position, as prsumably you hadnt ustood what i had said in my short summary nor from our previous exchange about Colo, so then when i did explain – you complained about it being to verbose !! .. haah .. any case at least i do give some directions eh 😉


  21. used to sell chocolate cheesecake from your space hopper?

    now you’re just talking ****


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