Comedy gold as Richard Keys snaps ahead of imminent £300m Saudi takeover – Watch here

The silly-rich Saudis are closing in on a transformative takeover at Newcastle United and Richard Keys has just thrown his toys out of the pram as a result. This week just keeps on getting better and better.

Speaking to Andy Gray today, the disgraced former Sky Sports pundit has admitted he “wishes it was another club and NOT Newcastle United” getting taken over, confirming once and for all that his bitterness towards our beloved club really does know no bounds for some strange reason.

Here’s what he’s had to say:

“I wish it was another club. I just wish it wasn’t Newcastle United that the Saudis wanted to buy.”

I’ve never seen someone seem so rattled that a long-suffering club with fans desperate for success is now going to have an injection of wealth and ambition….for no apparent reason other than the fact they’ve been involved in a totally separate issue involving themselves and BEIN Sports.

On the subject of his issue with the Saudis and their impact on BEIN Sports, here’s a brilliant response to Keys’ latest rant I saw on social media:

If you feel that strongly about it then why not make a stand? Boycott any commentary on all NUFC matches and refuse to give them any sort of coverage to transfer speculation etc. I fully expect a complete media blackout on NUFC from yourself and Gray.’

Dry your eyes Richard, it’s happening!

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Olly has been a Junior Magpie from birth. As a season ticket holder and avid Newcastle United fan - he eats, sleeps and breathes all things NUFC.

17 thoughts on “Comedy gold as Richard Keys snaps ahead of imminent £300m Saudi takeover – Watch here

  1. If the horrible little fool feels that strongly, he wouldn’t be sitting in a Middle Eastern country, Qatar, that itself has horrendous human rights issues with their slave labour building the (heavily corruptly awarded lets not forget) 2022 World Cup Stadiums. The man also cannot comment on any morals when his are as low as can possibly be after his Sky Sports sex misconduct sacking and the further incident with his daughters best friend. The man’s a deluded buffoon…..


  2. If Richard has such strong morals why is he living and working in Qatar.

    They have major issues with Human Rights too!!!


  3. Bah! Richard Keys preaching morals – let them slip when he banged his daughters mate whilst his wife battled cancer didn’t he!


  4. Talking **** nufc deserves this its about time that someone has noticed the potential


  5. Say’s hairy hands, from Qatar. Abysmal human rights record of its own and accused by neighbours (including Saudi) of funding terrorism.
    I guess as long as he keeps getting his pay cheque then the hypocrisy is not a concern.


  6. It confirms what I have been saying for years about Richard Keys and his hatred of Newcastle United !
    When him and Gray were in what you would call a position of power at Sky Sports, They are the two people responsible for the whole “Geordies Are Deluded”, And stereotype that now seen as gospel by the fans of other clubs.

    We made their two careers in the early days of The Premiership with people tuning in to watch exciting football when it had been in the doledrums for years.
    They used to love us but for some reason turned against us at some point and started this agenda which has been prevalent ever since !


  7. Can’t Newcastle fans get it. Keys thrives on their reactions. Ignore the **** and watch him die, not worthy of any reply.


  8. Surely He has given away his true thoughts when he said that he wished it was another club being bought by the Saudis and not Newcastle United. Would the moral argument be different if it was his chosen team then?


  9. I cant wait until we’re are there or there abouts in the league just to see this jealous idiots face on bein sports.He’s never had a good word about is ever and always criticising the player.Is he a mackem in disguise? Jealousy gets you nowhere Richard.


  10. Am I as sick as Keys? Absolutely loving him ranting and getting agitated over this possible takeover. This will kill him, hopefully. It’s best supporters do not reply to any of Keys jibes, via website, just ignore and watch him fade into oblivion; even to gloat if all goes through. Insignificant little man who thrives on our suffering.
    We’ve a football club to support and year of misery to forget, let go forward.


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