International dreams CAN be realised at NUFC!

Benny shows his grit, determination, and class!
I’ve gotten over dreading the upcoming European Championships now.

A couple of weeks ago I was all panicky over the possibility of losing a player due to injury or perhaps to another club who have the wedge to buy them after an impressive tournament.

I’m now at the ‘whatever will be will be’ stage to be honest and after a few weeks without football I’m just glad to have something to watch on the box again. These last few weeks I’ve even started to wonder why I even pay for Sky considering the fact I’ve not watched it since the end of the football season!

One of the reasons I’m actually looking forward to watching football once more is because some of our players are involved. Not many, but there are enough to prick the interest of me and perhaps the nation as two of them will possibly come up against England in a couple of weeks time.

That made me think really. I’m looking forward to watching our players, which then made me thinking about players moving clubs to supposedly stand more of a chance of getting international recognition. I remember one of the many (and indeed changeable) reasons Jose Enrique wanted to move was to enhance his chances with Spain.

Well this summer he’ll be sat on his backside sunning himself watching it in exactly the same way you or I could after failing to win a place in the Spain squad. He has shown that he just isn’t good enough to play for his country regardless of whatever his club may be. I’m not saying Enrique is rubbish, as he’s not, but he’s also not good enough for his national team unfortunately, for him anyway.

The funny thing is that NOT moving clubs has actually helped some of our players gain a place at the European Championships. I’m going to discount Yohan Cabaye as he has been a favourite fixture in the France side ever since Laurent Blanc took the helm, but both Tim Krul and Hatem Ben Arfa have managed to force themselves into their respective international squads whilst playing for Newcastle.

Both have gone about it differently however. Timmy has been with is since he was a mere boy with goggly eyes. He stormed onto the scene at Palermo and then went on loan to a sequence of teams only to come back and establish himself as the undisputed number one goalkeeper. He’s saved us points single-handedly which is what good goakeepers do.

Hatem Ben Arfa was, is, a maverick capable of moments that just leave you shaking your head in disbelief. He can win games on his own although there was a sense that he’d lost his way when he arrived at Newcastle. Perhaps it was the fresh start he needed after a catalogue of arguments with colleagues and managers over in France?

A serious injury didn’t help his cause and that was compounded by another one just as he was about to return. However now he is fit and firing on all cylinders, with added strings to his bow for good measure. He is a more complete player now than he ever has been, and it’s testament to the hard work he has put in that he is now being rewarded with his first international call up since 2010 and his first ever international tournament to boot!

You see it can be done at Newcastle. Players can work themselves back into international reckoning at St James’ Park, which has to be another selling point for the club currently.

Anyone agree?

P.S. Congratulations to Kimtoon who was the winner of our shirt competition and is now the owner of a brand new NUFC away shirt courtesy of although I have a sneaking suspicion she may be giving it to someone as a gift, unless she has a secret of course…

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140 thoughts on “International dreams CAN be realised at NUFC!

  1. 😆 😆 😆 you lot are makeing me laugh more than the comedians on this concert.

    Shirley was ace and as for Kylie wow ,think I got a girl crush 😯 😳


  2. SHARPY i get spells mate,its just this royal ****e boils my water,they couldnt give a toss for the likes of you and me,plus theres nee footy 🙁


  3. SHARPY tak nee notice of dave always trying to hide his age i still remember him pushing me round in my push-chair he made it himself his dad showed him how to make wheels,silly git made square ones 😀


  4. get in i can say it again …. have we signed anyone yet?? debuchy? adam johnson? clyne? …. 😆


  5. DAVE you were born 21yrs old so you could leave home and get your own place batty telt me all about it,1930 was it


  6. Paul WINSTON McCartney 😯
    Boob by Auntie Beeb again, James Paul McCartney.

    The great Jonn Lennon’s middle name was Winston 😉


  7. Paul always ends these sort of shows ,what’s the betting he ends with Hey Jude and the audience has to join in 😉

    I always prefered George Harrison meself. and Lennon was the really talented one.


  8. Ice – I have visions of you and Dave abit like Lou and Andy from little Britian with him pushing you round in ya pushchair like 😆

    And speak for yourself, the old girl invited me down to join the fun but I could get a babysitter, they don’t work bank holidays … Oh the twisted irony!!!!


  9. Sir Paul doesn’t do things by half like does he, thought the terrorist had hit with all those fireworks


  10. ime oot of here later lads and lasses,and kimtoon dont forget to iron that shirt for the lad 😆 😆


  11. According to SSN Bellamy is likely to get the call for team GB 😯 👿 . The ******* doesn’t even deserve to be recognised by S.Pearce.


  12. Whey bang an article out while ya waiting :mrgreen:

    …me knee is giving me grief so can’t sleep, trying a bit of heat on it at the moment 😕


  13. 😆 …….might have to go to the beach tomorr… to catch up on my sleep 😎 ….or start house hunting….again 👿


  14. Oh Aye, it’ll be “up in a bit”, can’t believe I fell for that auld chestnut 🙄 😆


  15. Strop 😯 I knew you were lonely Rich, you missed me, just admit it 😆


  16. Knew who you ment mate 😀 … one of my favourite shows when I was younger… funny stuff and Delvene Delany (Strops wife in real life) was always nice to look at when she was on with them… So good with the ladies is a similarity I supose :mrgreen:


  17. I think so mate.. they live over seas now… some where in Spain I think 😆


  18. Aussie…aye, it used to be the only thing worth watching on Channel 4 when that first launched 😆


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