Wolves fan embarrass themselves with unbelievable comments after Sunday’s ‘incident’ – Read them here

Bias will always exist in football, with fans always likely to back a decision (right or wrong) if it goes in their favour, but some Wolves fan’s reaction to the Willy Boly incident have been laughable at best. 

It’s debatable whether it was a red, and even some refs have come out and suggested that Mike Dean got it right, but it’s quite clear that the centre-back elbowed Ayoze Perez in the face (intentional or not) – and Wolves boss Nuno even admitted after the game that it was a foul (and therefore a penalty).

Wolves fans won’t accept it, however. Here’s some amusing responses to the incident from them on Twitter: 

What’s worse is I’ve also seen several comments on social media suggesting Perez made a meal of it and dived. He may go down easily and is lightweight, but I don’t think many of us would’ve come off too well if a 6ft 4′ Willy Boly elbowed us in the face.

We shot ourselves in the foot and defended horrifically for the two Wolves goals, but it’s a shame to see quite a few refusing to take off their gold tinted spectacles – even after their own manager admitted it was foul. 

And to make matters worse, this happened around the away end on Sunday..

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8 thoughts on “Wolves fan embarrass themselves with unbelievable comments after Sunday’s ‘incident’ – Read them here

  1. I will fully accept the premise of this article if you will concede that Alan Shearer was also therefore guilty of numerous ‘fouls’ during his excellent career, which included many such incidents, often with more intent than this one. My glasses may be gold tinged, but yours are at least equally stripey.

    If you need to rely on debatable penalty incidents to win football matches then your problems run much deeper than poor officiating. There are bigger issues than this on Tyneside; I suggest you focus more attention on those, and less on honest players making earnest attempts to head a football. Boly watched the ball, then jumped and headed it with a natural action. Your man jumped into his elbow, it was not a foul. Fair enough, the ref should’ve stopped play for the head injury, but a dropped ball would have been the way to restart play, not a penalty.


  2. I cant see anywhere where Nuno admitted it was a foul? In the post press match conference he admitted it was an elbow but it wasn’t deliberate as his eyes were on the ball. “It’s a clear elbow on Ayoze Perez but from my point of view Boly jumps for the ball, he doesn’t see him and so it’s not intentional.”

    So you’ve either misheard him or totally fabricated that. Sorry to hear about the young fan being hit with a bottle that is never acceptable whatever the age.


  3. Tell you what was just as embarrassing, the speed at which NUFC groups called off their boycotts and then the sore mugs leaving the ground in exodus and lets not talk about the slating said “fans” gave their own players after the match or the persistant whining you lot keep on with.

    I hope Mike Ashley sells “your club” to even more lacklustre individuals because 50 thousand supporters turning up for mediocrity deserves exploiting like the cash cow it is. Moooooo!


  4. You are the one that should be embarrassed, Chris Waddle said the sending off was the right decision, he wasn’t sure about the “alleged” elbow, Mark Clattenburg a Newcastle fan said BOTH decisions were correct, looking at photos/replays it looks like the ball hit your player in the face and Bolys elbow hit him on the upper chest just below his chin, Boly was looking at the ball and not your player, so that’s why nothing was given.
    Your whinging because you lost all be it with ten men who are nine times out of ten harder to beat, Newcastle had a lot of possession but that’s all they had the rest of the stats go to us, Benny was calling for VAR all through the match, every decision against you he moaned and called for VAR, all he’s good for is sticking up for one of his racist players, Nuno might respect him, me I think he’s a moaning bum.


  5. If you were to look at the picture on the BBC website, Boly clearly made contact with his chin, yet he says that is why he had a bloody nose.
    Stop lying and maybe people will take you seriously next time.


  6. There will unfortunately always be bias with football fans, just as there is in all walks of life. Just look at politics! In the cold light of day at least two top referees have come out and said that Mike Dean got both decisions right. Also, it isn’t physically possible to jump high in the air without raising arms and spreading elbows, which is what Boly did. Play should have stopped due to blood, but the play didn’t lead to a goal anyway. There could possibly have been a red when Lascelles appeared to punch Traore who was about to pass him on his way to goal.

    I feel sympathy for Rafa having to deal with the owner. We suffered for many years with our former owner Steve Morgan. Rafa’s clear annoyance with the loss is coloured by the fact that he should have shut up shop at 1-1 with ten man and played out a draw. It was high risk to try and win it against a pacey Wolves team with a man advantage. A draw would have been a fair result.


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