Could these NUFC players shine at the World Cup?

Debuchy looks likely for France call
Debuchy looks likely for France call
It’s fair to say that there has been a lot of frustration around St James’ Park lately.

Heavy defeats at the hands of Manchester United, Southampton and Everton combined with a poor run of form since the turn of the year have heaped pressure on Alan Pardew, whilst his headbutt which led to a seven match touchline ban certainly hasn’t done him any favours.

A season which had started with so much promise has petered out to nothing and now we are in danger of slipping out of the top half of the Premier League table. But whilst the performances from the boys in black and white haven’t been favourable, there is only a handful of games left to impress for those wanting to be on the plane to Rio come June.

A dip in form is that last thing those looking to book a spot in their respective international squads for the World Cup need so with that in mind, let’s take a glance at who’s in line to feature at the World Cup. Well, we need something to look forward to, right?

Loic Remy

Loic Remy looks set to make the French squad but a few decent performances between now and the end of the Premier League season would help his cause greatly. Karim Benzema has been in superb form for Real Madrid, scoring 29 goals, so will certainly be the talisman, but competition for a supporting role is well and truly up for grabs with Remy, Giroud and Lyon’s Alexandre Lacazette all on Didier Deschamps’ shortlist.

The problem with this is that we’re going to lose Remy at end of the season anyway as his loan deal expires, and a decent World Cup will easily push him out of our price range, if indeed he’s not already out of our limited transfer range. Remember, we can’t compete financially blah blah blah.

Moussa Sissoko

Moussa Sissoko is an absolute physical beast and should be in the France squad for the World Cup. The former Toulouse man has worried fans on the terraces of late with concerns he’s more interested in being fit for Brazil, but he looks like he’ll be thrown back into the team following a pulled hamstring, which will no doubt help build his fitness before joining up with France who are being backed to reach the quarter finals at the very least by freebets.

Mathieu Debuchy

The former Lille man has arguably been our best performer of the season, an accolade that could have been afforded to his mate Yohan Cabaye before he moved back across La Manche to Paris Saint Germain. Debuchy and Arsenal man Bacary Sagna are the two players who likely to tussle it out for the right-back spot in Dechamps’ squad.

Fabricio Coloccini

Over the years Coloccini has failed to nail a regular spot at centre-half in the Argentina squad, often having to pull out through injury, but the stalwart has World Cup experience and was trusted in the vital game that sealed the South American side’s place in the finals.
He’s also not happy with Newcastle’s performances of late. He recently told Sky Sports; “We are trying to win every game, of course we are. We have to play with pride for this club and for the fans.”

Hopefully the shaggy haired stopper heeds his own words in the final run in.

Shola Ameobi

The Newcastle veteran has only scored two domestic goals this season, but after a solid spell of form in November, followed by a goal for the Super Eagles against Italy, Shola Ameobi seems like he might finally get his chance at a major tournament.

He’ll be battling Victor Obinna and Emmanual Emenike for a place in the starting line-up though, whilst Ezekiel and Uchebo, who ply their trade in the Belgian leagues, will also be fighting for a position.

Cheik Tiote

It could be the Ivorian’s last chance to do something special this year with the likes of Yaya Toure and Didier Drogba perhaps starring at their last major tournament. And they have plenty to play for in a favourable group.

The defensive midfielder has played a major role on Tyneside this season and has allegedly caught the eye of Manchester City in the last few months.

The outsiders

There are several players who have a chance of finding themselves on the plane to Rio. Tim Krul perhaps has the best chance of the lot but is unlikely to be anything more than a squad member for the Netherlands. Vurnon Anita has not been called up fro a while and is not going to force his way into the reckoning now. For France there is Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa and Hatem Ben Arfa who have previously featured for their country but have fallen off the radar recently and I feel that they are in the same boat as Vurnon Anita and will have to watch from the sidelines.

When you look at it, especially the players who are near certainties to go to the World Cup, they haven’t done too badly at all. Loic Remy is our top scorer with Mathieu Debuchy performing well and Moussa Sissoko showing glimpses despite being played out of position.

However it is those on the periphery that have suffered. All four of my outsiders could have had solid seasons and worked their way into the thinking of their national team managers yet none of them have. In part that is down to Pardew and the weakness of the NUFC squad through lack of investment, but there must also be some blame apportioned to players who ultimately control their own performances.

Is it too early to start thinking about the World Cup? Not when you look at our season! If it’s not to the taste of some then tell me why, but personally I dislike going on about the same things over and over and there is only so many times I can write that Pardew must go or Ashley must go or we’ve been bad since Christmas and so on. Hence something different.

Has anything been missed?

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981 thoughts on “Could these NUFC players shine at the World Cup?

  1. Thanks Stuart. They are like pesky gnats on a hot summers night. 😆

    They are of no benefit and are just an irritant. 😆


    I genuinely don’t think you get the gist of football tbh. Though you are entitled to your views and clearly enjoy the cut & thrust of the banter which is a good character trait. 😉
    You are a cut above Aussie who gets flustered when challenged and put in his place. 😛


    You have simplified my viewpoint and continue to do so as if you haven’t. 😉
    That’s called lazy journalism. 😉


    I’ve never changed my opinion about Cabaye. He was overrated by many for his first half spell at the toon. Very overrated in fact.

    However he came into his own at the start of this season and was instrumental at dragging the team to the top 6 and within a few points of a CL spot. Not only that, he was clearly a huge influence in the dressing room.

    Regarding Ashley. Myself and a couple of others inc Big Dave, Stuart and Batty were the only ones who stuck to our guns about his vision for the club. We predicted all this.

    My current fight against you’s now is a mirror image of the Ashley one in which I won. 😉

    Unfortunately for you’s, I operate at a higher intellectual level than dopey which I currently attribute many on here as. 😛


  2. Troy, I may not get the gist of football completely but I know crap football when I see it . 😉 I also know when a manager is floundering and using every excuse in the book to cover his shortcomings too.


  3. @Kim

    He’s making excuses for Ashley which I don’t agree with. But as far as football on the field, he’s got a pile of ****e to play with and crap football is inevitable.

    Give him a decent squad and he’s done the business. 😉


  4. But for all your self proclaimed intelligence you still cant come up with a sensible plan to rid the club of the curse of fatty.
    You state the bleedin obvious and then contradict yourself.
    Making yourself look and sound ridiculous. Losing all credibility in the process.
    To simplify the many problems at NUFC by simply stating “the players are ****”, quite simply beggars belief.
    To deny Parsnip should take responsibility for the non performances on the pitch is blinkered and contrary to every sports journalist football fan and commentator there is.
    Only Parsnip himself and you think he is the right man for the job in the long term.
    Deary me. Are you his love child or something. 😯 😆


  5. exactly kim,

    FSA has a decent record with ****/Ok teams but it doesnt mean the fans accept his way of football. Although, i bet FSA would still get a win with our squad. Pardew couldn’t win at hook-a-duck at the minute.

    Can’t believe Troy is clinging onto Pardew for dear life 😯 🙄 Its obvious Pardew has ran out of ideas, excuses and hopefully, time 😛


  6. Parsnip has got a decent squad, he just doesn’t know how to use it.
    He is a dinosaur


  7. @BB

    Clearly Troy is on the wind-up. If not, I can only assume he’s been in his laundry baskets since xmas and hasnt seen any of our games…


  8. Bris…None of our WC stars will be playing for us next season apparently so you won’t be missing anything 😉


  9. I see Snodgrass has been added to the Parsnip wish list of British grafters for the summer transfer window.
    So that’s Colback, Shelvey, and now Snodgrass.
    And I’m sure there’s been a few more too.


  10. Ince, Tomkins, and not forgetting shola 🙁 😆
    I’m sure we will be linked with Judas Carroll again anyday soon 👿


  11. I just don’t see why we need a manager/coach anyway
    Using Trolls logic:- If the reason for our piss poor performances is because we have **** players, and conversely good players will get good results. Why bother with Parsnip at all ❓
    It’s clearly got nothing to do with him whatsoever. He has no impact on the performances or results, so is really an irrelevance.
    PARSNIP OUT :mrgreen:


  12. Gouffran got 7 goals pre crimbo and should have easily got 10-15 with better management.

    As soon as it became obvious Remy was injured for a while; Gouff should have gone up top or failing that left of a 4-3-3 with Ben Arfa and Cisse. Instead we reverted to ye auld hoof the bassa to Shola and if hes not available De Jong


  13. I actually think Snodgrass and Shelvey would be good signings, Certainly would give some quality from set pieces and goals from midfield which we are crying out for.

    Colback i detest and Tomkins trotted out as our long term choice to replace Colo is absolutely laughable


  14. I think Snodgrass will be dependant on the canaries being relegated – which I cant see them avoiding now – and so by getting him on the cheap cheap. 😛


  15. Got to say none of the players we are linked to fill me with any hope of avoiding a relegation battle next season 🙁


  16. well if they are all ‘****’ Kim, it wont be parsnips fault if we get relegated 😉


  17. But it does look like Parsnip is after building a championship winning side.
    Which in all fairness would be exceeding his normal level.
    He is not fit to be a Premiership manager.
    This is meant to be the best, most exciting league in the world.
    If Parsnip is building a team of old school cloggers, then NUFC don’t deserve to be in the EPL.
    Flair, skill, pace and movement will always win out against grafters, cloggers and hoofers.
    Oh I cant wait 👿 👿 🙁


  18. I’m Pardew, I’m a complete thicko that doesn’t know how to change formation’s or use players in the right positions


  19. So is this what Pardew is bouyed by? We’re going to sign a bunch of British grafters in his own image? Colback, Cresswell, Snodgrass. Woo hoo – championship football a year early. And we’ll have Raylor back 🙄

    Shelvey I quite like. He’s a bit of a hothead but still young and a fine passer with an eye for goal. Reminds me of Thomas Graveson. Looks like he may have issues with weight/stamina.


  20. Come come children. Stop bickering amongst yourselves. 🙄

    I love Bootsys rant;
    But for all your self proclaimed intelligence you still cant come up with a sensible plan to rid the club of the curse of fatty.

    WTF is this bloke on? How can I get rid of fatty? He owns the club and I don’t have several million quid to buy the club. 😛 Where do you get it from. Dear me. 😆

    You say Parsnip is building a championship winning side.

    Is he? Cos when they were riding high it was Graham Carr building the side. But now they are struggling, it’s Pardew. You say I’m contradicting myself. 😯 😛

    (For The Sake Of The Blog And All Who Sail In Her Stop Talking Tosh) 😛


  21. Pardew’s Yorky puddings were rising high when he had the milk, flour and eggs to put in the mix.

    Mikey intervened in January and stole the eggs. The Yorkies are now as flat as Aussies ute tyres 😛

    Of course, it’s Pardews fault cos the customers don’t see what’s going on in the kitchen. 😛


  22. Troy,

    Re: Cabaye.

    You do understand that influence, intelligence, motivation, leadership etc are all player traits.
    So they would be included in how good a player is.

    If Cabaye had that much of an influence that we have lost 80% of the games he hasn’t played in this season then he must be a quite some player.

    For a side to be “challenging top four” as you put it to a team that has undoubtedly been the worst team in the league since he’s left. That’s quite a big deal.

    For a player that was so overrated, that our great manager set up the entire team on one individual.

    You are also saying that the influence in the change room came via Cabaye. Top signings have been attracted by Cabaye. He is now playing for one of the best teams in the world.

    Also, isn’t it the MANAGER’s job to motivate players. Not Cabaye’s.

    So you are basically saying without Cabaye in the dressing room. Pardew cannot motivate his team?

    Well he can’t motivate them, he clearly can’t coach set pieces, because we never score from them and attempt the same predictable routine week in week out.

    We also can’t defend from set pieces. Even against a side that is poor in the air like Arsenal. You don’t CREATIVE players to get this part of the game right. Its all coaching.

    You don’t need creative lplayers to put play people in their best positions.

    Then it comes to fluidity. Fair enough, here you have a point. We need more creativity.

    But then why does Pardew constantly look to play 3 defensive midfielders? A fat Ben Arfa is at least going to fashion the odd chance for himself.

    Our manager has managed to piss off Coloccini, Cisse, Ben Arfa, Cabaye, Marvauex, Obertan and Santon during the course of the season. Most of whom had disagreements about the negative tactics being implemented.

    Most top managers revert to PACE to take advantage of tired legs at the end of the game. Bobby Robson was a master at this. Often making triple substitutions of pace when the opportunity arose.

    Pardew decides to slow the game further. Shove the slowest player on earth onto the field and hope he can cause havoc.

    Maybe we should get Cabaye in as manager? 😉 Same happened with Hughton and Nolan. Both poor managers.


  23. “Pardew’s Yorky puddings were rising high” – quite right, they will always rise. But when you have a chef that doesn’t know what he’s doing at the end of the day, they will flop.

    It’s happened at every club he’s ever managed. He’s NEVER been a good manager. Never will be.


  24. I see the local media are really going for Pardew now! inqoukdnt be surprised if this made Ashley more determined to keep him in place. Ashley won’t like being told what to do by the press.

    Pardew will be staying and will be given a fortune to spend in players. Don’t get too excited though. A fortune to Ashley when it comes to NUFC is about £10m


  25. Of course Parsnip is staying.
    He has already told us HE and Mike and Graham are planning on a summer of rebuilding for next season.
    They actually don’t have a choice now tho as the squad will be so heavily depleted come the end of the season, that to not spend a canny bit will lead to the inevitable relegation struggle next season.
    I guess it will not be more than £10M tho on any one player. 😕


  26. I reckon the old ‘sell to buy’ routine will have to be shelved for this window too.


  27. I irony is that Ashley thinks his spending spree is to push further up the table! He forgets that he’s going to have replace, Remy, HBA (likely), Marv (likely), Strola, De Jong, Gosling and Obertan just for the squad to stand still! We’re not exactly flying at the minute are we?


  28. Anyone still thinking HBA is the be all and end all this is from Mark Douglas Journo at Journal:

    “As one insider pointed out to me, if Ben Arfa was so desperate to be a success at Newcastle, why did he not sign the contract offered to him last summer? He was also cracking jokes after Southampton – hardly the actions of someone cut up by such a desperate display.”

    Maybe, just maybe Pardew is right to **** the little prima donna off. 😯


  29. After the donkeys Williamson and Ameobi telling us to support the cause. They now trot out Gosling to lecture us. The guy wasn’t good enough for Blackpool.
    Mass exodus in the summer. Mostly those we want shot of and the likes of Krul and Tiote who we don’t want to lose. Nevermind we still have the consistent Williamson and Anita. Only problem is they are consistent in being useless


  30. Stuart, Don’t know if you saw it but the other day I posted a link where Benny gave an interview in 2012 saying he did not like Pardues direct tactics as it was not what he had learned at clairfontane . My guess is that Benny has given up trying to adapt to Pards way some time ago tbh.
    By the way there was another report 2 weeks back that Cabaye has wanted away 2 years before he actually left us. Don’t forget he was on strike for the first couple of games this season ,at least HBA has managed to refrain from that with us.


  31. Kim-Cabaye wanted out two years before he left us? So he wanted out 6 months after he joined us then? 😆 Well that is commitment!

    I’m sure some of those fans who didn’t even care about Benny are now using it as a stick to beat pardew with. I’m not surprised of course but come on. People think Pardew or Ashley come out with guff and then along comes Benny earlier in the year saying he wants to win the Ballon d’Or :mrgreen:

    I do love the guy though, definitely gutted he is on the way out. I’m not really sure I have an affinity with our players anymore…Tiote? Krul?…Shola 😆


  32. Newks ,Me neither mate, seems to me there’s too much cash in it for everyone involved and footie takes a distant second place. Re- Cabs wanting away ,that is supposed to be true, it’s not impossible that after joining he soon realised the level of ambition and thought, bugger that like. 😆
    As for Benny he is defo a bit of a loose cannon like, but he has been unhappy with tactics since 2012 ,so that unease has been brewing for a while now.

    Reported today Jabba has had dinner with Colo to assure him players will be signed, though I’m not impressed with who we are linked with, what do think?, not sure Colo will be that impressed either like.


  33. As for Benny he is defo a bit of a loose cannon like, but he has been unhappy with tactics since 2012
    He’s not the only one.
    And I don’t blame any of them that want out due to the lack of ambition and style of ‘football’ 😕 parsnip wants them to play.
    It’s not about the money. But they are being made to look stupid.
    It’s a short career, who would want to waste it playing ****e crap like parsnip wants them to.


  34. Benny needs to be in a team with other flair players. Rather than being the only one expected to perform miracles on his own.
    Attack and defend while other players stop and watch. Madness.
    Oh and then get a good public slagging from parsnip because he failed to turn round a 0-2 defeat in 20 mins.
    seriously you couldn’t make it up.
    An absolute waste of talent.


  35. I’ve heard HBA might look to invoke a FIFA clause that allows him to buy out his final year of contract and walk away for nowt.
    ie NUFC would not receive a sell on fee.
    I would laugh my arse off.
    cashley would have a fit :mrgreen:


  36. @ JJ

    You’re falling into the same trap as Sharpy & Bootsy. Lazy journalism. 😉

    Why do you misinterpret my options I clearly give repeatedly. I find myself having to continuously repeat everything I’ve said over dozens of times.

    At what point have I blamed our demise solely on the sale of Cabaye?

    Your rant must have took a while to write and it’s a pile of ****e which has no reflection of the truth. I have said repeatedly, Athr sale of Cabaye was only a part of the problem.

    The lack of cover for Remy in case he got injured, which he did, was a bigger part of the problem.

    In addition, the lack of cover in all positions was equally a contribution. Did Mikey really believe we would be injury free throughout the season? 😯

    We simply have no quality cover when injuries strike.

    Don’t just say I blame the demise on the sale of Cabaye. I have never said that.

    No doubt I will be accused of it again shortly as this blog seems to be full of goldfish. 😛


  37. Kim – Are you trying to tell me Cabaye wanted to leave as soon as he signed his contract with nufc?


  38. Kim-yeah exactly. It’s been a long gap really. We played the same kind of footie under Hughton too but there seemed to be more spirit in those players, I definitely had more attachment to those footballers, Carroll is obvious but Jonas, Barton, Enrique heck even Bestie and Perch became cult heroes. Not many of our current crop seem willing to earn that respect in the same way that those players did. Goof did but now the question is, did he burn himself out or is he actually disinterested/”pardewed”

    I know they don’t like his tactics, nobody does, but the lack of effort is really shocking, there doesn’t seem to be a man amongst them who will knuckle down, possibly with the exception of tiote.


  39. Stu, That’s what I read mate, straight up like. He was certainly pissed off enough to strike this season that’s for sure. Don’t forget we only signed Debbie last year and I wouldn’t mind betting he wants out now.

    Newkie, Maybe they think his tactics?style of play make them look stupid and have given up trying to make it work, god knows , something ain’t right that’s for sure. I’m struggling to believe that many decent players have turned to **** overnight, it’s not logical .


  40. Kim-but why would it make them look stupid? Clearly the style of play has it’s merits-we were getting brilliant results DESPITE what people may think of the performances and we did well to finish 5th before. Clearly the plan can work. The players/team obviously looked good to other people and hence why Ba and Cabaye got their moves to bigger and more successful clubs.

    What was it Schurlle was saying the other day? Those like Rodgers who whine about style are jealous, football is about winning. Most of the other chelsea players feel the same. And they have flair talents like Hazard, Oscar and Willian hanging about?…Do players really care that much about their style of play or do they care about money?


  41. Newkie, I think they will want to expose their skills at their best to get a move to a better club with more money and CL footie. Playing Pards way may well get results but the players want more than that ,they need to be catching the eye of top clubs, and if we are honest there is nothing eye catching about our football even when we were winning.


  42. Newks , Chelsea players will happily play Jose System as they are already at a top club and in the CL, what else is there.


  43. Kim-but surely we shouldn’t be playing a specific brand of football in order to placate players who just want to use us as a quick fix before moving on should we?

    It’s not like there could even be consensus on how we’d do that. Most people are saying we’d rather play and lose 7-3 than 3-0 or something, a bit like our result against Arsenal last year. But do tricky wingers all want to come if they have to provide Cisse with a certain type of service? Would defenders be happy to come to a club which consistently concedes in high numbers and makes them look terrible? Likewise keepers? Would players like Tiote even get a game if we were an ultra attacking side, considering most teams have moved away from the stoic defensive midfielder?

    People keep saying there is an easy fix but I don’t really see it.


  44. Newks, though I understand what your saying and I agree it’s not all about placating players, as after all it’s a team game. But for me personally if you buy in a certain type of player known for playing a certain type of way in a position he has made his own and excelled at ,why would you then ask him to play, A- out of position and B- in a way totally alien to what he’s been brought up on as in say HBA case at clairfontaine. It’s obvious now that Pards likes a certain type of player and struggles to fit in flair players who by their nature like to get forward more than defend. This is why we are being linked now with more workman like players. Maybe these guys if we sign them will work out well who knows, but I wouldn’t bank on any attractive football .


  45. Newks ,It comes back to the question asked by Stardust Carr OR Pards really I guess. I think Carr will always gravitate towards flair players especially if his focus remains in France and he continues to look at players who graduated from clairefontaine. Where as Pards is happier looking closer to home. I don’t doubt he was happy to get HBA , Marv and the like but now he has them is at a lost as to what to do with them. A bit like with Tevez and Mascherano where he also preferred British cloggers to their creative flair. And I don’t believe it was down to attendance fees with them because Curbs picked them when he went in and played Tevez where he was meant to play.


  46. Kim-you mean Benny then? As far as I’m aware he has spent the majority of his career out on the wing, yet fans want to see him played behind the striker. The same goes for Marv, who has been a winger or even full back his whole career. Now our armchair fans have decreed he is a creative central midfielder or number 10.

    Benny has also spent the majority of his career as a bit part player, certainly never a 90 minuter, and he has fallen out with almost every manager he’s been involved with. I love the kid but that is what he’s like. At the start of the season people were creaming over Goof because he was more consistent than Benny, now they criticise Pardew for making him a workhorse?

    I really don’t see how this is any different to Pardew playing someone else out of position?

    Let’s not forget Barton was a central midfielder with not a drop of pace, he probably never beat a defender in his life, and he certainly never managed to get back in time to help a full back, and we stuck him out on the right wing and he ended up being our player of the season. Short memories.


  47. I’m not saying Pardew plays the right formation or players, I disagree with it almost every week as I have done with Newcastle managers ever since I can remember. It just gets a bit silly when fans claim they want attacking football-some even name drop Bielsa-and then they complain about players playing in the wrong position! Have they even seen a Bielsa team!?


  48. Newks , Sorry lad just got in so not ignoring you.
    No mate,not just Benny ,but yes your right he has mainly been a winger either lw or rw since he got switched while at Lyon when they changed formation, even at Marsielle he was moved about I think. But the guy himself seems to want to play as a number 10 and even Pards said that was where he saw him when he first arrived, go figure.


  49. Back on Benny I think he is dependent on his left foot which makes him gravitate to the middle of the pitch naturally from watching him play .
    He is listed as a MF not a winger in his profile by the way and started out as a CF.
    just found this too taken from a rather long link but on the point of the number 10 role they write,
    The France international, who does not appear to have any chance of going to the World Cup this summer having not played for Les Bleus since Euro 2012, would prefer to play in a position just behind the striker.

    But Pardew has been reluctant to give him in a run in that role, despite the departure of Cabaye, and when he was introduced against Tottenham it was on the right wing. Ben Arfa looked disinterested and is believed to have been slammed by his boss inside the dressing room along with his compatriot Sylvain Marveaux;


  50. Newkie – regarding the losing 7-3 thing.
    I think whoever said that means they would rather see us having a go at teams, rather than just always looking to defend first and foremost.
    We may lose 7-3 against better teams, but alongside that will come many wins against lower teams.
    We may still finish mid table, but at least we are getting fair value for our ticket price.
    Playing with passion and a desire to win. One touch passing an moving. Getting forward and trying to score goals.
    I don’t think its rocket science but I do think it is beyond the parsnip.
    He thinks the best form of attack is defence ffs 👿 👿
    when that doesn’t work bring on the shola 😳


  51. Which players have got worse since they arrived at the Toon, other than Cisse.?

    By all accounts he was hitty miss before he came here anyway.

    That’s another one that seems to roll off the tongue of many. Another football cliche that is used without given thought. 🙄


  52. Troy , Hitty miss 😆 , what you on, he was on fire before and when he first came here,go read his previous form.
    Cisse been royally ****ed about by Pards who for some inexplicable reason stills sees fit to shunt him over to the wing. Prey tell why the hell is a CF playing on the wing?.


  53. I am a bit unsure about all these links to Moyes being banded about. 😕
    Is he really the answer to getting us playing
    I guess he would come with a point to prove, but I have never really liked the fella.
    I was shocked when he got the manure job, which clearly was to big for him.
    But apparently fatty has tried to get him twice before parsnip.


  54. bb, I agree mate , I don’t dislike him but not sure we’d get entertaining football like. In his favour he IS used to working with little money but not so sure he’d be happy not having a shot at the cups and Europa league spot. I suspect that will be the sticking point with many managers tbh.


  55. Troy ,IMO, Sissoko, Benny, Mbiwa, Cisse, Santon have all regressed and then there is the case of Bigi who looked great then vanished along with Marv and Why is Haidara hardly ever played, he looked fab I thought.


  56. @Kim

    I had to prompt you again to name names 😉

    IMO, Sissoko has been a disaster from his second game. The burst down the wing on his debut was the peak of his time here and I can honestly say he has not done anything since. That’s not Pardew. That’s the player. He’s had enough appearances from the outset.
    M’Bwia got exposed very early on in his toon career. Absolutely pulled apart by many defences. I wouldn’t trust him as 4th choice!
    Santon has continuously progressed under Pards. His injury can’t be blamed on Pards?
    We’ve discussed Cisse. You are wrong about him as well. He’s anything but consistent if you look at his long career. He’s 28 and he had one great season in the German league.
    Ben Arfa is not consistent either. How do you think we got him so cheap and why do you think other clubs haven’t come in for him?

    I honestly don’t know where you get it from. 😯 Dear me.

    Why not focus on some of Pards positives. Cabaye improved the longer he was here.
    Demba Ba flourished.
    Andy Carroll earned himself a World Record transfer fee because of his performances. 😉

    That won’t be down to be down to Pards’ credit no doubt. 😉

    You probably believe he hindered them as well. 🙄


  57. Troy Cisse’s only bad spells were loan spells with Cherbourg (11 goals ) and Chateauroux (4 goals) apart from those he scored 36 for Metz and 37 for Frieburg. then he joined us was on fire then got Pardewed 😉

    The Carroll success is not down to Pards as he really came into his own under Hoots in the fizzy pop league then when we first came up, hoots got sacked so Pards took the credit 🙄 , the £32m was never his worth as you well know more a case of a desperate Liverpool at the time.
    Santon has not progressed under Pards far from it.
    Mbiwa actually looked quite good at CB until Colo walked back into the squad after injury , yes he had a couple of hiccups so what , I guess Colo’s always been a great CB from the get go , NOT. Now he is a make shift RB ,that’s gonna do him the world of good isn’t it.

    As for Demba Ba we didn’t make him ,he was great before at the Hammers, he didn’t need us to make his mark Troy.


  58. “Andy Carroll earned himself a World Record transfer fee because of his performances.”

    You cant possibly credit pardew for that he must have used Carroll in half a dozen games max

    Hughton deserves the credit for that, I remember watching Carroll against Leeds in a friendly at SJP and look absolutely woeful against a league 1 side, Fast forward 18 months and he was the hottest property in england.


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