The winning mentality!

Confidence, self belief amongst the playing group, a winning mentality. I don’t really care what you call it to be honest, all I know is that I want it to continue in earnest as the season kicks on. What has changed is hard to put a finger on. Fresh players have been given a chance and injected life into a squad that was stale and had seen little change over the first month and a half of the season.

Two in two!
Two in two!

Pardews’ tactics also seem to have evolved (a little) and buoyed by a shot of confidence, he is making more right calls than wrong. On that point, I have always maintained that Pardew is a confidence manager, when he is down his teams are right there with him, so it is nice to see he is showing a little more swagger again. I still harbor doubts over his long term tenure in charge but for now, Pardew is showing some backbone and if we keep improving, I am prepared to cut him some slack.
Everyone knows that winning games is the best way to regain lost confidence and pride. Until the second half against Spurs, I really had no idea where or when we would see either of those things but something has changed and the results have followed. Every player has stepped up a notch and they all are fighting hard to the final whistle. We are pressing hard in the middle of the park, getting players into the box more regularly when we attack and most importantly our defence is not leaking goals.
So I guess it is up to each person to decide what has made the difference during the last four games. No one factor is contributing alone, it is a combination of things. Everyone sees things differently but I think we can all agree that things are as good at the moment as we have seen for some time.
Long may it continue!

198 thoughts on “The winning mentality!

  1. hey troy

    it’s a good job your brother doesn’t post on here anymore – i’d hate to see you getting upset over nothing again..

    anyways – i’ve got a few bottles chilling in the fridge & vindaloo down for delivery at 7.

    i’ll get that down my gregory just before the street starts followed by masterchef & then finishing off with the apprentice at 9.

    nighty night.


  2. Troy @150: consistent yes, but it is impossible to refute your argument because if his team do not perform it is because of the lack of quality in the squad, according to you πŸ™‚ The squad that he says is the best he has ever had. It is a circular argument that cannot be disproved. That is NOT to say it is a correct argument, it is a sneaky argument that you continually fall back on and don’t bring any evidence for.


  3. Here is a definition of a circular argument. You will see it is what Troy does all of the time which is why he thinks he is correct when he is not:

    “The circular argument uses its own conclusion as one of its stated or unstated premises. Instead of offering proof, it simply asserts the conclusion in another form, thereby inviting the listener to accept it as settled when, in fact, it has not been settled. Because the premise is no different from and therefore as questionable as its conclusion, a circular argument violates the criterion of acceptability.”


  4. Eric

    Not at all my boy, and du tout mon garcon.

    I am consistent if we aren’t in a relegation struggle by January then I will hold my hands up. It’s all written down. I maintain this squad isn’t strong enough not to be in one.
    Unlike many on here, including you, your views on Pardew are all over the shop. One minute he’s useless and should be sacked and the next he’s getting your praise. You won’t see me changing my views on the squad like you’ve changed yours on Pardew.
    Q. Your choice, bearing in mind, he’s just beat Leicester, Spurs, Man City & Liverpool, would you sack Pardew today and go for another Ashley ? Yes/No?


  5. Troy: you already changed your view. You said he should be sacked if we lost to Leicester. That’s not backing him. We had the same choices of other managers as before Leicester, he had the same choices of players as before Leicester. One result and you would flip, that’s consistency?


  6. And Troy: I have already said I am not that logical on NUFC, I am emotional. I hold you to a higher standard though as you are the Great and Wonderful Troy πŸ™‚


  7. All I have done Troy is point out a few of your inconsistencies. You have defended the indefensible because any other manager would have been sacked. Even if he has some limited success from now on, it doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have been sacked. History shows that Managers with his recent record are sacked. His history of being sacked shows he should have been sacked. His falling out with players and playing Hayden Mullins instead of Mascerano shows he should have been sacked.

    Even if we return to being mid-table he still should have been sacked for the crap football and extraordinarily bad form we have had to endure under Pardew. In short, he should have been sacked and I wouldn’t have to listen to your twaddle about him πŸ™‚


  8. Eric

    Even your emotional outlook on the toon could see the logic of my view that should we have faced another defeat at that point in time then drastic action had to be taken. I explained the logic behind my views at the time but as usual you choose not to refer to them.

    I honestly believe we will suffer further defeats leading up to January which will see us in the mix with the relegation possibilities.

    You can’t stick with something if it’s a lost cause, even if you don’t blame the lost cause. Fortunately, like Mike, I held my nerve and faith that Pards would pull it round. He just needs to get to January now so Mikey can help him out.

    So are you going to answer the question?


  9. eric

    it’s the players that have turned the club around – and it’s got troy fizzing like a firework.

    woo hoo πŸ˜†


  10. I’ll tell you why I don’t trust Pardew, it is because of his track record. He has had some blips of success, but mainly dire football that has ripped the heart and soul out of the teams he has managed.

    We can only hope he has changed or has a few imports and youngsters that even a snake oil salesman can’t f@ck up?

    As for other managers? That is a different question to saying whether Pardew has f@cked up and deserves to be our manager.


  11. Quality of squad at this point in time? An interesting topic. Looking at the forwards our best in form striker remains Cisse. But he is often injured and often out of form. I would already say Perez is our second best striker. I was impressed with him right from the start. Hard to say yet with Armstrong or Campbell. Ferrerya looks to be a write-off already. Do we need a senior experienced striker? Yes. Midfield? Will look a lot better once De Jong gets back. Abeid looks very promising indeed. Cabella will come along as he has skill. Tiote will leave I believe. Colback is very steady. Not too bad overall. Back four? Here it’s difficult. Willo is on his last legs and may not get back into the starting lineup. Colo can be very steady but is fragile in the air. Saylor is unpredictable. We definitely need a solid CB to come in. Fullbacks? I’m still very unsure about Dummett. Pardew doesn’t seem to favour giving Haidara a run of games. Who knows about Santon? I was never happy about his defensive abilities. We’re thin at RB. Janmaat is very decent but it gets difficult beyond that. I think Raylor can fill in here and there for a game but that’s about it. Is this a mid table squad? I’m not sure it is at all.


  12. Wow. πŸ™„

    How to answer a question like a politician. Over to you Eric. πŸ˜€


    You love being near me don’t you. πŸ˜‰
    “I spoke to Troy last night on the blog lads”. 😳


  13. Preseason I stated Perez & Arrons looked the bright lights. Of course, Pards got Cabella, De Jong and Riviere dumped on him for big money.

    He was committed to try them out but it’s good to see the ones I identified as shining. πŸ˜‰


  14. For us a lot will depend on Perez and Abeid playing consistently well. We know what we’ll get from players like Colback, Colo, and Krul but we have a lot of very inexperienced players now. Will Sammy be consistent? What about Dummett? And Saylor? These are players I think could have problems over a long season.


  15. Aarons and Perez could be break through players who really make us shine. Here’s hoping. I don’t like to see too much pressure put on them but they are playing so well it’s hard to keep them out of the lineup.


  16. A heads up lads! Instead of Grenier we’ve decided to sign Lance Chubbnuts from Dry Tavern Pennsylvania. It’s the Dry Tavern Desperados he plays for of course. This is a big item over there. A quote from his manager: β€œthis lad has the scrambly bits to compete in the Prem. We’ll definitely see him onto the plane!” Beautiful.


  17. Troy @159: I read what you said about the Leicester game at the time and it was a 180 degree turnaround – so not only does your logic go in circles it also goes in semi-circles.


  18. Troy said @164:

    “Preseason I stated Perez & Arrons looked the bright lights. Of course, Pards got Cabella, De Jong and Riviere dumped on him for big money.”

    Is that the same De Jong that Pardew promptly made vice captain and said he was going to build the team around? You have to keep up Troy.


  19. And Troy: you had never even seen Perez apart from about 90 minutes or so in pre-season so unless you had a private scouting report how could you even know? Your knowledge of Cabella and Riviere was from you tube I am sure (as I said before) so how could you make an assessment of them either?

    If you has seen three games that Cabella, Riviere and Perez played in before they signed for us and on which you base your knowledge and predictions then tell me. And I will call you a liar.


  20. Eric

    Time & time again you get confused don’t you.
    Pards is Ashleys PR man. He is in the thick of it. He’s agreed to be Ashleys puppet. I’m lost why you wouldn’t expect him to say those things.

    I’ve never advocated Pards’ personality as being anything other than professional. If he agrees to work for Ashleys company, like any other of his employees and wants to keep his job then he has to support everything that goes on.

    I’m lost why you would believe he should say different? Please explain.


  21. Sorry to bore everybody else on the blog but I think Troy is full of sh!t and cant defend a word he says. It is OK to have opinions, but he states his as fact and ridicules anyone that disagrees – woo hoo, reality train, emoticons.


  22. Troy: he should say things that are not all PR and shouldn’t just blab out of his mouth at the drop of a hat. He shouldn’t totally contradict himself in words and deeds like he did with Obertan and not expect us to notice. Sure, he is Ashley’s mouthpiece, but he acts like he never said what he said a couple of days ago and expects us not to remember.


  23. There should be some sort of consistency. He should not be verbally and physically assaulting other managers, players, and officials. He should represent our famous club in a respectful manner. He should not talk ****e and do a 180 on everything he ever says.

    I understand he has to be upbeat about the players and to an extent is Ashley’s puppet but he is equally as scathing when the chips are down and he needs someone to blame. He scapegoats, which is not a good thing for a leader.

    Pardew has always been the same in his management career. I only hope that we have such good players in De Jong, Cabella, Aarons and Armstrong that we can overcome his massive failings.


  24. Troy: Pardew expresses statements of fact and then contradicts himself. That is not a riddle, but how would you know because you do the same thing?


  25. I know Mourihno and Ferguson acted like a ****s sometimes but they also won things and played a brand of football you could get excited about.


  26. Yeah Eric. Give him Β£300m to spend and Pards might win something and you wouldn’t mind his craic then.


  27. Troy: I already said that earlier. I like Newcastle to win and Pardew’s blather is much more palatable when we win. He irritates me when we lose and I can put up with him when we win πŸ™‚ I know what I am like.


  28. Troy: I am glad you are staying away from the emoticons and woo hoos but you never answered MY question of how you could know the squad were so sh!t when you had hardly even seen hlf of them except possibly on you tube?

    Anybody else can skip our disagreement if they want πŸ™‚


  29. It is like saying Abeid should replace Tiote after Abeid had his first start this past weekend and Tiote has played mostly consistently for us for 4 years. That is a rash judgement, just like saying Perez and Aarons are great after a preseason game or two πŸ™‚ Know what I mean Troy?


  30. Pocchetino Rodgers Pellegrini all.overhyped managers, or not suit to big Clubs if you want. Pocchetini brought nothing to Soton, Rodgers has not the winning mentality. And the fact he sold Carroll because of the “He didnt suit my style of play” argument showed a weakness for me.


  31. Eric Sykes- Love Tiote but saying that Abeid should take his place is not premature. Thats a tough choice, but Id sell him as were building for the future and because he was unsettled. If we want cover the DM position, we can put Abeid, Colback as the Ginger Pirlo, or at worse, we can put Coloccini as anchor with Good-Taylor as CBs


  32. And I have nothing against Pardew when he calls Pellegrini Ducking Old **** or when he “headbutt” former mackem Meyler


  33. Cholo: all I was saying is that Abeid had his debut against Liverpool. He had a good game, but let’s see a bit more before we decide if he is Rob Lee, David Batty and Tony Green all rolled into one πŸ™‚ I know I am being cynical but that is what NUFC will do to you πŸ™‚


  34. This from Lee Ryder:

    “Tiote had stated only last month: β€œI am as committed as I have ever been to Newcastle.”

    However, it remains to be seen whether he resists a move in January if a top club came calling.

    The fans will argue he is already at a top club but Tiote has hardly shown his best form in a black and white shirt this season. And if he was eyeing up a January move it’s hard to see the offers pouring in on recent performances.”

    How many games has Tiote played? Tiote hasn’t played often this season but was our best player when he did. He got injured before the Leicester match and that coincided with a different approach, setup and team from Pardew. We have a few wins and now Lee Ryder is rewriting the f@cking script. Tiote was immense in getting us a couple of draws to lay the groundwork for our mini revival. Lee Ryder is an opportunistic, slavering c2nt.


  35. ERIC SYKES, Abeid is a sort of TiotΓ© and Cabaye in one player, and he’s getting a chance now, so I wont be tempted to drop him, but at worse, he’ll be the first CM option off the bench, which is not bad knowing that TiotΓ© will leave sooner than later.


  36. Troy Stavers Says

    Seriously, nothing bothers me about anything said on the blog. That’s what I always find amazing that people actually get upset or take exception to comments.
    πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†
    Now that is the funniest thing I have ever read on this blog! πŸ˜†

    And to think that it is from the sherbert kid, the blogger that has chucked more blog hissy fits than anyone! πŸ˜›
    Classic Stavers! πŸ˜›


  37. Ah ha πŸ˜› aussie. πŸ˜†

    When the cats away the mice will play. πŸ˜†

    I’ve never had a hissy fit in my life. I just don’t do them. 😎

    I invented the term for you when you used to bash your ute with a branch from the bush and hide behind your settee for days. Those were comedy gold days. I’ll never forget. πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

    As you don’t follow the blog and my comments properly, despite claiming you do, I made my mind up that Cabella, & Riviere were not ready for the premier league, solely based on their preseason performances. I also pointed out at that time, the two bright lights were Aaron and Perez.
    It’s called instinct. I’ve got it. You haven’t. πŸ˜‰


  38. By the way Eric, despite us having a sensible debate, there will be many regulars going into meltdown cos we are hogging the blog.

    Personally, I don’t get that, as they just have to post and work round us. They won’t though. They stew and break out in cold sweats. When they eventually explode and slap us for debating, they will post a couple footy remarks and then talk about the weather, TV, cooking or their aunty mavis who has developed piles. πŸ˜†

    Take your time as the explosion will happen shortly, sit back and watch the same scenario play out. It’s like mothers tea corner. Comedy gold. πŸ˜›

    The best ones are the ones who rarely come on and then scream at the top of their voice like Elizabeth Violet, a bit like you did Eric, πŸ˜‰ but at least you kept posting. Some don’t. They rarely come on and then make a big song and dance about not being able to get on and then they disappear again for months. πŸ˜†

    Anyways Eggs, back to my point. I’ve got instinct about identifying good players who are ready to shine and you haven’t. Do you agree? πŸ˜‰


  39. Chollo

    I don’t have a problem with moving on players which either want to leave or we are offered cash which can’t be refused, PROVIDING we reinvest that cash and our commercial profits on rebuilding.

    We don’t. We buy the bare minimum and gamble on staying up.


  40. Aussie

    Believe me. I don’t want Eggs as an ally. He’s a blog time bomb. πŸ˜†

    I choose my allies carefully. They have to be sensible, rational and English. πŸ˜†

    That rules you out in 3 counts. πŸ˜†


  41. Troy Stavers said @192:

    “I’ve got instinct about identifying good players who are ready to shine and you haven’t.”

    So he finally admits it. He had no rational reason for saying our squad was sh!t, he just had a feeling. Looked in his crystal ball, talked with a gypsy, used his Spidey sense. I am not saying our squad is great. My point is that I haven’t seen enough of them to judge and I don’t have Troy-like super powers.

    I am seeing that a few have potential and some like De Jong and Cabella came with good reputations and international caps and therefore might be expected to do well but are obviously not guaranteed to do well. However, next time I want to know about a player I will ask Mystic Troy, I am sure he is 100% accurate.


  42. A blog time bomb Mr. Stavers? I am guessing you are suggesting that I might blow up at you because you have very little capacity for rational thought. It is quite possible since you rely on the same arguments which all boil down to – I know because I know πŸ™‚


  43. Well, I am happy now πŸ™‚ I finally got Troy to admit that he knows nothing and it is all a gut feeling. A couple of pre-season friendlies and a You tube clip and he is set. He should become an Agent, I am sure there are many teams crying out for someone who can identify stars on 45 minutes in Wellington.


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