Aston Villa 1-2 Newcastle – Match highlights

Just some brief highlights of the victory over Aston Villa for you all to have a a gander through should you choose to do so.

When I say brief highlights I literally mean just the goals, but surely Yohan Cabaye’s strike is worth another watch? Enjoy.

Realistically it wasn’t a pretty win. We played some decent stuff and for me we deserved it on our first-half performance alone, but credit to Villa who made it hard for us in the second-half as they showed some fighting spirit and desire of their own.

It was never going to be about the performance last night though and instead getting the three points is all that mattered. I’ve been saying that for weeks and we failed to do just that so grabbing a win against a team that was directly below you was vitally important.

Hopefully the players can kick on from this but with our next game being against Chelsea I’m not too expectant of three points in that one so I’ll just enjoy this one while I can.

Allez le Toon.

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51 thoughts on “Aston Villa 1-2 Newcastle – Match highlights

  1. we desrved the win decent team performance ,we showed grit in the 2nd half instead of caving in


  2. Never a penalty for me. Firstly, it was a definate dive, and seccondly, the player was running away from goal and was probably nearer to the corner flag. I know it was in the box, but surely, never a goal scoring oppertunity. However, this is the stupid game we find ourselves in these days.


  3. plenty of positives to take, the team has goals in it, cisse just needs delivery

    we can get stronger than we were as we are still missing players

    stronger at the back as we shouldn’t have to play perch at centreback

    with 451 we should have more control over games


  4. dog were stuck with him so you best make the most of it 😉


  5. Porciestreet – to be fair, if that was a challenge on Cisse I’d be screaming for a pen. Irrelevant which direct the lad was running, a foul in the box = a pen goal scoring opportunity or not. Thems the rules and always have been. I remember Saylor winning a pen against the scum under very similar circumstances. Fact is it was a clumsy challenge which didn’t need to be made. He could have just shepparded out the box and out of harms way. Them getting one back so early left things very nervy.

    We needed a win last night as we have more away games than home left ahead of us. I think if we had Benny there for the 2nd half things may not have been so twitchy coz he would have been a constant threat and something for them to worry about. If we aren’t signing another CF (big mistake IMO) then we need the flair of Benny and Marv back sooner than later.


  6. Aussie Magpie Fan, Debuchy got suckered too unfortunately. Hope he learns from that 🙄

    Simmo would have jockeyed the player to the bye line 😉


  7. One criticism I have of Debuchy is that he plays his man a little tight at times.. seems to get turned a bit easy for my liking..


  8. Sharpy17, Pardew needs to find a way of keeping the ball in the opponents half of the field for longer than 7 seconds. In the second half yesterday I had no confidence of us retaining the ball within the team for any period of time. This is not a new problem for Pardew’s teams. Remember when Cabaye first arrived and he was lauded for regularly running over 13km a game 😉 He wouldn’t need to do that if we could keep the freaking ball.


  9. We certainly lacked a bit of hunger in the second half and dare I say it a bit of fitness. I actually thought Jonas played ok, he had a better game than some of the crew on here have suggested.
    Not quite creaming my jeans over Sissoko just yet, thought he was solid but not spectacular.


  10. MM – I agree, I think we could achieve that better by having Sissoko, Anita and Cabaye in the midfield coz they all seem comfortable on the ball, then Gouffran, Cisse and Benny up front.
    Jonas and Perch to the bench with Marv would give good options but still only Shola to fill that CF bench spot. Sorry I’d go back 4 of Debuchy,Colo, MYM and santon and have Saylor and Haidara on the bench as well.
    For me that 4-3-3 would be our best option with the players we have available.


  11. Aussie/Munich-Good points lads.

    Simmo used to get slaughtered for never getting tight to his man. Persoanlly I didn’t mind that style-how often did Simmo actually get skinned? People go on about how he was ****e and every goal came from that side, but I remember Simmo easily shepherding Ashley Young and Nani and plenty of other top wingers into areas where they couldn’t do so much damage-he didn’t always stop the cross but he rarely got skinned and allowed someone a free run in the box…

    I liked some of Debuchy’s touch challenges but he has to be careful with that pen challenge. I agree with Sharpy, if someone had clipped Cisse I’d still want a pen for it-however still think it was very soft. Refs wouldn’t usually give a FK for it, so giving a pen is a bit mental.


  12. Sharpy-I would go for that line up as well. Gouffran to lead the line if Cisse gets injured, he looks clever, fast and strong enough to do a job. Marv can take his wing place in the side if needed.


  13. We were always going to struggle in the second half. Villa weren’t just going to take it were they? They are struggling also remember.

    I don’t know why people expected us to go to Villa and turn them over. We’ve not exactly been much better than them have we?

    Look at the facts. Half our outfield players hadn’t played in ages or are just getting used to the league. They were always going to tire and add that to a lack of confidence on our part and fresh hope for struggling Villa at home and you get to see what we saw last night.

    Debuchy – That was his third ever Premier League appearance and he wasn’t that bad.

    Sissoko – First Premier League game and visibly tired.. Probably never played a game as intense as that in France.

    Gouffran – As above pretty much.

    Saylor – First game since November. Was always going to tire.

    Cabaye – As above really although he managed an hour against reading after three months out.

    However the bottom line is WE WON


  14. We did win and I’m happy about that. BUT Pardew is showing a continuing inability to stem opposition manager’s tactical changes as games wear on. As I said, with players getting fitter and the new boys settling in hopefully he’ll have more options to work with and will be able to react to these changes better, but I wont hold my breath.

    To go from being in total control to being totally controlled is not to be expected no matter how you dress it up.

    Fair due’s for setting us out properly in the 1st half mind, that won us the game. I just dont think he’s dynamic enough though.


  15. Lambert must be **** tactically as well because we out played him in the first half… 🙂


  16. I dont understand that penalty. It was not like he was on for a shot, or even on for setting a shot up for somebody else – is that not what these free kicks in the box are for? Serious question, dont understand it at all. It was miles away from ever being a goalscoring opportunity for any of their team – so why does that deserve a free shot at goal????


  17. Toonsy, don’t get me wrong, I’m ecstatic with the win, and all of your points are valid.

    However my issue is with the difference in the showings between the first and second half, and how we tactically confronted Villa’s change.

    Yes they were at home, but this is the same Villa who lost to Millwall, Reading, Southampton and Bradford recently. We have a team bristling with internationals. We should never be resorting to that pathetic technical sleight of hand trick that Pardew pulled on us yesterday.. if so then we are going to get battered. It could have all so easily went wrong yesterday, but it didn’t. What would have happened to us without Sissoko’s energy in the first half ?

    Just cos we got the win doesn’t make us devoid of criticism, we are all arm chair pundits after all 😆


  18. Kristan Heneage ‏@KHeneage
    Not sure if the club will provide an official announcement, but Kevin Mbabu completed his medical for #NUFC Tuesday. Joins the U21s.

    new signing


  19. Didn’t watch the game as it was too late for me.

    Though i would like to ask, what’s the new striker performance on his debut??

    Any comments. ❓


  20. AOD@19, Carr hints at the possible clique issue at the club. One thing is for sure, even whilst we are struggling at the bottom of the league, Pardew has shown his renoenwed man management skills and seems to have the majority of the players on side. I would hope that once the players get bedded in then the team spirit will be even more reinforced. I don’t necessarily agree with Viera and Malbarnques comments. If you are a good player you love and appreciate playing with good players, no matter where they come from. One thing is for sure, the French lads bring a strong work ethic to the side, they always give 100%… (even Obertan cough…)


  21. MM/Shamrock – Sometimes the opposition just comes at you. Yeah I understand the changes and so on blah blah but remember the SAME side that bossed the first half got bossed in the second.

    Look at the subs bench and what could we change up front? How could we have asserted ourselves again? We had no creativity on the bench and our only striker was Shola.

    In time it should be less of an issue. We won’t need to make changes through fitness as players will pick up speed which will strengthen us.

    Also don’t buy this “Villa got beat by Bradford/we’re bristling with internationals”. They may have got beat by Bradford but they also beat Man City at the Etihad along the way.

    We were full of internationals when we went down last time and last time I checked we aren’t that far clear of things now, bristling with internationals or not. It matters not one jot when most of them have been unavailable anyway.


  22. Toonsy-Agree with that.

    I just don’t get the “oh they lost to lower league etc”

    Lambert doesn’t give a toss about the cups. Villa don’t give a toss about the cups. Their fans are hugely embarrassed-as are their players to a degree, but they are focused on this relegation fight. If anything those losses would have fired Villa up to be fair-we didn’t see it in the first half but we did in the second, we did struggle but Villa played very well and our poor play part stemmed from the lack of confidence in the team.

    Villa still have some top quality players for me…That front lot of Bent, Weimann, Benteke, Nzogbia, Agbonlahor is a real handful, not too surprised by their gash defence but I’m surprised at how badly theyr’e doing..


  23. Alex-I watched the replay and caught his advantage, he keeps his arms up and runs off after we score, making him look like one of ours 😆 Maybe that’s why he felt he had to give them a pen?…


  24. Missed the point Toonsy. We were the same side, Villa were not because they made changes and adapted. We did not and we struggled badly. When we eventually made changes, they were the wrong changes. An immobile forward for a midfielder, then 10 minutes later a midfielder for a forward? Strange. They had several clear cut chances to score and it was only luck that we held on in that 2nd half.


  25. Sham, Villa had the half time break to reasses and change their game plan. Lambert could not make a change on the hop in the first half that would work. So it was hard for Pardz to do the same in the second.


  26. SHAMROCK it was pure luck in the second half! i have no nails left. i was dissatisfied with our second half display. i’m not happy but 3 points is all that matters.


  27. Reet, am off on me hols for 2,5 weeks. When I return I expect us to be in the top 6…. 😳

    Howay the lads !!


  28. Aussie, so if we continue to fold in the 2nd half for a significant amount of games this season – you wont mind because Pards has not had the chance to spend time with his players?!

    Reading last week was a classic example of this. Whatever though. You’ll all see the light eventually. Pardew is not capable of bringing us to the next level on a consistent basis. Nobody is changing my mind on this. 😉


  29. M – from what I read that a £1m signing for a 17yr old defender who’s only played 1 senior game EVER!!. 😯 We could have had another Sissoko for .8m more FFS 😆

    Shamrock – like I said earlier, if that was a foul on Cisse in their box there’d be no question. I think the reaction from all the players – including Debuchy himself left no question it was a penalty all night long. It was an unnecessary challenge to make. I think Debuchy wasn’t expecting GA to be that quick and nip in before him, but it was the right decision.


  30. “Since August 2009 – when Yanga-Mbiwa was just 20 years old – only Daniel Congre has played more minutes of Ligue 1 football than him (not counting goalkeepers).”


  31. In response to those pointing out Pards’ 37% win record… Moyes’ record at Everton is only 42% and he’s a MUCH better manager.

    Pardew’s overall record will have taken a hit over the last 10 games and should creep slightly up. Even then, 38% is enough for 43/44 points per season, and that assumes we lose the other 62% with no draws.

    38% sounds bad, and 44 points isn’t enough really… but it’s not as bad as it sounds.


  32. Shamrock – regarding your Pardew point, I agree with you. In fairness we/I don’t know the fitness of all the players, but he just seems to get the subs badly wrong. Not only the players he’s switching but the timing of them as well.
    Subs are meant to have a positive impact and when they come on they are meant to instruct the other players how their introduction is going to affect the rest of the game. That never seems to happen. I appreciate he maybe hasn’t had the players on the bench that he’d like up until last night, but again I think his timings weren’t great.
    I have to admit that I’m nee Shola fan either. I know some on here believe he’s a good impact sub – I don’t think the lad could make an impact on a ****ing meatball sub to be honest.
    I think if you have a CF on the bench, the main impact you want him to have when you bring him on is to hopefully nick a goal. That’s never gonna happen with Shola.


  33. Blip – over what time period are those percentages worked out over tho mate?
    Moyes has obviously managed Everton a lot longer than Pardew has the Toon.
    I personally don’t believe a win percentage counts for much to be honest.
    Lambert will have a poor win % at Villa, but I wouldn’t say he’s a bad manager – same as Martinez at Wigan. A manager is only as good as his squad of players. Some managers can squeeze more from a set of players but even Alex Fergie can’t get the best from some players.
    Hence why Pardew is part of the recruitment process, so he can decide whether he feels he can work with the player.


  34. A lot of people are saying Villa were always going to come at us (well do better than 1st half) in the second half… I’m not disputing that. What I’m saying is, we could have kept the ball better with the quality of players we had, the same players that had at times 80% possession or whatever it was in the 1st half. They can only attack our goal if they have the ball and their players can only flood our box if the ball keeps being given straight back so cheaply… Otherwise they have something to think about and a position to get back to. I have no doubt that Shola was brought on to hold the ball up and do exactly this and he failed miserably.


  35. Blip – in which case, just a quick look on Wiki and the managerial stats of Pardew and Moyes – over their whole managerial career:

    Pardew – total games: 629 – wins 268 – draws 160 – losses 201 = win % of 42.61%

    Moyes – total games: 734 – wins 323 – draws 192 – losses 219 = win % of 44.01%

    Out of interest, coz a number of people have called for Martinez to take over

    Total games: 283 – wins 106 – draws 80 – losses 97 = win % of 37.46%


  36. Thing is though SHARPY most of Moyes games have been as a premiership manager where i dare like to bet most of Pards are in the lower leagues . Wouldnt mind seeing Pardews and Moyes %wins are in the games as only a premiership manager .


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