@WorOnAshley – A new opportunity for NUFC fans – Short term sacrifices for long term success

Introducing our new peaceful protest campaign – @WorOnAshley.

Here we plan to offer solutions to fans keen to continue supporting Newcastle United without lining Mike Ashley’s pockets – an issue that has divided fans on several occasions over the past few years.

The campaign will offer fans the opportunity to boycott EVERY televised home game, with us planning to set up a chain of bars and pubs around the city who will offer you an alternative and atmospheric venue to watch the game OUTSIDE of St James’ Park.

This way we can still make match day plans, we can still make the trip into town, still have a few drinks with friends/family, support our club and celebrate goals together, but we do NOT give Ashley a penny. Instead, we give back to our city and local businesses instead.

This doesn’t require marches, chants, banners or any form of confrontation or violence, just an opportunity to take a stand during televised home match days. In short, we want to offer solutions to fans finding it difficult to boycott, we want to make a statement and we want our discontent to be visible beyond just an Arsenal boycott on the opening day of the season.

Some of this will be reading this knowing you’ve already agreed to renew your season ticket, however we would still encourage anyone in this position to boycott televised games with us. Mike Ashley may have your money, but it’s about making a statement and proving what we are capable of doing together.

As Rafa once said, we are stronger together and undefinable when united.

We are working alongside fellow protest groups (AshleyOUT.com and @EmptyforAshley), we plan to promote #BoycottArsenal and working together to create change, but I can’t stress enough that we will NOT tell any fan that they can and can’t do. It’s your money, our club and your life – although I’m sure I speak for every fan in saying we ALL want Ashley out.

No fan should be told what they must or must not do – we just want to at least give fans the opportunity to enjoy a boycott and an alternative experience which surpasses the flat feeling of watching the game home-alone on your telly.

Let’s empty stands, fill the city and drive this parasite out of St James’ Park – with us believing that short terms sacrifices can lead to long term success at our club.

This summer has felt like a new low for Newcastle United – and we want to offer you solutions, alternatives and opportunities to continue supporting the team while we drive out the regime.

We are not here for the limelight and will not tell you what to do. We’re here for the greater good, offering boycott opportunities, pushing for change and encouraging fans to work together wherever possible in a bid to drive Mike Ashley out.

We will be releasing further articles and updates (via @WorOnAshley on Twitter) when we have more plans in place.

CLICK HERE to follow us on Twitter and to get involved, spread the word on social media (using #WorOnAshley) and feel free to contact any bars, pubs, friends or family who may be interested in getting involved.

It’s time we got OUR club back.


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6 thoughts on “@WorOnAshley – A new opportunity for NUFC fans – Short term sacrifices for long term success

  1. United we stand together we will do it show the world who we are and show the world the fat parasite we are getting rid of thieving ******* have great day in toon supporting local business making new friends and above all uniting for the good of Newcastle United f c


  2. But you’ll still be lining his pockets if you have a season ticket for the rest of the non televised home games.

    The only thing it will achieve is the stadium will look empty – and does anyone really thing Ashley cares about that????
    He rarely went to any of the games himself last season – so it’s not even like he’ll be there to see it.

    If it’s not obvious to everyone by now HE DOESNT CARE ABOUT NUFC OR ANYTHING THAT HAPPENS IN SJP.

    You wanna get to Ashley, you target his high street empires – stage protests outside of those.
    Throw your sports direct mugs onto the pitch instead of tennis balls!!.


  3. Yeah works for me need to stand against this Parasite .. And yes it will bother the FCB simply because how many Matches will Sky want to show with empty Stadium make him look as bad as he really is … No Sky means less revenue plus staying out the stadium loses him Money in his Bars restaurants etc the shops in the Toon will love the extra trade.. HWTLs . I have a season Ticket but I WILL boycott the games on Sky… Well done to all the people organiseing this short term pain for long term gain ..


  4. I am a Newcastle fan i live in Holland but 24 August i wil be in Newcastle i am in for the boycott lets make a statment 👿


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