Pulis and his Ba obsession continues!

Pulis shouts about Ba!
Tony Pulis has had yet more words to say about Demba Ba, and he believes that United will struggle to keep hold of the 16 goal hitman in the summer.

It’s becoming borderline obsession if you ask me as Pulis uses any game against Newcastle to talk about the man he nearly signed from Hoffenheim.

Pulis once described described the 26-year-old as a “ticking time bomb”, with reference to the strikers knee problem which caused his move to The Britannia to collapse before his move to West Ham. He then spent most of the build up to the game earlier on in the season talking about Ba and justifying his decision, only to see Ba slam a hat-trick past the Potters. He wants to be careful, as he’s doing exactly the same again this time around.

The Stoke manager claims that it will be interesting to see how any transfer speculation with Ba pans out over the summer, and made reference to that now infamous clause in his contract – the one which nobody really seems to know fully what it’s all about…

“It’ll be interesting to see how that pans out this summer,” Pulis told the Daily Star. He added: “I don’t think Newcastle paid that much money for him. That’s why I think he’s got this so-called clause in his contract, that he can leave for a certain figure.”

Pulis then went on to explain yet again why Stoke pulled out of the deal:

“We really liked Demba at the time – and that was before anyone else had noticed him. That gets missed now and then. The difference with Demba then and now was that we would have had to pay £8-10m for him,” said Pulis.

“So when you’re paying that out and his wages and the length of contract that he wanted, then there was the ­situation with his injuries, it was a chance the club didn’t want to take. They got my backing, if they thought that was the ­situation at the time, but he’s done ­brilliantly.”

“We paid similar money for Peter Crouch and he’s been fantastic. I wouldn’t swap Crouchy for anybody.”

Maybe the Welshman is a little bit bitter about missing out on the player? Maybe this is why he talks about him quite a lot?

My suggestions though, is to shut up about players at other clubs, especially when you have one that you wouldn’t swap for anybody!

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49 thoughts on “Pulis and his Ba obsession continues!

  1. tony pulis = bell end !! clueless when he said ba’s knee was a ticking bomb and now clueless when he says we will struggle to keep him in the summer!! i think he needs to concentrate on his own team in ****ty 12th place than having digs at other footy players!! its all mind games !! he will also hate the fact ba scored a hatrick at his own place !! keep your mouth shut pulis and i hope ba gets another hatrick today you specky get!! rant over 😀


  2. Little song for Mr pullit
    Ba Ba black man have you any goals,
    Yes Mr Pulis,Iv’e got 5h!tloads.


  3. Pulls is embarrassed that Stoke fluffed the Ba deal and continues to dig a bigger hole when silence on the issue might be wise?

    Ba is likely to break his blank streak today isn’t he?

    2 nil



  4. Stoke strikers goals for the season (all comps including Europa)

    Crouch – 13 goals
    Walters – 9 goals
    Jerome – 7 goals
    Jones – 6 goals
    Fuller. – 1 goal

    Ticking time bomb has out scored Mr Pullis (aka tw@t in a cap) £20+ million having not played Europa football and missing some of the season due to ACoN.

    I didn’t expect him to say “god I wish I saved £10m on Crouch and got Ba for nowt instead”
    But a little bit of honestly would be nice to see, even if it was “of course we could have done with his 16 goals this season but I’m happy with my strikers”. To keep saying Ba is a ticking time bomb, when he’s played a full season just makes him look like an idiot.
    Particularly when he then goes on to say we will struggle to keep him this summer?! 😕
    If he’s such a liability, why would other clubs be interested?

    My hope is that Ba has read Mr Pullis comments and decides to go out and rip his team apart today, as he did down Stoke.


  5. I thought they’d paid 10 mil for Crouch? He wouldn’t swap him for anyone? I wouldn’t swap Ameobi for him!

    As for he spotted him 1st? I don’t think so. I remember in 2010 signing him for Hearth on Football Manager and he got me into the CL! Could hstory repeat itself? Albeit fake history like… 😎


  6. To be fair he only answered a question that he was asked ? which was always going to happen as he didnt sign a player who has done tremendously well. I want to see an article about old saggy chops redknapp now this is a guy who cannot shut his pie hole when it comes to gobbing off about other teams players. Yet he cannot answer questions about the england job or imbezzeling the tax mans cash. Will love to heatr his pathetic whining excuses when we finish above them in the league.. remember he could have had ben arfa at one point ! lol


  7. Pulis was always a manager that never really bothered me, as I thought he was a decent manager getting the best out of the team he had.
    But over the last season I can’t stand the ****er, and believe that the tactics they play arn’t just because their players arn’t any better but I think he ix just a big Mick type manager that likes the dirty tactics.
    I hope Ba makes him eat his words again, only this time he should wear a t shirt with Ticking Timebomb printed on it


  8. The Iron Dog – Don’t worry. I was similarly critical of Redknapp in an article not so long back. In fact I was far more critical lol

    Just never get why managers feel compelled to answer questions like this, when essentially its against Premier League rules to be doing so. I mean he, or anyone else for that matter, could just as easily reply to any question by saying that its not his remit to comment on players contracts when they play for other clubs.

    Off topic, I see a load of sites are now saying Simpson is set to leave Newcastle. This being based on an article in the Daily Mail with no quotes to back it up or anything like that…

    I mean if people are going to repeddle articles like that then surely they should also take as gospel the fact that it says were going to offer another contract. Doesn’t make for such a dramatic headline though does it…


  9. @Dave
    Yeah I respected him when he first came up with Stoke, fair play to a team staying in the division by playing to your strengths. But he hasn’t changed a thing even though they are established in this division now. If I was a Stoke fan i’d be happy that i was still in the premierleague but a bit bored of hoofball and 30% possession every game.


  10. Did anyone see Redknapp’s been quoted saying he wants Chelsea to win the CL? 😯
    If I was a fan that would be the last straw, fair enough wanting English clubs to do well but given the circumstances he should want them mauled. There is not a chance in hell i would ever accept Pardew backing teams when it could be to the detriment of our own.


  11. ST I suppose he said about chelski from an English stand point, as it wouldn’t look good for the England manager to not want an englesh team to win it.
    Dont forget a few of their players will be the 1st names on the England team sheet 😆 .

    Toonsy I have always said when managers or players are asked them sort of questions they should just reply that it would be disrespectful to talk about other teams.


  12. Yeah I think that’s the problem though, his head is already in the England manager mind set, a year ago there’s no way he would have said that surely.


  13. this will be a tough game more so if krul is out,stoke will make life hell for elliot imo hes not good enough,the defenders will spend to much time trying to look after him i fear this one 🙁


  14. Ice with or without him I think it will be harder than a lot of fans think. I think they will try to kick lumps out of Benny and co because they know that in the refs eye we’re fair game for it.


  15. same as i posted on other thread, hopefully with us being in 3 cups next year we can keep forster happy as back up to krul


  16. “We really liked Demba at the time – and that was before anyone else had noticed him”

    Oh, really Mr Pulis? I thought Wor Demba just fell out of the sky and landed in SJP. Yeah we’ve totally not been gracious and not taken into account all your hard work in flying him over here and then refusing to give him a contract.

    Well done Tony, would you like a treat?

    Fuck sakes man just do one, I hope we thrash these whiney hoofball ****s today like, argh 👿

    Sorry lads, I think the dissertation might be getting to me. Watching the match will be my first real break in the last four days, and we’d best not bloody lose! 😆 😈


  17. I’d still go for an Arsenal win as our best result….While I can’t really see us getting fourth, third is definitely out of the question….


  18. As other people have suggested, he’s only answering questions.
    Stoke are such a ****ing dull, arse-end of a mid-table club, situated in an equally dull ****-hole of a city that journalists must be scratching their heads and chins through to the bone in anticipation of interviewing Pulis.
    What else are they gona talk about?
    The most interesting thing about Stoke City FC, is they nearly signed a good player that someone else has now got.

    …and I wish he’d stop wearing that stupid charva cap, maybe try something more apt for ‘The Potters’, like a ceramic chamber pot or something. 😛


  19. Toonsy – anything but a Chelsea win will do today … as long as we win our game of course.

    I was thinking this morning, I wish we were playing Chelsea this weekend. They will be knackered off the Barca game and will have one eye on the 2nd leg.

    It will be an interesting twist to the end of the season but when the fat lady sings well be 6th I think.


  20. Sharpy@9 . Indeed the future is orange and he has it on . 😀 😀 😀

    Toonsy . Pulis is running his gob off about Ba cause he knows his hoofball outfit are about to be put to the sword by our three muskateers . 😆 😉 .
    Not sure if a draw or a arsenal win in the arse v chel game is best today. ❓

    Newkie @23- I feel for you doing your dissertation ,I watched my lass going through it when she did her degrees .She was so proud after she finished it though. What are you studying at uni then? .

    My prediction today 4 .1 with Ba on the score sheet. 😀 :mrgreen:


  21. …apologies for the bad language, I watched The Da Vinci Code last night and now realise the whole world is living a lie.


  22. …as for the Arse Chelsea game today, I can’t make my mind up with all the permutations, and my crystal ball is knackered. So a draw would probably suit me.


  23. Sharpy – You seen the team Chelsea have put out also? Granted it’s hardly reserves, but it’s hardly brimming with first choice players either.


  24. Kimtoon-Hah cheers mate, I’m studying history and to be honest i’ll be glad to be done with it all I think…Not sure I’ll take much pride in my dissertation, but I’ll be proud if I manage to scrape a 2:1 with it after leaving it so late 😆


  25. I hope Ba tries to get himself more central today, he could really punish these lot like last time. Anyone else worried when we play teams like this that they might try snap Benny with the form he is in 😕


  26. Newkie – History my fav subject at school 😀 .My lass did Eng lit and then a PGCE after . She loved the Eng lit but hated the PGCE course . She’s still on crap money even after all the years at uni , so much for higher earnings to pay off any debt 🙄 .


  27. i think Pardew should ask Pulis if he wants to do a straight swap between Demba and Crouch. live on tv after the match 😉 😉
    if Pulis says “no” then Pards should tell him to “**** off talking bout wor players”, if, he says “yes”, Pards should still tell him to “**** off”, then walk away laughing :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: that would give the papers something to talk about 😆 😆
    harder game then many seem to think today, i reckon 5 – 0 should be enough 😉 😉


  28. Pulis still hasnt learned from last time with his pre match comments on ba, Give the 50 odd year old charva prick some of the same demba lad… 😉


  29. TS9, that would be quality 😯 😆

    Moreno, I’ve just hoyed money on Ba to score anytime at evens. I think it’s time.

    Reet, I’m off. Hopefully I won’t be back on talking drunken ****e in the early hours. Can’t promise anything mind. 🙄


  30. Toonsy – I would defo fancy us against this Chelsea 11 like.

    Fancy an Arsenal and Toon win today.

    Kim – good lad, as good as 3 points in the bag 😛


  31. Big Dave I thought exactly the same that they would target Benny but dont think there was a free kick given in first 15 mins,when Benny came into centre field we began to tick,Totaly outclassed them. 😆


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